RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Impact of War on Stocks and Oil Prices - Chris Isidore, CNNMoney
Fears Of More Radiation Leaks @ Fukushima - William Pentland, Forbes
Will Smart Transport Grids Solve Our Traffic Woes? - S. Shankland, CNET
Al Jazeera: Are U.S. Clean Energy Sites Destroying Nature?
Solar Panels Growing Hazard for Firefighters - Vince Lattanzio, NBC News
Kurzgesagt: Fracking Elegantly Explaind
The Problem w/ Bill McKibben & John Kerry - M.Stainsby, CounterPunch
IPCC's New Report Is 'Mann-Made' Cluelessness - Peter Glover, E-Tribune

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Why Bombing Syria Won't Spike Gas Prices - Josh Boak, Fiscal Times
Coping w/ the New Normal of High Oil Prices - J. Hamilton, Econobrowser
China's Hydrocarbon Buying Spree Hits $19 Billion - C. Kennedy, OilPrice
Chinese Petro-Billionaire Nabbed in Corruption Sting - Neil Gough, NYT
Why Big Oil Want to Drop Acid in California - RL Miller, Take Part Blog
Oil Goliath Prepares to Crush Eco-David - Camille Squires, PolicyMic
Trucker Shortage Worsens While E-Sector Booms - Schneider/Geewax, NPR
African Oil to China Dries Up as Tankers Slow to a Crawl - BusinessWeek
D.C. Gas Prices Don't Call For a Lawsuit - Editorial, Washington Post
Why Men Are Going Gaga For the Tesla Mode S - S.Edelstein, VentureBeat
Global Warmists Might Explain Decline in Hurricanes - James Taylor, Forbes
A Carbon Tax Is Completely Asinine - Richard Rahn, Washington Times
Warming Could Save East Coast From Another Superstorm - Guardian UK
Power-Freegans Want to Pick Through Your Trash - News & Observer
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