RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Obama Speaks, Oil Speculators React - Raymond J. Learsy, Huffington Post
Why Shouldn't We Subsidize Solar? - Amanda Alix, Motley Fool
The New Modular Nuclear Reactors - John Brian Shannon, EBoom
On the Horizon: Deeper Wind, Faster Solar - Steve Leone, RE World
Get Free Natural Gas While It Lasts - Porter Stansberry, The Energy Report
Does Trump Have a Point About Windmillls? - Editors, Scotsman
Scientists Propose Solution to Critical Fusion Barrier - R&D Mag
Renewables Seek Sites That Avoid Harm - David Danelski, Press-Enterprise
Reduced Solar Activiity Could Cool Earth - Seiji Tanaka, Asahi Shimbun

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

An Energy Plan to Ensure Security - Sen. Barrasso & Rep. Pearce, Politico
Salazar: GOP Living in Energy 'Fairy Tale' - Andrew Restuccia, The Hill
LNG Export Ruling Heard Around the World - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Even Liberals Like Big Oil Subsidies - Robert Rapier, Energy Collective
The Bad Science Around 'Job-Killing Regulations' - Ruth Marcus, WaPo
The Convenient Truth about Green Jobs - Stephen Lacey, CleanTechnica
A Greener Shade of Crony Capitalism - James Antle, American Spectator
How We Made Clean Energy Cheap - Shellenberger/Nordhaus, Breakthrough
Latin America: The Next Renewable Cash Cow? - Peter Gardett, AOL
The Rise of 'Resource Nationalism' - Hal Weitzman, Politico
Ohio Steel Industry Is Booming Again - Keith Schneider, New York Times
Ex-BP Engineer Arrested in Gulf Oil Spill Case - Cain Burdeau, AP
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