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Friday, December 19
The Top 5 Energy and Climate Stories of 2014 - Manish Bapna, Forbes
The Troubled Future Ahead for the Bakken - Josh Brown, Platts
'Nature' Fires Back at EIA Shale Gas Critique - Daniel Graeber, UPI
The Conventional Wisdom on Oil Is Always Wrong - Ben Casselman, 538
Is Cheaper Oil Raising Your Electric Bill? - Mario Parker, Bloomberg
The Big Drop: Cheap Oil Burns Green Energy - Pilita Clark, Financial Times
3 Ways Renewables Could BENEFIT From Low Oil Prices - Forbes
Another Winner from Cheaper Oil? Ethanol - Andrew Topf,
You Know Who's Not Getting Cheap Gas? The U.S. Military - CNBC
Cheap Oil, Who Cares? Homeowners Prefer Natural Gas - MarketWatch
VIDEO: When Will Oil Rebound? When Europe Does - Jim Cramer
Low Oil Prices Killing Off Fuel Subsidies - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Could New York's Fracking Ban Have Domino Effect? - Nat'l Geographic
I'll Talk Politics, Not Science, with Climate Deniers - The Conversation
Boeing 787 Fires: A Cautious Tale about Advanced Batteries - SciAm
Solar Tariffs: Throttling U.S.'s Biggest Job Creation Machine - REW
How Denmark and Texas Became Wind Energy Kings - StateImpact
Thursday, December 18
Space-Based Solar Power: Energy of the Future? - Peter Shadbolt, CNN
Bankers See $1 Trillion of Investments Stranded in the Oil Fields - BB
The Looming Alaskan Energy Battles - Ben Geman, National Journal
Oil Price Scenarios for 2015 and 2016 - Euan Mearns,
The Texas Energy Revolt - Jim Malewitz, Politico
Toyota Embraces Fuel Cell Cars for a Post-Gasoline Future - BizWeek
Climate Change Mea Non Culpa - Peter Gwynne, Slate
The Nuclear Money Pit - The Economist
Governor Cuomo Makes Sense on Fracking - Editorial, New York Times
Cuomo's Contradictory Fracking Edict - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Cuomo's Fracking Ban Is (Political) Arts and Science - New York Mag
Is the Governor's Ban Based on Science? - Jared Gilmour, CS Monito
Kenya to Develop Africa's Largest Wind Project - Nick Cunningham, OP
Brent Above $62 as Energy Firms Slash Investments - Reuters
Oil Producers Must Accept Darwinian Logic - Gaurav Sharma, Forbes
Why OPEC Is Increasingly Irrelevant - Nawaf Obaid, Financial Times
Hidden Costs of Solar Tariffs - Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg
Wednesday, December 17
Pipeline, Nuclear Shortages Send NE Bills Through the Roof - Forbes
Don't Expect Low Oil Prices To Last For Long - Dave Summers, OilPrice
Are Falling Oil Prices Naughty...or Nice? - Irwin Kellner, MarketWatch
Drilling Down Deep on the Epic Oil Price Slide - Chris Nelder, GF Network
Why Keystone Has Been So Incredibly Controversial - Wash Examiner
The Science on Fracking Is In: Not One Well! - Mark Ruffalo, Huff Post
Scenes from the Anti-Fracking Fringe - Steve Everley, Energy In Depth
ANALYSTS: More Than 500 Rigs to Shut as Oil Plummets - Fuel Fix
Oil Plunge Sets Stage for Energy Defaults - Sridhar Natarajan, Bloomberg
The Sky Is Not Falling...Your Energy Costs Are! - Bill Tucker, Forbes
Nuclear May Be the Key to a Green Future - Walter Russell Mead, AI
An Even Better Energy Deal for You Than Cheap Oil Prices - CNBC
Obama's Latest Green Move: Banning Drilling in Bristol Bay - Grist
Why We're Building the Biggest Ships Ever Made - Kabir Chibber, Quartz
LNG Export Hopes Fading Fast For US - Colin Chilcoat,
1 Chart Shows 2014 Was an EPIC Year for Utility-Scale Solar - The EC
Big Solar Step: Super-Efficient System Sets Record - Live Science
Will Falling Gas Prices Hurt Alternative Vehicles? - William Tucker, FF
Tuesday, December 16
A Global Energy Superpower Rises - Ed Morse, Foreign Policy
Low Oil Prices Could Point to a More Serious Problem -
UAE: OPEC Won't Cut Production Even at $40 per Barrel - Bloomberg
