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Thursday, May 5
Energy Has Peaked and Now We're on the Way Down - Annie Pei, CNBC
Lessons from the Coal Bust - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Collective
Atlantic City Gambles on Rising Seas - Michael Hayden, National Geographic
Greens Sue EPA Over Fracking Waste - Timothy Cama, The Hill
9 Things You Should Know About the Carbon Tax - Fred Dews, Brookings
Death Of A $35 Billion Oil Deal - Tim Daiss, Forbes
Drilling Between Icebergs in Eastern Canada - James Osborne, FuelFix
Japan Bets on a Hydrogen-Fueled Future - Umair Irfan, Scientific American
Alberta Wildfire Forces Oil Sands Output Cut - Maria Gallucci, IBTimes
Oil Price Drop Vanquishes Cutting-Edge Projects - Stewart & Kent, WSJ
Do We Really Need Solar That's Too Cheap to Meter? - B. Paulos, GTM
US Oil Bankruptcy Wave Rivals Telecom Bust - Wade & Scheyder, Reuters
Starts, Stops & In-Between for New Nuclear Projects in US - Yurman, EC
Why Oil Prices Have Nowhere Left to Go But Down - B. Kollmeyer, MW
Why Oil Prices Will Likely Drop Below $40 Soon - Rakesh Upadhyay, OP
Wednesday, May 4
The Age of Cheap Oil and Natural Gas Is Just Beginning - M. Radetzki, SA
Apple Should Buy Tesla (and make Musk CEO) - Vivek Wadhwa, MW
What Saudi Arabia's Bet on Solar Power Means - Bill Richardson, Time
Why The Petrodollar Is Facing Its End - OilPrice
Fate of French Nuclear Industry at Stake - Phil Chaffee, Energy Intelligence
Europe's Strategically Successful Energy Policy - Brookings
Clinton Cleans Up Coal Comments - Nolan McCaskill, Politico
Low Oil Prices? Texas Is Doing Just Fine - Michael McDonald, OilPrice
Resettling the First American 'Climate Refugees' - New York Times
Solar System Prices Dropping - Lucas Mearian, Computerworld
How Better Cybersecurity Helps Utilities Keep the Lights On - GTM
Will Massachusetts Spark the Offshore Wind Industry? - Bloomberg
The Environmental Toll of Storing Fossil Fuels - Daniel Cohan, The Hill
Opower Sale Creates Smart-Grid Behemoth - J. Siciliano, Wash. Examiner
Wind Can Power '79% of Scottish Homes' - Anmar Frangoul, CNBC
Tuesday, May 3
Why China Is Really Dictating the Oil Supply Glut - R. Upadhyay, OilPrice
Will Pipelines Be Affected by the Bust? - Kronenberg & Vrielink, Forbes
Amidst Crisis, Brazil Presses Oil Reform - James Osborne, FuelFix
Oil's Climbing Back - Douglas Fraser, BBC
Ford Plans a Tesla-Fighting Electric Car - John Rosevear, Motley Fool
Community Solar: An Unlikely Utility Savior? - R. Labastida, GreenBiz
An $840 Billion Decline In Oil And Gas Reserves - Robert Rapier, Forbes
Researchers Aim to Put Carbon Dioxide Back to Work - H. Fountain, NYT
Debacle at Doha: The Collapse of the Old Oil Order - M. Klare, Energy Post
Out of Reach Without Nuclear and Shale - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Collective
Wind Energy Setting Records in Minnesota - Paul Huttner, MPR
Why Methane Is Having a Moment - Emma Merchant, New Republic
Halliburton-Baker Blowup Reverberates Beyond Oil - K. Allison, Reuters
EPA Doles Out Dollars for Toxic Spill - John Siciliano, Washington Examiner
Colorado Court Overturns Fracking Bans - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Monday, May 2
Saudis Heed an Oil Warning From History - Julian Lee, Bloomberg
Warren Buffett: Carbon Profiteer? - James Ayre, CleanTechnica
Why Electric Car Owners Switch to SUVs? - Sanjay Salomon,
U.S. Offshore Crude Output Offsetting Onshore Decline - Patterson, OP
Buffett's Shareholders Defeat Motion on Climate Change -
Texas Firm Wants to be Interim Nuclear Waste Storer - Neutron Bytes
Carbon Pricing 'Too Sluggish' to Meet Climate Goals - Megan Darby, CH
The Rise of Steam Power; the Roots of Global Warming - Allen, Ecologist
India's Mammoth River-Linking Project Raises Eyebrows - Asit Jolly, IT
Batteries Will Not Be the Future of Grid Balancing in Germany - GTM
Greens Reframe Spain's Renewable Bankruptcy Fire Sale - WUWT
LNG at the Crossroads: Identifying Key Drivers - John England, WoodMac
Venezuela Turmoil May Alter Region's Energy Landscape - USA Today
IEA: Oil Price Bottoming Depends on Global Growth - Reuters
EU Carbon Surges as Lawmakers Strengthen Market - Bloomberg
Saturday, April 30
What Appliance Uses The Most Energy In U.S. Homes? - CleanTechnica
How Much U.S. Electricity Supply Comes From Wind? - EIA
Fracking The Unsung Hero of Climate Change Fight - Houston Chron.
