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Friday, July 3
Why Oil Prices Are Tumbling Again - Barani Krishnan, The Fiscal Times
Remember When We Were Running Out of Crude Oil Storage? - ETI
Bearish News For Oil Growing by the Day - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Oil's Decline Is Making Your July 4th Barbecue Cheaper - Bloomberg
A Declaration of Energy Independence - William Schachte, Wash Times
Opposites Attract? What Tom Steyer Said to David Koch - Nat'l Journal
Why Global Solar Demand Will Be Off the Charts - Stephen Lacey, GTM
Discovery Brightens Solar's Future, Energy Costs to Be Cut - Reuters
First Offshore Wind Farm in U.S. Powers Ahead - Jon Kamp, WSJ
This Could Be a Good Moment To Buy Natural Gas Stocks -
You Have the Inalienable Right to High Octane - Landon Hall, FF
Viewing Global LNG from the House at Pooh Corner - Platts
New Efforts Address Electric Vehicle Affordability - John Gartner, Forbes
What Will Be the Fate of the EPA's Clean Power Plan? - Utility Dive
The Mystery of the Missing Carbon - Courtney White, Resilience
The Amazing Vanishing Climate Change Fund! - The American Interest
How the US Is Quietly Becoming a Climate Change Leader - CS Monitor
Congress' Odd Idea to Pay for Health Care - Goldstein/Pugliaresi, Politico
Can BP Restore Its Lost Luster? - Sarah Kent & Justin Scheck, WSJ
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Thursday, July 2
Shale Drillers' Hedges Are Vanishing - Asjylyn Loder, Bloomberg
Copper: Green Energy's Most Important Base Metal - Business Insider
Russia-US Battle Over Europe's Gas Supplies to Begin - Breaking Energy
Report: Germany's 'Energiewende' May Run Out of Money - Daily Caller
Data Shows Which US Fracked Wells Are the Most Thirsty - Fuel Fix
Oil Traders Piling Into Shorts in Futures Market - Reuters
Saudis Keep Pumping, But Domestic Oil Demand Swells - WSJ
India Taking Over As World's Fastest Growing Emitter - Business Insider
China Carbon Market Stuggles Could Hurt Climate Promise - Reuters
Greens: US Supreme Court's Mercury Ruling Of Little Concern - Grist
Australia Says Climate Risk Second Only to Terrorism - The Guardian
Greens: New Keystone Arguments Fail 'Laugh Test' - Tim Cama, The Hill
How Media Covers Candidates' Climate Denial - Media Matters
California Tracking its 2020 Emissions Goals - Green Car Congress
Vatican 'May' Consider Divestment From Fossil Fuels - The Guardian
Germany Shuttering Coal Plants to Meet Climate Goals - Reuters
California Drives Global Low-Carbon Effort - United Press International
Wednesday, July 1
Russian Pipes Divide (Already-Divided) Europe - Gary Peach, Energy Intel
New Bull Market in Sight as Brazil & Iraq Cut Oil Targets - Reuters
Ramez Naam: Capitalism Is Not the Enemy of Climate - The Guardian
Video: What Are We Doing to Prevent an Energy 'Hack Attack'? - CNBC
Is Uncle Sam Cooking the Books on Energy Efficiency? - Forbes
Ryan Popple: The Electric Bus Coming to Your City - Bloomberg
Nuclear Energy: From 'Bien Sur' to 'Nein Danke' - Umair Irfan, E&E
How James Cameron Plans to Fix Solar Panels - Alissa Walker, Gizmodo
We Are Getting a Lot More Solar Power Than "They" Say - GT Media
The Supreme Court vs The Environment - Ryan Cooper, The Week
The Left's Latest Climate Scare Tactic - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Frack Off! PA Gov Wolf vs. The Drillers - Kris Maher, Wall Street Journal
Top Shale Takeover Targets for Investors - Michael McDonald, OilPrice
How US's Largest Power Company Plans to Lead in Renewables - UD
Could China Torpedo the Global Oil Market? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Is Now the Time to (Finally) Approve Keystone XL? - Devin Henry, Hill
California Cleanup Continues...As More Drilling Set to Start? - Guardian
Tuesday, June 30
Shell Could Start Drilling Off Alaska by Third Week of July - Reuters
China to Announce Climate Pledges in Europe - Agence France-Presse
Supreme Court Rejects BP, Anadarko Macondo Bid - Huffington Post
Supreme Court's Ruling Comes Too Late for Coal - Alex Guillén, Politico
