RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Clean Energy Needs a Reality Check - Editors, PhysOrg
T. Boone: Nat Gas Prices Have Bottomed Out - Catherine Tymkiw, CNN
Pickens Dances the Saudi Oil Polka - Raymond Learsy, Huffington Post
Gaia Theorist Lovelock: "I Was Alarmist On Climate" - Lydia Warren, Mail
The Coal Facts about Electricity Prices - Stephen Eule, RealClearEnergy
Obama's Climate Promise: A Feeble Offensive - Ryan Rafity, Dissent
Why Chesapeake Is Still A Bad Bet - Daniel Dicker,
Natural Gas Is Not Displacing Coal - Mark Anthony, Seeking Alpha
Blame Game Defers Solution to Gaza Energy Crisis - Editors, IRIN
Can Electric Cars Be Charged Wirelessly? - Nicolas Zart, Torque News

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Will Hot Weather Be the Story of the Summer? - Perry Sioshansi, AOL
Case for Approving Keystone Getting Stronger - Editorial, Washington Post
Mitt Romney Loves High Gas Prices - Gene Karpinski & Bill Burton, Politico
Romney's Answer to 'Forward' Is 'Brown Energy' - John Ellis, Buzzfeed
Not Another Green Energy Failure! - Mark Hyman, American Spectator
Can Energy Startups Be Saved? - David Rotman, MIT Technology Review
The Rise and Rise of Eco-Fascism - Peter Glover, Energy Tribune
Climate Change and the Body Politic - Justin Gillis, Green Blog
How Much More Does a Hybrid Car Cost? - Wayne Cunningham, CNET
OTC Panel: Today's 'Space Race' Is in Energy - Zain Shauk, Fuel Fix
Why BP Has to Turn to National Champions - Matthew Hulbert, Forbes
A Many-Sided Portrait of an Oil Giant - Joseph Pratt, Pacific Standard
Steve Coll's Masterful Survey of ExxonMobil - Erik Spanberg, CS Monitor
Not So Easy Going Nuclear-Free, Is It Japan? - Brad Plumer, Wash Post
Freedom from Gazprom? Ukraine Says 'Tak' - Ladka Bauerova, Bloomberg
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