Steyer Spending Millions in Colorado Climate Battle - S. Lomax, Page 2
Japan's Electricity Reform, Germany Serves as Warning - Reuters
First U.S. LNG Cargo Lands in Europe - Stuart Elliott, Platts
Europe Remains Too Reliant on Russian Gas - James Osborne, FuelFix
Oil Markets Fear Quick Return to $30 Oil - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
World's Biggest Windmills Tower Over Landscapes - Shankleman, Bloomberg
Unions Criticize Cuomo's Rejection of Gas Pipeline - Albany B.R.
Friday, April 29
Oil Prices For 2017 Surpass $50 a Barrel - John Kemp, Rigzone/Reuters
Buffett Faces Pressure to Invest for the Climate - Nicholas Kusnetz, ICN
How A Big Utility Fought Marijuana Growers - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
Top 10 Solar Utilities See Growth - Herman K. Trabish, Utility Dive
Ford Recycles Enough Aluminium For 30,000 Trucks a Month - GCR
Arizona Firms Reach Solar Compromise - H. Fischer, Arizona Daily Sun
Inconvenient Truth: Chinese Oil Demand Weakening - Bloomberg
How Driverless Cars May Harm The Environment - Jason Bordoff, WSJ
Guerrillas, Rebels and Militants Boost Oil Price - S. Cheong, Bloomberg
US Refiners' Years-Long Boom Coming to An End - Kristen Hays, Reuters
VW, Shell Try to Block EU Push for Electric Cars - A. Neslen, The Guardian
Reid, McConnell Trade Fire Over Stalled Energy Bill - J. Carney, The Hill
How to Bring Climate Agreement Into Force - Megan Darby, Climate Home
American Cars on Track to Double Fuel Efficiency - Scientific American
Oil's Wild Ride to Continue After April's Big Climb - M. Saefong, MW
Thursday, April 28
Oil's Magic Number Becomes $50 - David Wethe, Bloomberg
Will The Truth About Chernobyl Ever Come Out? - James Conca, Forbes
American Cars on Track to Double Fuel Efficiency - C. von Kaenel, SA
Energy Dividends Are Unsustainable - Katy Barnato, CNBC
How to Find Compromise on Net Metering - Shayle Kann, GreenTechMedia
Saudi Arabia's Challenging Plan To Shift From Oil - Simon Henderson, BE
The Aftereffects Of SunEdison's Bankruptcy - Joshua Hill, CleanTechnica
Mathieu Flamini: Arsenal's Biochemical Midfielder - BBC
Global Oil Market Could Face Supply Shortfall - Maria Gallucci, IBT
How to Make Cities More Energy Efficient - D. Chandler, Energy Collective
Oil Prices Fall On Unexpected EIA Barrel Build - Matt Smith, OilPrice
How to Scale Up Renewables in 10 Steps - Energy Post
We're Still Learning What the BP Spill Did to the Environment - WaPo
Natural Gas Finds Strategic Place in Defense Bill - John Siciliano, WE
How Utilities Can Help Auto Companies Sell EVs - Michael Shepard, UD

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