RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Obama's BioEconomy: What's In It For You? - Michael Kanellos, Forbes
Hold the Oil, Pass the Algae - William Tucker, American Spectator
EPA Underestimates Palm Oil Emissions - Alexandra Stark, Triple Pundit
Wind Has Same Problems as Keystone - Amy Myers Jaffe, Energy Collective
For Shell and Exxon, The Future is Natural Gas - Editors, ValueWalk
Sustainable Energy For All: An Action Plan - Editors, EcoSeed
You Can Cut CO2 Emissions 20% - Elliot Negin, Huffington Post
What I Learned at Steven Chu's Energy Ministerial - Michael Levi, CFR
Progress in Artificial Photosynthesis - Editors, Alpha Galileo Foundation
Breakthrough on Solar Cell Efficiency - Editors, Printed Electronics World

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Mitt Romney, the Petro-Candidate - Ben Adler, The Nation
Is 'Big Oil' Backing Romney? - D'Angelo Gore, FactCheck.Org
Oil Exporters Are Driving Global Imbalances - The Economist
Credit Crunch Coming for U.S. Gas Drillers - Edward McAllister, Reuters
Has Nat Gas Doomed Coal's Future? - Matthew Phillips, BusinessWeek
5 Big Risks Facing Oil and Gas Companies - Andrew Beattie, Investopedia
Chesapeake Cowboy Tumbles Off the Bronco - Clifford Krauss, NY Times
Cracking the Chesapeake Piggy Bank - Jim Jelter, MarketWatch
Which Clean Fuel Will Replace Oil? - Kevin Quon, Seeking Alpha
Argentina's Energy Dilemma - Alieto Guadagni, Project Syndicate
Cristina Kirchner's Risky Business - Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard
Libyan Oil Protests Reveal Bigger Problems - Daniel Graeber, OilPrice
How Eldery Nuke Plants Are Retiring - Dawn Stover, Atomic Scientists
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