RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Exxon Bets the Fracking Party Is Just Beginning - Brian O'Keefe, Fortune
Can Politics Determine Our Energy Future? - Steven Cohen, Huff Post
Another Electric-Car Disaster Looms - Robert Bryce, National Review
How to Prevent Oil Spills - Joe Nocera, New York Times
The Prez's Oil-Tax-Break Lies - Bernard Weinstein, New York Post
How North Dakota Will Celebrate Earth Day - Sen. John Hoeven, Politico
Coal War Marches On to Ash Regulations - Lance Brown, MasterResource
Obama Is Bluffing on Energy Policy - Thomas Pyle, Tonwhall
The Tantalizing Promise & Peril of Nuke Fusion - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Why Decentralizing Energy Matters - Maggie Koerth-Baker, The Atlantic

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Oil Boom Could Fuel Economy if We Let It - Martia Noon, Townhall
Is Cheniere Energy a Contrarian Indicator for Nat Gas? - Kurt Cobb, EB
NatGas Exports Best Bet To Bring America Back - Jason Trennert, Forbes
High Oil Prices Behind China's Slowdown? - Craig Stephen, MarketWatch
Can Green Energy Survive Cheap Gas Poison? - Christopher Swann, Slate
Can Natural Gas Stop Global Warming? - Editorial, Washington Post
Revolutionizing Our Energy Culture - Sen. Bill Nelson, Politico
'Green Jobs' Slow to Emerge - Andy Sullivan, Fiscal Times
Is Supply-Side Environmentalism Sound Policy? - David Roberts, Grist
U.S. Coal Cutbacks Are a Blessing in Disguise - Roman Kilisek, FPA
The Long, Hot March of Climate Change - Amy Goodman, Denver Post
The Electric Car's Carbon Conundrum - Paul Steinquist, New York Times
The Fading Science of Man-Made Warming - Christopher Booker, Telegraph
Risk, Fear, and Nuclear Power - David Ropeik, Los Angeles Times
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