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Wednesday, June 29
Oil Is Still Heading to $10 a Barrel - A. Gary Shilling, Bloomberg View
Thanks to Climate Change, the Arctic Is Turning Green - C. Mooney, WP
How Green Is Your Utility? - Maria Gallucci, International Business Times
Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions - David Hone, Energy Collective
Oakland Votes to Block Large Shipments of Coal - Thomas Fuller, NYT
Tesla and SolarCity's Minority Resort - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Texas Sees A Bump In Oil And Natural Gas Output - R. Patterson, OilPrice
US Solar Power Market Hits All-Time High - Matt Weiser, Guardian
How to Go Solar Without Putting Panels on Your Roof - MarketWatch
Wind Industry Looks to Influence 2016 Election - John Siciliano, WE
Did Brexit Kill the Oil Price Rally? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Is the Nuclear Liability Limit a Subsidy, or Not? - Benjamin Zycher, Hill
North Dakota One of the Few States Adding Rigs - Daniel Graeber, UPI
How to Support Renewables in Europe - Jakub Kucera, Energy Post
UAE Mulls Life after Oil... and on Mars - Scientific American
Tuesday, June 28
Solar Plane Partner Sees Energy Reforms in US - Bill Loveless, USA Today
North American Solar: Keeping Up With the Joneses - D. Ola, PV-Tech
Low Oil Prices See China's Oil Output Shrink 7.4% - James Burgess, OilPrice
Tesla and SolarCity's Minority Resort - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Next-Generation Batteries Ramp Up Capacity - J. Carbeck, Sci. American
The US Navy's Less Than Great "Green" Fleet Development - Miller, EC
Retraining Our Energy Workforce From Coal to Solar - CleanTechnica
Williams Cos. Fights to Save Deal With Energy Transfer - A. Sider, WSJ
Are Hillary Clinton's Clean Energy Goals Achievable? - E. Shogren, DP
Independence? Not for Britain's Energy Market - Robin Mills, National
Brexit, Energy and the Wisdom of "Experts" - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Maui and the Energy Deregulation Debate - Sureya Melkonian, GreenBiz
Brexit: What'll Happen to North Sea Oil? - Luke Graham, CNBC
The World's Disappearing Sand - Vince Beiser, New York Times
The Year Ahead in Energy Storage Policy - Julian Spector, GreenTechMedia
Monday, June 27
UK's Out Vote Is a 'Red Alert' For The Environment - The Guardian
Brexit a Repudiation Of EU Global Warming Mandates - Daily Caller
TransCanada Files $15B Claim on Keystone Rejection - Bloomberg
Are Hillary's Clean Energy Goals Acheiveable? - E. Shogren, Denver Post
Electricity Storage: So What's the Deal? - Ulrich Hottelet,
Diablo Canyon Supporters Engage in Civil Disobedience - Atomic Insights
Major Battle Over Oil Rail Terminal in Northwest - Phuong Le, US News
Houston's Job Growth a Little Bit Sobering - David Hunn, Fuel Fix
Are We Headed to a New Solar Minimum? - Judith Curry,
Shell's Revamped Shale Arm to Be Heart of Growth - BizRecorder/Reuters
Why the Hyperloop is No Green Miracle - Brian Baynes, ClimateHome
Discovery Exposes Fragility of Antarctica's Ice Shelf - CarbonBrief
How Do You Fight Green Dogma? - The American Interest
SunPower Beats Solar Panel Efficiency Record Again - Eric Wesoff, GTM
India Considering Umbrella Climate Legislation - BusinessGreen
Saturday, June 25
50 Nations May Soon Move From Oil to LNG - A. Shiryaevskaya, Bloomberg
American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers - Matt Richtel, NYT
U.S. Energy Sector Has 'Inordinate' Exposure to Brexit - CNBC
The Rotten State of U.S. Oil Reserves - Brian Wingfield, Bloomberg
Houston Economy Awaits Ripple Effect From Brexit - Houston Chron.
