RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Tired of Waiting? Crowdfund Nuclear Fusion! - Mark Halper, SmartPlanet
Will We Be De-Sexed by Our Self-Driving Cars? - Tjaco Walvis, LiveMint
Self-Drive Cars: Wait'l The Lawyers Jump In - J. Bacon, Bacon's Rebellion
What Do Self-Drives Mean For Trucking? - TruckingInfo
Shale, Nat. Gas, Fracking: Behold the Bounty... - David Blackmon, Forbes
Build an Architecture of Abundance - Editors, Detroit News
Ignoring the IPCC is as Dumb as Buying Lotto Tickets - Tamminen, HuffPo
Why Can't Oil-Rich Venezuela Keep the Lights On? - R. Ferdman, Quartz
10 Crucial Questions About Shaheen-Portman - Nicholas Loris, Heritage
Where Do Baby Stars Come From? A New Theory - E. Tasker, PhysOrg

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

How to Unjam Traffic - Jeffrey Ball, Slate
Self-Driving Cars Will Bristle With Sensors - Stephen Shankland, CNET
Road to Green Growth Is Paved w/ Good Inventions - W.R. Mead, The A.I.
Syria Retaliation Could Push Oil to $125 - Agustino Fontevecchia, Forbes
U.S. Tech-Entrepreneurs Re-Set Russian Relations - Brenton & Mills, RCP
Ron Binz Is Right Guy to Run the FERC - Mindy Lubber, Breaking Energy
Oil & Gas Boom Will Add 3.3M U.S. Jobs by 2020 - Tim Mullaney, USA Today
Can Big Green Strong-Arm Big Labor's Future? - Sean Higgins, Examiner
CNBC'S Jim Cramer: Syria Strike Could Send Oil Prices Tumbling
Is the Caspian Sea Home to Untold Gas Riches? - Collin Eaton, Fuel Fiz
Is Japan's Energy Savior, Once Its Destroyer? - Michael Fitzpatrick, Fortune
Social Cost of Carbon Goes Mainstream - P. Knappenberger, Cato @ Liberty
We Can't Blame Everything on Climate Change - John Upton, Grist
So Begins the Dark Energy Survey - Andre Salles, Symmetry Magazine
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