RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Germany: How Electricity Became a Luxury - Editors, Der Spiegel
Still Believe in Climate Change? Read This... - J. Delingpole, Telegraph
FrackNation to Gas CEOs: 'Twitter Matters' - Mike Ellerd, Petroleum News
POTUS Under Fire From All Sides Over Fracking - K. Silverstein, Forbes
The Syria Issue is About Oil Not Weapons - Nafeez Ahmed, Guardian
UN: Energy and Water Are Inseperable - R. Hackley, Bloomberg
Is Alt Energy Finally a Good Investment? - John Waggoner, USA Today
High Heat + EV Battery = Problem - Russ Finley, Christian Science Monitor
What If Old Payphones Became...EV Chargers! - E. Jaffe, Atlantic
Team Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vs. Team EV - John Voelcker, Green Car Reports
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The Unexpected Boom in Energy Jobs - Daniel Yergin, Fortune
U.S. Fracking Could Never Replace Need For Arab Oil - T. Whipple, R-Blog
Why Is Mexico Beating Us at Our Own Game? - Mark Mills, SD U-Tribune
A Texas Town Destroyed So We Can Have Gasoline - C. Kennedy, OilPrice
What Truly Protects U.S Consumers Is Using Less Oil - Bryan Walsh, Time
Why Energy Stocks are the Smart Bet in One Chart - C. Assis, MarketWatch
E-Storage Needs a Clear Market Signal - Lin & Ghenis, Triple Pundit
How an Off-Grid Hippie Built a Wind Energy Empire - Sami Grover, MNN
The Nuclear Renaissance in Reverse - Schneider/Froggatt, Project Syndicate
5 Smart Building Skins That Farm Energy & Eat Toxins - Gizmodo
The Hopes and Fears of Europe's Renewables Quest - The Economist
Prepare for the Chinese Energy Juggernaut - Robert Rapier, Energy Trends
How China's Factory Owners Are Trying to Survive - Christina Larson, BBW
10 Cities Leading the Charge in Urban Sustainability - A. Schwartz, FastCo
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