Russian Gas Pipes Divide Europeans - Gary Peach, Energy Intelligence
China Starts Work on Russian Gas Pipeline - Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
New York Makes Fracking Ban Official - Timothy Cama, The Hill
So Who is REALLY the World's Top Oil Producer? - Robert Perkins, Platts
South Korea to Cut Emissions 37 Percent by 2030 - Business Green
The Advancing Nuclear Industry - Samuel Brinton, Third Way
Company Says Nuclear Fuel Cask Can Last 300 Years - Rutland Herald
UN Boss Says Climate Talks Moving at Snail's Pace - The Guardian
Current Oil Price Slump Far From Over - Arthur Berman,
Justice Kagan's Blistering Response To EPA Ruling - Climate Progress
Hawaii Wrestles With Vagaries of Solar Power - Rebecca Smith, WSJ
Think Tanks Move to the Front on Energy - Bill Spindle, Wall Street Journal
NATO's Solar War Games - Tom Hall, Bloomberg
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Monday, June 29
Coal: The End of an Industry - The Economist
UK Shale Drilling Plan Rejected - Emily Gosden, Daily Telegraph
EU Ministers Want Binding Climate Agreement - The Guardian
Bank of England Says Firms Can Show Carbon Footprint - The Guardian
US Manufacturing Costs Almost at China Levels - Brain Dumaine, Fortune
Next Basin Up: West Virginia's Rogersville Shale - Herald-Dispatch
How Western Energy Sanctions on Russia Backfired - Russia Direct
Scotland Got 50% of 2014 Electricity From Renewables - Climate Progress
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars #FAIL, In Depth - Zach Shahan, EVObsession
Former USGS Official: Fracking Integral for Energy Renaissance - EID
US Shale Equity Sales Slow - Ed Crooks, Financial Times
Jurassic Crude Trains Complicate US Energy Picture - Brian Scheid, Platts
Latest Attacks Show Energy Infrastructure at Risk - Wash Examiner
Zero-Emission Engine Begins Testing - Tereza Pultarova, E&T Magazine
Do Gas Prices Really Matter to Americans? - Stephen Edelstein, CSM
What Will Oil Prices Do to U.S. Growth? - Dawn Kissi, Open Markets
California State Pensions Move Closer to Coal Divestment - The Guardian
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Saturday, June 27
A North Dakota Oil Boom Goes Bust - Mara Van Ells, The Atlantic
The Next Iranian Revolution - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
A Smart Car Programmed to Let You Die? - Andy Tully,
3 Lessons From the Woeful Tale of Molycorp - Michael Kanellos, Forbes
This Could Be the Tipping Point for Oil Prices - Patti Domm, CNBC
New York Wants to Become Cleanest Energy State - Colin Sullivan, E&E
Solar Advocates Push to Avoid Sunset of Tax Credit - Zack Colman, WE
Fred Singer: Paris Climate Talks Could Spell 'Economic Suicide' - IBT
Climate Change: 'Biggest Global Health Crisis of the 21st Century' - BI
6 New Things Happening With Biofuels - Pat Adams, Breaking Energy
A New Look for Nuclear Power - The Energy Collective
Hydrogen Cars Lost Much Of Their Support, But Why? - CleanTechnica
The Growing Sino-Latin Energy Relationship - Ryan Opsal,
China & Argentina: Sites of the Next Shale Boom? - Collin Eaton, Fuel Fix
Optimizing Shale Gas Production from Well to Wire -
Here Comes the Marcellus Pipeline Rush! - S. Ritenbaugh, Pittsburgh P-G
Natural-Gas Prices Jump as Oversupply Evaporates - Timothy Puko, WSJ
Pig Power: A Messy Problem Becomes a Fuel Solution - Fuel Freedom
Friday, June 26
Half Europe's Power Could Come From Renewables by 2030 - Guardian
Where Is the Oil? - Phil Verleger, RealClearEnergy
How California Plans to Put Distributed Energy On the Grid - Utility Dive
Europe: High Renewables Output Causes Power Prices to Fall - PV Mag
Spotting Undervalued Oil Stocks - Abigail Stevenson, CNBC
Global Nuclear Views in Fluid Situtation - Fierce Energy
Quebec Becomes Latest Hurdle to Canada's Oil Export Plans - Bloomberg
Is European Energy Sustainable? - Brigham A. McCown, Forbes
UK Rejects Key Shale Gas Fracking Application - Karolin Schaps, Reuters
End of US Oil Export Ban May Help Canada - Financial Post
Alberta Premier May Split Province's Energy Regulator - Globe and Mail
