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Wednesday, April 16
This Is the Story of America's First Energy Transition - The Atlantic
Is Natural Gas No Better than Coal? - Nick Cunningham,
Take a Look at Solar's Insane Cost Drop - Giles Parkinson, CleanTechnica
Is Pennsylvania Wasting Its Fracking Wealth? - Clare Foran, Nat'l Journal
Biofuels Are the Fuel of the Future...And Always Will Be - NY Times
How Do You Justify Consuming Exxon's Oil? - Robert Rapier, R-Squared
As Oil Glut Moves, Debate Ignites Over Exporting U.S. Crude - NPR
Inside the Democrats Plan to Take Down Tom Corbett - National Journal
How Fracking Could Break Colorado Democrats - Eli Stokols, Politico
What Do the Kashagan Delays Mean for the Oil Industry? - Motley Fool
The Odd Couple: Nuclear & Renewables - Jesse Jenkins, Energy Collective
Scientists Discover How to Generate Solar Power in the Dark - Atlantic
The UN Climate Was Censored - Nick Miller, Sydney Morning Herald
A Scorching Solar Debate Rages On - Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times
EIA: Nat Gas Will Slash Diesel's Dominance as Rail Fuel - Fuel Fix
Why Angola May Be the Next OPEC Darling - Daniel Graeber,
Brazil's Star, Petrobras, Hobbled by Scandal and Stagnation - NY Times
Tuesday, April 15
Did Crude Oil Production Actually Peak in 2005? - Kurt Cobb, OilPrice
Coal Sector Faces Chilling Changes This Spring - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
'Fracking' Debate Gets a Little More Complicated - Javier David, CNBC
Greens Fear a Fracking Obsession on the Campaign Trail - Nat'l Journal
UN: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple(!!) to Save Climate - Bloomberg
Interview with Clean Energy Fuels CEO Andrew Littlefair - Motley Fool
Is Butanol the Next Big Thing in Biofuels? - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
Has Solar Energy's Day in the Sun Finally Arrived? - Leslie Shaffer, CNBC
Wind Energy: Desperately Seeking Stability - Pete Danko, Breaking Energy
The New Geopolitical & Security Consequences of Energy - Brookings
Does Musk's Gigafactory Any Make Sense? - Kevin Bullis, MIT Tech Review
The Plan to Curtail Iranian Oil Exports Is...Well... - Keith Johnson, FP
Ukraine Falling to Economic Warfare and Its Own Missteps - OilPrice
Ukraine Crisis Belies Shift to Asian Energy Markets - Dan Graeber, CSM
The 4 Fossil Fuel Stockpiles That Could Toast the World - Grist
Big Oil Comes Up Short in the Shale Game - Collin Eaton, Fuel Fix
Study Raises New Concerns about Emissions from Gas Wells - Fuel Fix
Post-Fukushima Japan Chooses Coal Over Renewables - Bloomberg
Monday, April 14
Go Ahead, Vladimir, Make My Day - Thomas Friedman, NY Times
What Would It Take to Rein in Climate Change? - Wendy Koch, USAT
WRI on IPCC Report: 6 Ways to Thwart Runaway Warming
EU Left Scrambling If Putin Pulls Gas - Rachel Martin, NPR
Geologists: Fracking Likely Cause of Ohio Quakes - Sam Frizell, Time
Could Working on KXL Give You Cancer? - Zoe Carpenter, The Nation
Choking the Lifeblood From Tripoli - Abigail Hauslohner, Wash Post
Regulation Is Strangling Innovation - Kyle Smith, New York Post
Twin Energy Traders Dare the FERC to Sue Them - Matt Levine, B-View
California's Power Crisis Comes Out Of Remission - W. Pentland, Forbes
Why Green Growth Won't Transform the Economy - A. Reichel, R-Blog
Wildcatters Come Up Short in West Texas - Collin Eaton, FuelFix
Co.Exist: What If Every Country Went All Renewables?
