RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Whatever Happened to $5 Gas in the Summer? - Steve Hargreaves, CNN
China Is Trying to Copy Our Success with Shale - Leslie Hook, CNBC
We Agree with the Left: Reform Energy Subsidies - Bryce & Hayward, NR
Will the EPA Doom Obama in November? - Chris Stirewalt, FOX
New Keystone Route: Still a Threat to NE Water - Lisa Song, InsideClimate
Extending Nuclear Plants' Lives: Our Best Option - Jon Hurdle, AOL
Will The Stars Align for Small Nuclear Reactors? - Matthew Wald, Green
Is the Northwest Vulnerable to Another Spill? - Lynne Peeples, Huff Post
'World's Greenest City' to Be an Oil Port? - Bill Mann, MarketWatch
A Six Point Plan for Putin Hydrocarbon Heaven - Matthew Hulbert, Forbes

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

President Obama to Oil Speculators: Cut It Out! - Rana Foroohar, Time
Speculation and Gas Prices: Are They Linked? - Irwin & Sanders, Drovers
A World Without Oil Price Speculators - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Collective
The Fed is a Speculator, Too - David Moon, KnoxvilleBiz
Election 2012: Adding Fuel to the Energy Fire - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Do Elections Matter to the Energy Sector? - Peter Gardett, AOL Energy
Barack Obama's Oil Blindness - Robert Bryce, Slate
Why I'm Not an Environmentalist - Lisa Curtis, Huffington Post
Quebec's Solution: Drill, Baby, Drill - Eric Duhaime, Toronto Sun
Drilling Into Big Oil's Big Job Claims - Chris Isidore, CNNMoney
What Price Energy Security? - Nigel Roberts, Insead
Donuts & Renewables: What They Say of US - Nancy Pfund, MercuryNews
China Rattles Its Sabre Over Offshore Oil - Steve LeVine, Energy Wire
A Ship with Metal Sails Saves Energy? You Betcha - Tim Hornyak, CNET
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