RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Chevy's Election Year Punching Bag - Darren Samuelsohn, Politico
Getting a Charge Out of Driving - Bill Hewitt, Foreign Policy Association
Obama Taking a Beating on Energy Policy - Rebekah Metzler, US News
Cuomo Must Come to His Fracking Senses - Editorial, NY Daily News
Britain Braces for a Frack Attack - DJ Taylor, The Independent
Fernandez Alienates Investors for Cash Craving - The Economist
China's Faith-Based Approach to Peak Oil - Shi & Zhang, China Dialouge
Coal States Fear Their Uncertain Future - Jim Malewitz,
Humans Get Better As Environment Crumbles - Brad Plumer, Wash Post
A Great Lakes Wind Farm: What's Not to Like? - Editorial, Milwaukee J-S

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Oil Prices Threatened By. . . Oil Prices - Shawn McCarthy, Globe & Mail
Obama's Snipe Hunt - William Tucker, American Spectator
How Much Oil Is Really in the U.S.? - Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic
Is Oil Really Worth $100 A Barrel? - Myra Saefong, MarketWatch
What If Cheap Oil Is Gone For Good? - Buttonwood, The Economist
East Coasters Can Blame EPA For Summer Pump Shock - Editorial, IBD
Gas Prices Falling Just In Time for Sunshine - Kahn & Shore, MSNBC
Why Gulf Disaster Won't Stop Us from Drilling - Bryan Walsh, Time
Working with Cuba to Prevent Future Oil Spills - Editorial, Sun-Sentinel
Is Argentina the New Venezuela? - Catherine Boyle, USA Today
Argentina's Oil Grab Is Justified - Will Hutton, The Observer
Chesapeake Forced Into Fire Sales? - Maureen Farrell, CNNMoney
It's Time to Double Down on Chesapeake - EFS Investment, Seeking Alpha
Making Cars With Fewer Rare Earths - Jim Witkin, New York Times
Where's Our Environmental Policy, Mr. President? - Thomas Ohlson, FPA
Climate Change: The Public Gets It - Michael Lemonick, Climate Central
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