How Brexit Will Boost Nuclear Energy in U.K. - Rod Adams, Forbes
Mapping Coal's Decline and Renewable's Rise - F. Mccaffrey,
China's Offshore Wind Power Plans Lag 2020 Target - Kathy Chen, Reuters
New England Stumbling After Coal and Nuke Retirements - Utility Dive
German, Mexican Banks Sign Renewable Agreement - PV Magazine
Friday, June 24
Oil Prices Dive as Britain Votes to Leave EU - Ahmad Ghaddar, Reuters
5 Ways Brexit Can Transform Energy and Climate - Sara Stefanini, Politico
UK's Out Vote Is a 'Red Alert' For The Environment - The Guardian
Behind Tesla Carnage, Support For Solar City Deal - Ross Kerber, Reuters
Solar Plane Makes it Across Atlantic Ocean - Merritt Kennedy, NPR
US Oil Firms Crank Up Output in Gulf of Mexico - Lynn Cook, WSJ
Panama Canal Expansion Could Increase Oil Product Exports - EIA
India's Clean Energy to Bring Millions Out of Poverty - ClimateProgress
Anti-Fracking Movement Reels as Tactics Fail to Resonate - Wash. Times
Solar Power to Grow Sixfold by 2030 - Mahmoud Habboush, Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia Declares Cease-Fire in Oil War - Leonid Bershidsky, BV
Energy Storage Saving 'Distributed' Death Spiral - H. Trabish, Utility Dive
Vitol Says U.S. Crude Slump is Ending - Anna Shiryaevskaya, Bloomberg
Industry and Greens Hate Maryland's New Fracking Regs - Daily Caller
Commodities Traders Seek Replacement for Yahoo Messanger - Argus
Thursday, June 23
Egypt's Costly Nuclear Project - Eric Trager, Breaking Energy
A Carbon Price Set to Carbon Damage - Peter Weisberg, GreenBiz
Lawmakers Line Up to Knock Ethanol Mandate - Devin Henry, The Hill
Solar Industry Welcomes Coal Workers With Open Arms - HuffPo
The Rise of the Regional Solar Installer - Allison Mond, GreenTechMedia
Another Step Backward for Nuclear and the Environment - G. Styles, EC
No Consensus on Oil's Magic Number - Tom DiChristopher, CNBC
Tesla's SolarCity Takeover a "No-Brainer" for All Investors? - Bloomberg
Is It a Good Idea to Close Diablo Canyon? - Brad Plumer, Vox
Get Ready For $80 Oil - Michael McDonald, OilPrice
Elon Musk Aims to Shore Up SolarCity by Having Tesla Buy It - NYT
China: Is Peak Coal Part of its Problem? - Gail Tverberg, Energy Collective
Nest Thermostats Can Now React to Changing Energy Prices - Fortune
Don't Ignore the History and Economics of Oil - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Move Over Oil, Lithium Is the Future of Transportation - J. Stafford, OP
Wednesday, June 22
Who Calls the Shots on Oil Markets? - Vladimir Soldatkin, Reuters
Beware of the Oil Price You Wish For - Sarah Miller, Energy Intelligence
How Fast Could the Market for EVs Grow? - Adam Whitmore, Energy Post
Oil Markets Are Balanced but Bracing for Brexit - Evan Kelly, OilPrice
Methanol is a CO2 Utilization Pathway - Edward Dodge, Energy Collective
With Climate Change, Doing the Math Matters - Mark Buchanan, BV
GOP: Trump Will Talk More About Energy - Timothy Cama, The Hill
'New' Oil Rebels Spring From Old in Nigeria's Delta South - Daily Mail
Asia Is Oil's 21st Century Battlefield - Molla & Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Not Even $50 Oil Can Save Venezuela From Itself - K. Rapoza, Forbes
Creating Biofuel From Plastic Waste - Max Opray, Guardian
How the Brexit Vote Will Impact Oil Prices - Charles Kennedy, OilPrice
California's Last Nuclear Power Plant Could Close - Diane Cardwell, NYT
Exxon, ConocoPhillips Top List of Methane Polluters - Fortune
72% of Corporations Are Actively Procuring Clean Energy - Tweed, GTM

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