Interior Dept. Contributes $358B to US Economy - Washington Examiner
BLM Considers Raising Royalty Rates - Institute for Energy Research
Twisted Metrics Undermine Personal Control Over Energy Use - WP
Utilities Underpay Solar's Value of 17 Cents/kWh - Utility Dive
Oil Markets Await Outcome Of Iran Talks - Nick Cunningham, Oil Price
European Oil Majors Eye Tehran Deal - Christopher Adams, Financial Times
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Thursday, June 25
BP Economist: Oil Industry Should Hunker Down - Fuel Fix
How California & Germany Can Fix the Climate Agenda - Foreign Affairs
Brazil's Troubled Deep Waters - Jonathan Watts, The Guardian
Why the Solar + Battery Revolution Is Close at Hand - Washington Post
The New Politics of Oil Abundance - Lee Lane, National Affairs
Oil's Week Hides Weakness - Liam Denning, Wall Street Journal
Dutch to Cut Groningen Gas-Field Output Due to Earthquakes - WSJ
US Refinery Capacity Reaches 18 Million Barrels per Day - EIA
Senator Murkowski Says Oil Ban Helps Iran - Timothy Gardner, Reuters
Vogtle Gets Another $1.8 Bln In Loan Guarantees - Devin Henry, The Hill
Wildcat Brothers: Lawlers Compete As Energy CEOs - Bloomberg
Climate Wars Damage Science - Matt Ridley, Quadrant
Longest Oil Worker Strike Since 1980 Finally Over - Jeff Reed, OilPro
Japan Gets Back into the Nuclear Game - Nick Butler, Financial Times
Obama and Critics Battle Over Climate Change Costs - Fiscal Times
Fracking in the U.K.: Stage Is Set for a Return - Catherine Boyle, CNBC
How Fracking is Changing Our Electrical Grid - Marie Cusick, NPR
Wednesday, June 24
Iran Ready to Dump 50 Million Barrels on Market - MarketWatch
Solar Minimum Could Bring Cold Winters to Europe and US - Carbon Brief
Decarbonisation Challenge: Forcing T-Rex to Go Vegan - Financial Post
Energy-Efficiency Programs 'Nudge' Consumers Wrong - Greg Ip, WSJ
Orwell's Ethanol Farm - Ken Cohen, ExxonMobil
Biofuels, the RFS Law and the EPA - Bob Dinneen, Wall Street Journal
The EPA Says Future Promises Weather Disasters - Brad Plumer, VOX
Shell's Arctic Drilling Plans May Hit Permitting Snag - Fuel Fix
Saudis Sweetening India Oil Deals With Own Ships - Bloomberg
Oil Industry Relaunches 2016 Elections Program - Nick Snow, OGJ
Judge Blocks Federal Fracking Rule - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Who is the Enemy of Energy Conservation? - Meghan McDonald, GreenBiz
Renewables to Beat Fossil Fuels With $3.7 Tln Solar Boom - Bloomberg
API's Gerard Says Oil Export Bill Has Votes to Win - Jen Dlouhy, Fuel Fix
Electric Cars May Be Worse For Environment - Washington Examiner
How Wind & Solar Could Benefit From Low Oil Price - Utility Dive
Solar Future Still Involves Lots of Coal - Chris Mooney, Washington Post
Oil Service Companies Pray Refracking Can be Savior - Forbes
Tuesday, June 23
Interview: Chevron CEO John Watson on Oil Prices - Business Insider
What Do 2015, 2008, 1997, and 1982 All Have In Common? - OilPro
US on Track For Trade Surplus With OPEC - Nathanial Gronewold, E&E
A Beginner's Guide to Carbon Divestment - Emma Howard, The Guardian
The Invention That Could Revolutionize Batteries - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Drop in Oil Will Marginally Lower Texas Growth - Midland Reporter
What Are China's Lessons From Venezuela? - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Shale Resources To Decide Argentina's Future - Gonzalo Molina, OP
Heitkamp: Obama Knows Oil Export Ban is 'Bad Economics' - Fuel Fix
Republicans Defend EPA Budget Rider Approach - Washington Examiner
The Atlantic 'Conveyor Belt' and Climate - Carbon Brief
So We Quit Oil, Then What? - Marian Swain, Ensia
Biggest Stock Losers: Fossil-Fuel Investors - Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch
Top Five Trends in US Energy Transformation - Gavin Bade, Utility Dive
Solar Fuels: How Cars Could be Powered by the Sun - The Conversation
White House: Climate Plan Will Save Lives, Money - National Journal
Climate Change and Moral Responsibility - New York Times
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