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Tuesday, February 9
The Next Generation Of Oil Fortunes - Mark Nibbelink, Forbes
What Ever Happened To 'Peak Oil'? - Maria Gallucci, IB Times
Will This Winter's Nino End California's Drought? - Economist
What's Next for the Future of Utility Regulation? - Ian Adams, MWE
How Will We Reach Our Climate Goal? - Brian Palmer, PS Mag
It's Time to Speak Up for Safe Offshore Development - M. Zehr, Examiner
What Exactly Is the 'Next-Generation' Utility? - Stephen Lacey, GTM
Obama's Budget Will Not Lead to a $10 Oil Tax - John Kemp, Reuters
Tesla Falling Out Of Favor With Investors - Michael McDonald, OilPrice
Why It's So Difficult to Reduce CO2 Emissions - Jilles van den Beukel, EP
Nevada's Perplexing War on Solar - John Sutter, CNN
Fight Climate Change by Using Nuclear Energy - William Miller, STL Today
Indian Point Energy Center Is Leaking, But Don't Freak Out - Gizmodo
As Big Oil Shrinks, Boards Plot Different Paths Out of Crisis - Reuters
A Modest Energy Bill Is Better Than None - Bloomberg View
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt, Feb. 9, 2016
Monday, February 8
Record Number of Investors Are Piling Into Oil - Mark Shenk, Bloomberg
Scientists Make Methanol Directly Out of Carbon Dioxide - WUWT
Oil's Drop Puts Pressure on Algeria's Government - Alexander, Bloomberg
First Flight of Hydrogen-Powered Drone - Niall Firth, New Scientist
Massive L.A.-Area Gas Leak Could be Capped in a Week - AP
Nevada Ballot Initiative to Break NV Energy Monopoly - Utility Dive
India Finally Signs Nuclear Liability Deal - Dan Yurman, NeutronBytes
Natural Gas Turned on West of Shetland - Douglas Fraser, BBC
Obama Uses Final Budget to Push Climate Change Action - The Guardian
Despite Profit Gutting, Companies Still Relucant to Shut Output - OP
Qatar Selling Sub-$5 Per Million BTU to Pakistan - The Express Tribune
Atlantic Sea Ice Could Grow in the Next Decade - Lily Strelich, EOS
Corn Ethanol: Rise and Fall of a Political Force - T. Brown, Conversation
Vitol CEO Sees Low Oil Prices for a Decade - Javier Blas, Bloomberg
North Dakota Rig Count Continues Down, Down, Down - D. Graeber, UPI
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt, Feb. 8, 2016
Saturday, February 6
The Endgame for Oil - Scott Minerd, Forbes
New German Power Plant Burns Coal More Efficiently - C. Sorrel, FastCo
Here's All the Signs that Ethanol's Days Are Numbered - Fortune
What Utilities Face With Solar and Energy Storage - David Roberts, Vox
Does Electricity Deregulation Hurt Renewable Energy Policy? - The EC
Texas Isn't Scared of $30 Oil - Dan Murtaugh, Bloomberg
What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car - Chris Stobing, HTG
MIT Edges Closer to ARC Fusion Reactor - Lucas Mearian, Computerworld
Why U.S. Shale Is Not Capitulating Yet - OilPrice
The Looming Electricity Storage Threat Our Utilities Face - Meyers, CT
Friday, February 5
Is US Reaching Epic Energy Turning Point? - Wendy Koch, National Geo.
