RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Protesting Keystone While Rome Burns - Robert Rapier, Energy Trends
Face It, Oil Prices Aren't Coming Down - Kent Moors, Money Morning
Cyprus Gas: The Russians Missed Their Chance - Jen Alic, CSM
Obama Is Losing Democrats on Climate - Restuccia and Goode, Politico
Europe: Penny Wise, Gas Foolish? - Giles Merritt, Project Syndicate
Environmentalism is a Rich Man's Game - Ezra Levant, Sun News
Smart Power: More Bytes Mean Fewer Electrons - Bryan Walsh, Time
Does Suntech Collapse = Pricier Panels? - John Upton, Grist
Researchers Create Solar Cells From Trees - Tyler Falk, SmartPlanet
Most Important Man in Storage? Archimedes - Michael Kanellos, Forbes

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

So What Happens If Keystone Isn't Approved? - Jared Anderson, AOL
Is This the Next Natural Gas Hot Spot? - Arjun Sreekumar, Motley Fool
Oil & Gas Industry: Rich, Yes, But Also Very Safe - Robert Bradley, Forbes
Five Easy Pieces for Congress - Coral Davenport, National Journal
Two Miles of Sea Cover Big Oil's Next-Generation Field - Bloomberg
Big Oil vs. Big Farm: Who Will Be the Victor? - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Jerry Brown: Champion of Oil & Monterey Shale? - John Kingston, Platts
Renewables Slugfest Goes Stateside - Brad Plumer, Washington Post
Will NRG Energy Be the Next 10-Ton Gorilla in Solar Energy? - GigaOm
Could Clean Energy Fuel New York by 2050? - Lisa Song, InsideClimate
The Noisy Fight Over Quiet Cars - Jim Motavalli, Huffington Post
Shale Mirage Won't Help Crippled Japan - Aaron Sheldrick, Reuters
The 'Resource Curse' Hits the 'Welfare State' - Gwynn Guilford, Quartz
Rail to the Rescue for the East Coast Refining? - Bridget Hunsucker, Platts
Bad News for Pessimists: Malthus Was Wrong - Blake Clayton, CFR
Life Is Lonely in Eagle Ford 'Trailerhood' - John MacCormack, Fuel Fix
The Dialy Energy - Today's News, Tomorrow's Opportunities