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Monday, July 28
Why Hillary Clinton Is Right About Putin - Amy Myers Jaffe, Fuel Fix
How the President Is Stalling Our Economy - Mark Perry, Investors
North Dakota's Game of Nuclear Cat & Mouse - Neela Banerjee, LAT
Closing Indian Point Is Like Shutting Down Mo Rivera - NEI Notes
Locking Up CO2 By Turning It to Stone - Andy Extance, New Scientist
Enviro-Disaster Tourism Is a Thing Now - Kelsey Atherton, Pop Science
Newt Gingrich's Space Terror Almost Came True - Alex Brown, NJ
5 Industries Worried About Peak Oil - Chris Dalby,
How Europe Can Punish Russia & Save the Planet - C. Huhne, Guardian
Which Utilities Are Green-Smart & Efficient? - J. McMahon, Forbes
We're Not Ready For The Next Nuke Disaster - Hamilton Nolan, Gawker
EPA Is Putting Colorado In Harm's Way - Stuart Sanderson, Denver Post
The Poster Child For the Corporate Welfare State - Kevin Carson, CP
The Ups & Downs of German Green Energy - W.R. Mead, The A.I. Blog
Let's Meet Appalachia's Post-Coal Pioneers - Joe Solomon, YES!
EPA Used as a Blunt Instrument - Sherman Frederick, Las Vegas R-J
A Sponge That Makes Steam From Sunlight. Really. - Kiley Kroh, TP
Saturday, July 26
Is the Budget the Next Climate Change Battlefield? - Robert Rubin, WP
Keeping Putin's Hands of Argentina's Oil - Spencer Abraham, FP
Running Rails Through the New Oil Patch - Andrew Revkin, NY Times
California's Climate-Change Denial - Allysia Finley, Wall Street Journal
How Should Climate Change Be Taught? - Clare Foran, National Journal
The Fight for Voting Rights Is the Fight for Clean Power - Grist
The Sad Story of the Fukushima Monkeys - Francie Diep, Popular Sci
100,000 Amps: New Magnets Boost Fusion Energy - Science 2.0
Paving the Road Ahead for Your Thorium Profits - Keith Kohl, E&C
This Week in Energy: A Busy, Grisly Spell - James Burgess, OilPrice
Friday, July 25
Eco-Radicalism Seeks Death Of Capitalism - Investor's Business Daily
Tech Is The New Black In The Power Economy - Chip Register, Forbes
California Lax on Frack Is Creating a Crisis - Abraham Lustgarten, PS Mag
Is Iraqi Kurdish Oil Free At Last? - Steve LeVine, Quartz
China's Climate Commitment - Jiankun & Stern, Project Syndicate
A Carbon Tax's Ignoble End - Julia Baird, New York Times
Our Power Hungry & High-Efficiency Planet - Shellenberger/Nordhaus, EC
Whose Worse on Warming, Big Oil or The GOP? - Ben Adler, Grist
What Will the 21st Century Grid Look Like? - Carl Zichella, Swicthboard
Whose Oil Will Quench China's Thirst? - Chris Dalby,
Russia Wrestles with Gas Export 'Liberalization' - The American Interest
New Fuel Isn't Right Mix for Chicago - Editorial, Chicago Sun-Times
The Search for Extraterrestrial Air Pollution - Michael Lemonick, Time
Why DARPA Wants An Experimental Spaceplane - Francie Diep, PopSci
Thursday, July 24
A One-Step Guide to Infuriating an EPA Official - Jason Plautz, NJ
5 Things to Know About New Oil-Train Rules - Russell Gold, WSJ
Data Is the New Oil of the Digital Economy - Jooris Toonders, Wired
It's Time to Let Our Oil and Gas Go - Steven Rattner, New York Times
MJ Chart of the Day: Oil Is Getting Much Harder to Find
Can Europe 'Copy Paste' an Energy Union? - Jemelkova/Hack, EurActiv
Protecting Alberta's Center of Gravity - Claudia Cattaneo, Fin. Post
The Struggle to Mainstream EVs - Allen Brooks, MasterResource
The World's Most Energy-Efficient Countries - Ben Schiller, Fast Co
Weakening Putin's Iron Grip - Varun Chanda, Motley Fool
Can Biofuels Really Go Toe to Toe w/ Crude? - Andy Tully, CSM
Roll Call: NRC Nominees Heading for Trouble?