10 Energy Numbers to Remember from 2014 - Barry Fischer, Opower
Betting on Need, Scientists Work on Lighter, Cleaner Nuclear - NYT
The Race Is on for Solar Companies to Woo Utilities - Ucilia Wang, Forbes
The Lima Climate Agreement Isn't as New as It Seems - Michael Levi, CFR
The New Climate Denialism - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Study: All-Electric Cars Not as Green As You'd Think - Associated Press
Next Step in PA Shale Boom Is LNG Exports - Raymond Keating, PennLive
What Jim Cramer Is Waiting to See in Oil - Abigail Stevenson, CNBC
Rapid Fall in Oil Prices May Portend Global Recession - New York Post
Russia Stares into the Cheap-Oil Abyss - Bill Powell, Newsweek
Why Cheap Oil Won't Kill Renewables - Lauren Craft, Energy Intelligence
GE's Oil and Gas Gambit Falters - Ted Mann, Wall Street Journal
The Economics of Keystone May No Longer Make Sense - LA Times
Taxpayers Help Fund Oil-Train Boom Amid Safety Concerns - Reuters
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Monday, December 15
How Cheap Oil Complicates Investing - Gregory Zuckerman, WSJ
Predicting The Oil Price: Smart vs. Lucky - Michael Lynch, Forbes
It's Time for OPEC to Surrender - Amotz Asa-El, MarketWatch
Oil Bust Veterans Brace While Shale-Boom Newbies Swagger - BB
The High Cost of Low-Priced Oil - Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights
Ex-Gulf Oil CEO: Oil Bottom? Mid-$50s Should Do It - CNBC
What Has Gone Wrong with Germany's Energy Policy - The Economist
Is There Really No Way Out for BP? - Paul Merolli, Energy Intelligence
U.S. Energy Boom's Other Winner: Utilities - Rebecca Smith, MarketWatch
Capturing Carbon by Running a Fuel Cell - Matthew Wald, New York Times
Does Natural Gas Contribute to Oil's Fall from Grace? - Desert Sun
A Look Back at 2014 Trends in the Solar - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
Why Sun-Soaked Arizona Is Killing Solar Power - Wall Street Daily
Nuclear Teetering on the Economic Precipice - Llewellyn King, WH Chron
Assessing the Outcome of the Lima Climate Talks - Robert Stavins, EC
Five Takeaways from the Lima Climate Talks - National Journal
Saturday, December 13
The Basic Reason Oil Keeps Getting Cheaper - Chris Mooney, Wash Post
Don't Get Used to Cheap Oil - Gal Luft, Journal of Energy Security
Kuwait Oil Chief: Get Used to Low Oil Prices - Andy Tully, CS Monitor
Low Oil Prices Not The Only Threat To U.S. Energy -
Most Important Energy Source of the Future Might Surprise You - Fool
It's Now Ant and Grasshopper Days in the Oil Industry - Platts
The End Of Oil Price Stability - Loren Steffy, Forbes
'It's Starting' -- U.S. Drillers Idle Most Rigs in Years - Bloomberg
Bakken Oil Pipeline Project Slammed Shut - Javier David, CNBC
Oil Pipelines SOO Last Year, Says Wall St. Journal - Heather Smith, Grist
Tanking Oil Will Push Venezuela into China's Arms - BusinessWeek
This Is the Next Generation of Renewable Technologies - Telegraph
How Do Americans Spend Energy Savings? On More Energy - WSJ
How Wind Farms of the Future Could Be Underwater - P. Shadbolt, CNN
Should Homeowners w/ Solar Panels Pay to Maintain Elec. Grid? - , NPR
Advanced Nuclear Energy & The Fight vs. Climate Change - Brookings
You Can Now Buy 100% Nuclear Energy -- In Germany! - James Conca
Big Banks Propping Up Big Coal to the Tune of $89 Billion - The EC
How the 'War on Coal' Went Global - Erica Martinson, Politico
Electric Cars: A Review of 2014 - Jack Perkowski, Forbes
Friday, December 12
Shale Oil Is Breaking OPEC's Neck - Peter Coy and Matthew Philips, BW
Oil Wars: Why OPEC Will Win - Roger Andrews,
Oil Has Become the New Housing Bubble - Alex Rosenberg, CNBC
Falling Oil Prices Raise New Concerns for States - Associated Press
Big Oil Slashing Spending Amid Low Prices - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
