RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Is Burning Fossil Fuels Really Immoral? - Michael Levy, CFR
President Politics-Over-Substance Strikes Again - John Schoen, MSNBC
Maybe, Just Maybe, Obama's Right on Oil Prices - Peter Cohan, Forbes
Oil Clamp-Down Could Make Prices More Volatile - Lori Spechler, CNBC
Fracking Gets the Obama Treatment - Jeremy Bloom, Red, Green and Blue
Is Natural Gas Too Cheap to Drill? - Matthew Philips, BusinessWeek
Will North Dakota Go the Way of Alaska? - Josh Barro, Forbes
2012: Big Money Environmental Politics - Felicity Barringer, Green Blog
The Last Energy Tango in Buenos Aires - Steve LeVine, Foreign Policy
Green Energy a Luxury Too Expensive for the U.K. - James Herron, WSJ

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Will Fracking Kill Wind and Solar Energy? - Brian Dumaine, Fortune
Wind Energy Gets a Second Wind - Bill Opalka, EnergyBiz
The Global Race for a Renewable Game Changer - Elisa Wood, RE World
Gas Exports Mean More U.S. Jobs - William O'Keefe, National Journal
How Much Will Big Oil Pay in Taxes This Year? - Chris Helman, Forbes
The Case of President Obama's Missing Oil Tax - Carrie Brown, Politico
Why Won't Congress Release BP Spill Funds? - Puneet Kollipara, Fuel Fix
Are Electric Cars Good for the Environment? - Brad Plumer, Wash Post
Political Races Running Hot on Energy - Darren Samuelsohn, Politico
Democrats' Dumbest New Energy Idea - Bernard Weinstein, Wash Times
Exports Could Increase Monopoly Pricing - Carl Pope, National Journal
The Crucial Venezuela-Colombia Pipeline - Andres Cala, Energy Tribune
The Oil Smugglers of Tehran - Steve LeVine, Foreign Policy
Can We Ever Clean Up Nigeria Delta? - Fred Pearce, Enviornment 360
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