How One Industry Group Would Transform the Grid - Energy Collective
The San Francisco 49er's Are Going Green - Andrew Simon, Grist
Will Oil Boom Make Energy Sanctions Easier? - Michael Levi, CFR
Steyer's Money Isn't Going To Save The Planet - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Wednesday, July 23
2 Simple Ways to Bring Fuel Prices Down - Hofmeister & Hollander, Forbes
Europe Too Tied Up in Russia to Target Energy Space - Wall St. Journal
Oil Smuggling Financing ISIS' New 'Caliphate'? - A. Rasheed, Al Arabiya
Federal Lands Deserve an Energy Boom, Too - Robert Bradley Jr., Forbes
How a Town in Maine Is Blocking an Exxon Tar-Sands Pipeline - Grist
Is Geoengineering Pure Insanity? - Tom Schueneman, The Energy Collective
Geothermal Industry Grows, With Help from Oil and Gas - NY Times
Chart of the Day: The Great American Energy Boom - Mark Perry, AEI
Texas City Contends for $4.5 Billion Methanol Plant - Fuel Fix
For Canadian Economy, There's Alberta and .... - Greg Quinn, Bloomberg
New York's State Plan to Cut Power in the Summer - New York Post
Why Income-Seeking Investors Should Consider MLPs -
EPA Proposes to Choke AK Mine Development - Nicolas Loris, Heritage
Poll: U.S. Leads The World...In Climate Denial - Think Progress
Dispute Over 'Bonkers' EU Energy Savings Plan - Matt McGrath, BBC
OK Earthquakes Are Rising...& Insurance Is Booming! - Bloomberg BW
CA Crushes the U.S.âs Clean Energy & Tech Rankings - Silvio Marcacci
Tuesday, July 22
The Uncertain Future of Oil Production - James Hamilton, Econbrowser
Does Big Oil Really Care About America? - Jorge Madrid, Forbes
Why Canada Would Rather Export Oil Than Refine It -
The Coming Battle Over the Indian Point Shutdown - Capital New York
So Much Global Turmoil, Yet Gas Prices Are Stable As Ever - Politico
Energy Concerns Complicate Potential EU Action Against Russia - NPR
Why the Largest Microgrid in the U.S. Is in Austin - Elisa Wood, GreenBiz
Garage Filling Stations--Are We Getting Close? - William Tucker, FFree
Governments: Too Fast, Too Furious(ly Green)? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
California's Green Energy Goals Are Drying Up - David Baker, SFGate
Capturing Carbon: The Only Way Forward - Henry Fountain, NY Times
How Should Climate Change Be Taught? - Clare Foran, National Journal
Germany Is #1 in the World for Energy Efficiency - CleanTechnica
Nuclear Waste Not Want Not - Amy Gleich,
Monday, July 21
When Oil's Blip Becomes a Flip - Liam Denning, Wall Street Journal
Turmoil Abroad But No Pain At the Pump - Darren Goode, Politico
Obama Tries to Force Putin's Hand on Ukraine - Johnson/Trindle, FP
This Week in Energy: A Turning Point in Ukraine? - J. Stafford, OP
Fear on the Tracks in the Port of Albany - Brian Nearing, Times Union
Why Big Oil Hates Wind Power Down Under - Giles Parkinson, C-Tech
Saving the World's Most Promising E-Car Battery - Steve LeVine, Qz
Here's How Washington State Cut 25k From Solar Panel Cost - Grist
Britain's Bursting Green Jobs Bubble - W.R. Mead, American Interest
Drought Dries Up California's Clean Power Goals - Associated Press
DARPA's Silicon "System On A Chip" Is Pretty - Kelsey Atherton, PopSci
EPA Thwarts Huge Alaskan Copper & Gold Mine - National Journal
A Call for Transatlantic Energy Diplomacy - Sheril Kirshenbaum, GMF
Electric Aliens Existing on Pure Energy? - Editors, RT
Saturday, July 19
Did Obama Just OK Atlantic Coast Drilling? - Ben Geman, Nat'l Journal
U.S. Shale Boom Imperils 30 Million European Jobs - W.R.Mead, AI Blog
Commiting to Our Energy-Needy Citizens - David Hayes, NY Times
Living Next to Gas Wells Is Absolutely No Fun - Ben Adler, Grist
Big Oil Robs Consumers of Choice - Sens. Grassley & Klobuchar, Hill
FuelFix Graphs: More Nuggets on the US Energy Colossus
The Incredible Rise Of Saudi TexKota - David Blackmon, Forbes
Venezuela Loses Thousands In Oil Worker Diaspora - The Economist
The Pentagon's War Against Climate Change - Editors, Bloomberg
How Will Solar's Rise Impact Germany's Utilities? - The EcoReport
Fukushima: Bad and Getting Worse - John LaForge, CounterPunch
Australia's Carbon Tax Message - Editorial, Wall Street Journal
Friday, July 18
North Dakota's Gas Goes Up in Flames - Paresh Dave, LA Times
The Real Shale Revolution - John Kemp, Reuters
The Billionaire War Heats Up - Eric Holthaus, Slate
Who Are The World's Richest Oil Barons? - Chris Dalby,
U.S. Lags in Energy Efficiency - Rani Molla, Wall Street Journal
How Fracking is Making CO Dems Quiver - Zack Colman, WE
Which States Have Most Expensive Power? - Joanna Foster, Think Progress
Why Now Is a Great Time to Invest in Solar - Ucilia Wang, Forbes
The Inevitability of America's Energy Renaissance - B. McCown, HP
Shale-Rich America Is "Indispensable" - W.R. Mead, American Interest
24% Renewable Energy Over 27 Years. Is That All?! - CleanTechnica
Which States are the Cleantech Superstars? - John Rogers, The Equation
Mexico Buddies Up to Canadian Power - Ari Charney, Investing Daily

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