Morocco Unveils Huge, Gorgeous Solar Power Plant in Sahara - NPR
Gallows Humor Enters Oil Patch - C. Hlavaty, Houston Chronicle
Record US Gasoline Stocks Means Selloff Before Summer - Platts
Oilmageddon Arrives With Petrodollar Feedback Loop - Bloomberg
A Saudi-Russian Oil Detente? Not So Much - G. Smith, Bloomberg
Germany's Massive Fusion Machine Makes Plasma - B. Crew, ScienceAlert
Obama to Propose $10 a Barrel Fee on Oil - Coral Davenport, NYT
Republicans Savage Obama's Oil Tax Plan - Elana Schor, Politico
Solar Power Taking Hold in Georgia, North Carolina - Climate Central
What if Nevada's Solar Regulators Moved to Massachusetts? - GTM
A Step Forward for Nuclear Technology - Dale E. Klein, MySA
Oil Field Operations Caused California Earthquakes - David Baker, SFC
Complaining About Electric Car Goal Misses the Point - EV World
Greenland Ice Sheet Thickening in Middle, Melting on Edges - Daily Mail
Google's Self-Driving Cars Now Circling the Globe - A. Connolly, TNW
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Feb. 5, 2016
Thursday, February 4
Methane Is Leaking All Over The Place - C. Aschwanden, FiveThirtyEight
India's Energy Crisis - Richard Martin, MIT Technology Review
The Conundrum of US LNG Exports - Shook & Sultan, Energy Intelligence
How Technology Innovation Will Save Customer-Owned Solar - TP
Enough With Ethanol - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg View
Clean Power Plan Overcomes Another Attack - S. Cohen, Energy Collective
Hydrogen Fuel Cells... on a Plane? - Anmar Frangoul, CNBC
20 Questions for Grid Edge Pioneers - Jeff St. John, GreenTechMedia
Would BP Be Doing Better If It Had Stuck It Out With Solar? - PV-Tech
Collapse in Crude Brings North Sea Fields Near End of Production - FT
Is The Saudis Market Share Strategy Still Feasible? - McDonald, OilPrice
Owning The 21st Century With Solar, Water, & Brain Power - CleanTech
Australian City Trying to Go Off Grid - Annie Kane, Guardian
Flint Crisis Threatens to Derail Energy Bill - Jordain Carney, The Hill
For Oil Companies, It's a Year of Slashing Costs and Jobs - Fortune
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Feb. 4, 2016
Wednesday, February 3
America's Power Plant Problem - Daniel McGraw, Pacific Standard
Top Six Trends In Plug-In Electric Cars Through 2020 - GreenCarReports
Cruz Victory Threatens Ethanol's Power - Devin Henry, The Hill
Grid Modernization Gap Widens Between States - H. Trabish, Utility Dive
Wind, Sun and Fire - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Few Boom Cycles Are Left for the Oil Industry - C. Tomlinson, Hou. Chron.
Solar Road Rage - John Parnell, PV-Tech
Mining Collapse Echoes Subprime Mortgage Crisis - Breaking Energy
How Free Electricity Helped Dig $9 Billion Hole in Puerto Rico - NYT
As SunEdison Struggles, It Sheds Its Japanese Solar Arm - Fortune
Which Oil Nation Will Need Bailing Out Next? - Holly Ellyatt, CNBC
Crisis Fears Bubble Up In Rising Oil Debts - Owen Davis, IB Times
US Economy Slows Sharply as Oil, Gas Slump Deepens - J. Kemp, Reuters
Cleantech Funding Train Keeps On Rolling - Eric Wesoff, GreenTechMedia
Tesla Gigafactory Fears Overblown - Kyle Field, EVObsession
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Feb. 3, 2016
Tuesday, February 2
Keeping America's Grid Safe - Rep. Fred Upton, RealClearEnergy
South Carolina: A Sign of the Future of US Energy? - C. Harvey, WaPo
Meet the Frontline of the New Solar Economy - Emma Howard, Guardian
Is China The Big Sponge That Absorbs The Oil Glut? - C. Chilcoat, OilPrice
Nuclear Power: Our Safest, Most Efficient Energy Form - Mark Perry
Natural Gas May Drop to More Than 20-Year Low - Myra Saefong, MW
Grid Update Good for Renewables, Even Without Storage - RP Siegel, TP
Using Clean Power To Get Off The Grid - Ryan Kh, Energy Collective
How to Finance a Trillion-Dollar Climate Change Opportunity - GTM

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