RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Carbon Displacement? It's All Nuclear and Gas - Max Luke, EC
Vermont Yankee Pushes Us Closer to the Cliff - Marc Brown, Conord Monitor
Here's How to Fight Energy Companies - Matt Ferner, Huffington Post
Fukushima: How Did We Get in This Mess? - Tim Hume, CNN
It's Not Labor That's Making Chinese Panels Cheaper - Staff, Science 2.0
Climate Change is Cleaving the GOP in Two - Geoff Dembicki, The Tyee
Fracking in Marin County? No Way! - Joanne Williams, Pacific Sun
Ban Coal? Simple, Unreasonable, Unwise - David Brett, Vancouver Sun
UK Energy Sec. Ed Davey: "Fracking Is Not Evil" - Editors, The Guardian
Pilgrim Is a Benefit to the Region - Dan Hurley, Patriot-Ledger

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

E-Boom Raising Household Incomes By $1,200 - J. Efstathiou, Bloomberg
How to Keep Oil Floating to the Surface - C.W., The Economist
Why Obama Named Sweden As Model For Energy Policy - ThinkProgress
Don't Give Up on Nuclear Energy Just Yet - Editorial, Washington Post
Petro-Bully Pemex Throttling Mexico's Oil Bounty - Allan Wall, A-Thinker
The Libyan Crisis That's Crippling World Oil Markets - Matt Yglesias, Slate
India Scrambling to Pay Mounting Oil Bill While Rupee Sinks - Reuters
Little-Known Facts on Syria's O&G Reserves & Russia's Help - D. Kashi, IBT
Placing a Risky Bet on the Planetary Lottery - Terry Tamminen, Huff Post
70% of Venezuela Lost Electricity This Week - Robert Ferdman, Quartz
90% of Big Wind's Wildlife Genocide Caused By Turbines - J. Wiegand, MR
Will Damper Pistons Power Your Car's Suspension? - Nino Marchetti, E.T.
Nanoparticle May Drive Down Price of PV Solar Panels - IEEE Spectrum
Crowdfunding the Edible Energy Slime Revolution - Tim Hornyak, CNET News
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