RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Manipulators Are Driving Up Oil Prices - Rep. Ed Markey, US News & WR
What Obama Doesn't Get About Oil Prices - Money Morning, PennEnergy
Two Years After Gulf Spill, Why We Keep Drilling - Bryan Walsh, Time
Do We Need a Death Penalty for Oil Companies? - Azmat Kahn, Frontline
Fukushima: Complete Story of the Debacle - Powell & Takayama, Fortune
Big Oil's Foolish Arctic Bet - David Yarnold, Huffington Post
How to Make a Fortune in Natural Gas - Porter Stansberry, Daily Wealth
Are Electric Cars Green? - Breath on the Wind, CleanTechnica
Greenpeace's Lesson in Engagement - Raz Godelnik, Triple Pundit
5 Breakthroughs That Will Transform Technology - Andrew Leigh, SMH

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Wildcatter McClendon's Chesapeake ATM Machine - Driver & Grow, FT
High Oil Prices Cut the Cost of Natural Gas - Roben Farzad, BusinessWeek
Fracking Won't Transform Britain Like It Has U.S. - Editors, Economist
Peak Oil Is Dead. The Great Game Lives On. . . - Matthew Hulbert, Forbes
Big Oil's Regulatory Coup - Wallace Turbeville, Demos
Delta Oil Refinery Buy Is Senseless - Virginia Postrel, Bloomberg
Road to Cheaper Gas Runs Through Riyadh - Haykel/Luciani/Woertz, FP
Argentina's Ill-Advised Energy Grab - Dale McFeatters, Scripps News
Will the Gulf Oil Spill Haunt Us Forever? - Ted Danson, USA Today
A Punishment BP Can't Pay Off - Abrahm Lustgarten, New York Times
Gov. Brown Unleashing Cali's EV Economy - Martin Lagod, SF Chronicle
Can the Clean Teach Industry Be Saved? - Bryan Walsh, Time
Nuke Power Key to Manufacturing Revival - Whitman & Timmons, IBD
The Crisis of Big Science - Steven Weinberg, New York Review of Books
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