Polar Vortex Fuels Political Whirlwind - Hannah Northey, E & E News
The Road to Harnessing Dark Energy - Alexander Robles, io9
Tax Overhaul Could Be Best Plan For Energy - Bernard Weinstein, IBD
The Navy Is Churning Seawater Into Jet Fuel - Pat Tucker, Nat'l Journal
Saturday, April 12
Is California the Next Fracking Frontier? - Ken Silverstein, CS Monitor
Here Come the Eurasian Gas Wars - Polityuk & Humphries, Huffington Post
Two X-Factors for U.S. Petroleum - Dave Forest,
Ohio Geologists Link Small Quakes to Fracking - Julie Carr Smyth, AP
Time for a Nuclear Policy Makeover - Nicolas Loris and Jack Spencer, TH
Oil Cursed: Letting Dictators Dictate for Decades - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Drilling Frenzy Fuels Sudden Growth In Small Texas Town - NPR
China Takes On Big Risks in Its Push for Shale Gas - Keith Bradsher, NYT
Exporting Natural Gas Won't Reduce Our Energy Advantage - e21
On Climate Change, Expect the Very Worst - Molina/Litterman, USA Today
Fukushima's Lesson: Unlearned in America? - Edwin Lyman, BAS
Is Vermont About to Become the Green Power State? - Silvio Marcacci
Can a Fair Price for Solar Energy Win Over Utilities? - John Farrell, Grist
More Bad Science from EPA - Paul Driessen, Jefferson Policy Journal
The Clean Energy Revolution Is Here to Stay - Jim Marston, Forbes
How Putin Is a 'Lobbyist' for US NatGas Exports - Jackie DeAngelis, CNBC
Life on the Electric (Vehicle) Highway - Ben Schlesinger, Breaking Energy
Fuel Cell Cars and the Shale Revolution - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Outlook
Friday, April 11
What an Energy Revolution Doesn't Look Like - Alexis Madrigal, Atlantic
Yergin: On U.S. Energy and the Geopolitical Future - Wall Street Journal
Oil Output Here Just Hit An All-Time High - Dave Forest,
When Will Gulf Coast Energy Bottleneck End? - Naomi Christie, Bloomberg
Citi vs. Chevron: 2 Opposing Views of the Oil Price Future - Platts
Energy Quote of the Day: On Terrible News from Kazakhstan - The EC
The Solar Industry Has Been Waiting 60 Years for This to Happen - BI
Dems Urge Obama to End 'Exhaustive' Keystone Process - CNBC
Fox News Coverage of Climate Science Rarely Accurate - US News
2014 Slated to Be Most Active Year for Global Shale Drilling - Fuel Fix
Of Myths, Oil Companies and a Competitive Fuel Market - Fuel Freedom
Energy Chief Moniz: "Green" Includes Nuclear & More... - CNBC
Going Nuclear! The Global Power Picture - Mike Orcutt, MIT Tech Review
Potential for 'Very High' Natural Gas Spikes This Year - Seeking Alpha
Senate GOP to EPA: Call Off Your Dogs - Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill
Frackfrica! South Africa Sets Its Sights on Shale - Walter Russell Mead, AI
Shale Gas Blooms in China? Not So Fast - Kate Chrisman, Energy Collective
The U.S. Is Riding the Shale Boom All the Way to China - Reuters
Is Libyan Energy Ready for a Comeback? - Christopher Coats, Forbes
Shell Charts a Different Course on Global Warming - Mashable
Thursday, April 10
Putin Aims His Energy Weapon at the Ukraine - Keith Johnson, FP
Gazprom Turns East for a New Gas-Hungy Customer - W.R. Mead, A.I.
