RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Eco-Imperialism Joins Vulture Enviros - Paul Driessen, Heartland
Unleash Oil & Gas Industries to Create Jobs - Yuri Vanetik, Prov. Journal
Why Should Britons Freeze? - Graham Hiscott, Daily Mirror
This Is How to Manage Nuclear Waste... - Jack Spencer, Heritage
Obama & Climate Change: Promises, Promises - Dina Capiello, AP
German Village, a Blueprint for Green Energy - Christoph Steitz, Reuters
China's Massive Water Problem - Scott Moore, New York Times
Should African Goverments Subsidize Fuel? - Antoinette Sayeh, Huff Post
How U.S. Ethanol Sends GHG Overseas - Dan Haugen, MW Energy News
How Long Can Cyprus Keep Russia at Bay? - Christopher Coats, Forbes

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Self-Driving Cars Could Solve the Oil Crisis - Doron Levin, Fortune
Introducing the EV You Never Plug In - Ahn/Suh/Cho, IEEE Spectrum
10 Questions for EPA Call-Up Gina McCarthy - Inst. for Energy Research
It's Time for America to Nix the Ethanol Mandate - The Economist
Sen. Alexander Is Blowing in the Wind - Paul Barton, USA Today
Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? - Keith Kloor, Slate
IMF: $1.9T Energy Tab Needs to Be Paid Off Now - H. Schneider, WashPost
Will Mexico Join the N. American Energy Party? - M. Crandall, M-Resource
Japan's Green Dream Drowning in Oil - Riley Walters, Heritage
Boardroom Lessons From Fukushima - April Yee, The National
China Hunts for Energy in Stormy Waters - Collin Shek, Al Jazeera
Paying Beans for Venezuelan Oil - Ezra Fieser, Christian Science Monitor
What if Peak Oil Doesn't Prompt Green Revolution? - T. Snyder, DCSB
The BRICS Are Cooking the Climate - Patrick Bond, Reuters
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