America Is (Finally) Shaking Off Its Oil Addiction - Editors, Bloomberg
The Stealth Factor Behind Oil's Decline - Jack Ablin, CNBC
Oil Is Crashing Thanks to China - Edward Harrison, Foreign Policy
Russia's Ostpolitik: The Demise of South Stream - Energy Intelligence
The Stock Market Is Winning 100-Year Tug of War w/ Oil - MarketWatch
Why Oil's Slide Could Be Good News for...Coal Miners? - Barron's
Just How Green Is Barack Obama? 19 Thinkers Weigh In - Politico
1.2 GW N. Sea Offshore Wind Farm Gets OK - Joshua Hill, CleanTechnica
Dems Join GOP in Bashing Obama's EPA - Mark Drajem, Bloomberg
Wind & Solar Much Less Risky Than Other Power Projects - Grist
Greens Wage War on All Pipelines, Not Just Keystone - Editorial, IBD
A Strange Climate Event: Warmth Toward U.S.! - Coral Davenport, NYT
Thursday, December 11
The Biggest Energy Mistake in 2014 - Brigham McCown, Forbes
Here Are the Reasons Oil Is Plunging Toward $60 - William Watts, MW
A Coal Plant That Buries Its Greenhouse Gases - Peter Fairley, Tech Review
Birinyi: Oil Decline Is the 'Black Swan' Event! - Patti Domm, CNBC
Study: U.S. Fracking Bonanza to Lift GDP by 1% by 2040 - Reuters
EIA Oil Production Numbers Show Global Slowdown -
A Global Map of Oil Production Says a Lot about Oil's Plunge - MW
Ali Al-Naimi's Surprising Comments about OPEC - Shane Ferro, BI
Wounded OPEC to Feel More Pain Next Year - Mark Thompson, CNN
Wine And Gas Battle It Out In Northern US - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
First Solar Gives Residential Market Another Try - Ucilia Wang, Forbes
Solar Power Can Be for India What Shale Is for the US - Economic Times
Falling Gas Prices Are Fantastic. Unless You're Tesla - Wired
3 Arguments For and Against The Natural Gas Pipeline - WBUR
Philly's Incredible Potential to Become East Coast Energy Hub - NBC
Wednesday, December 10
The OPEC Cartel No Longer Exists... - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Should The US Create Its Own Cartel? - Andrew Critchlow, Telegraph
In Short, Oil Is Crashing - Stefano Pozebon & Myles Udland, Business Insider
Petrodollars: Looking Back at the Latest OPEC Meeting - Platts
10 Reasons a Sustained Drop in Oil Prices Could Be Catastrophic - OP
As Oil Falls, Here's Where the Big Money Is Going - L. Delevingne, NetNet
Why US Shale May Fizzle Rather Than Boom - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Could the US Bail Out Its Own Oil Sector? - Matt Clinch, CNBC
The Sorry State of Global Gas - Sarah Miller, Energy Intelligence
Sheikhs vs. Shale: The New Economics of Oil - The Economist
World Proved Oil Reserves Data a Work of Fiction - Ron Patterson, OP
Protests Slow Pipeline Projects Across U.S., Canada - Amy Harder, WSJ
Tuesday, December 9
New Technology Fuels America's Energy Boom - Jared Meyer, e21
Another Giant Declares Nuclear Dead In Fracking America - Forbes
Oil Falls to 5-Year Low, and Energy Companies Start to Retrench - NYT
Crude Oil's Collapse Pressures Energy Megaprojects - Justin Scheck, WSJ
Is Obama's China Climate Deal Falling Apart? - Investors Business Daily
House Republican Plans to Introduce Pro-Climate-Science Bill - NJ
When to Expect the Next Oil Price Spike - Phil Flynn, FOX Business
The Great South China Sea Hydrocarbon Grab - Llewellyn King, OilPrice
Should Wind Energy's Production Tax Credit Get a Break? - Forbes
Wind: We're Cheap! Then...Wind: We Need Subsidies:( - National Review
Study: CA Drought Was Caused By...Nature - Tim McDonnell, Mother Jones
Will Aldermen Revive This Ethanol Ruse? - Editorial, Chicago Tribune
Global Rankings Reveal Flaws in the Energiewende - Editors, EurActiv
The Next Plan to Get Climate Denial Into Textbooks - Clare Foran, NJ

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