RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Energy Boom Begins to Ripple Through U.S. Economy - John Schoen, NBC
Keystone Call Is a Study in Symbolism - Bryne Purchase, Globe & Mail
Mancos Shale Exploding in New Mexico - K. R. Avila, Albuquerque Journal
Energy Security Trust: Trust Fund or Slush Fund? - Nick Loris, Heritage
Apple Adapts Quickly to a Coal-Free Future - Tina Casey, Triple Pundit
Russia's New Middle East Energy Gambit - Economides/ Glover, E. Tribune
Japan Firting w/ Energy Independence? - Anthony Fensom, The Diplomat
China's Global Solar Onslaught Ending - Brad Plumer, Washington Post
Colombia Exploiting Shale Sweet Spot -
The Limitless Reliability of Rope Power - Kris De Decker, L-T Magazine

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

How Bad Do We Need Fossil Fuels? - Elizabeth Rosenthal, New York Times
The Big Takeaway From U.S. Energy Boom - M.J. Perry, Examiner
Why Is Comparing Renewables & Fossil Fuels Tough? - D. Roberts, Grist
What Happens When Natural Gas Isn't Dirt Cheap? - Brad Plumer, WaPo
Britain's Payback for Insane Policies - Christopher Booker, Telegraph
Who Will Jump on the Fracking Bandwagon Next? - Sarah Battaglia, EC
Public Utilities: The Best of a Bad Situation - Matthew Yglesias, Slate
The Time Has Come for a Carbon Tax - Al Gore, AG Blog
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Bjorn Lomborg? - Tom Zeller, HuffPo
Does Earth Hour Really Save Energy? - David Unger, CSM
Eco-Imperialism Meets Vulture Environmentalism - MasterResource
The Little Secrets Behind Apple's Green Data Centers - M. LaMonica, MTR
Think You're Living Green & Saving the Planet? - Sheila Eldred, Discovery
Don't Blame Warming for Heavy Rain - W. R. Mead, American Interest
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