Russia Is Crushing Ukraine's Energy Freedom Hopes - Matt Ford, MJ
Drilling in the North Sea's Treacherous Waters - S.K. Narula, The Atlantic
Can Brazil's Oil Giant Be Saved? - Raul Gallegos, Bloomberg
EU Votes to Phase Out Tax-Backed Renewables - Lewis & Chee, Reuters
Energy Investors Are an Uncertain Kitten - Tom Randall, Bloomberg
How the Power Grid Is Like a Big Pile of Sand - Marina Koren, NJ
How Food Can Build Better Lithium Batteries - Anne Ju-Cornell,
Let's Talk About Energy Inequality - Robert Bradley, MasterResource
The New Politics of Climate Change - Roger Scruton, Forbes
Hitting Big Oil Where It Really Hurts - Sean McElwee, The Week
Stumbling Into the Ozone Combat Zone - Jason Plautz, Nat'l Journal
California Creating New Industry From Scratch - Rep. Scott Peters, Hill
Solar Plane Will Circumnavigate Earth in 2015 - Denver Nicks, Time
A Less Resource-Intensive Way to Make Ethanol - MIT Tech Review
Wednesday, April 9
It's Time to Start Fracking, Europe! - Witte and Faiola, Washington Post
Here's Why the World Is Spending Less on Renewable Energy - MoJo
Is Natural Gas Fuel Dead Before It Gets Off the Ground? - Motley Fool
There Is No Global Energy Solution, Only Local Ones - Wall St. Journal
Cheap Solar Power--At Night? - Kevin Bullis, MIT Technology Review
21st Century Energy Outlook: Quite Similar to Last 2 Centuries - NPR
Ethanol Price Spike Means You Pay More for Gas - Myra Saefong, MW
Half of Power Plant Capacity Additions in '13 Came from NatGas - EIA
A Landscape of Fire Rises Over North Dakota's Gas Fields - Bloomberg
Mexico's Energy Revolution: A Tank Half-Full - Dwight Dyer, Forbes
Is Elon Musk the next Henry Ford? - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
Goodbye, Oil. Love, The U.S. Navy - Christopher Harress, IB Times
How Climate Change Conquered the American Campus - Paul Tice, WSJ
Germany Moves Forward on Renewable Energy Plan - Melissa Eddy, NYT
U.S. Natural Gas Exports Poised for Takeoff Despite Debate - USA Today
EPA Nominee Stirs Up Deep-Seated Climate Views in Senate - The Hill
Should The Wind Production Tax Credit Be Revived? - National Journal
Ukraine Standoff Escalates, Could South Stream Be in Doubt? - OP
Tuesday, April 8
How the EU & U.S. Can Strangle Russia Inc. - Chip Register, Forbes
Ukraine's $2.2 Billion Gas Bill Is Due - Walter R. Mead, The A.I.
When Will Obama Make Call on Keystone? - L. Barron-Lopez, The Hill
U.S. Oil Boom Just Barely Makes Gas Cheaper - Dan Graeber, OilPrice
Continue Fracking, Ignore All the Earthquakes - Hamilton Nolan, Gawker
Canadian Oil Might Go East If KXL Is Blocked - Investor's Business Daily
E-Taxes Are a 'Rotting Carcass' That Keeps Smelling Worse - Bloomberg
America Needs a Home-Grown Energy Policy - Mack McLarty, DMN
Big Oil Battles the EPA on Biofuels Beef - Amanda Peterka, E&E News
Uncorking the Monterey Shale's 15M Barrels of Oil - Julie Cart, LAT
3 'Next Steps' for California Climate Action - Daniel Kammen, EC
It's Time for Europe to Start Fracking - Witte & Faiola, Washington Post
China Is Now Drilling Holes in the "Roof of the World" - Lily Kuo, Quartz
Renewable Investment Is Tumbling and That's OK - Bryan Walsh, Time
Tiny Microbial Fuel Cell That Runs On Spit - Prachi Patel, I-Spectrum
Today's Takeaway: RealClearEnergy's Daily Bulletin
Monday, April 7
But Where Would America's Unbanned Oil Go? - Javier David, CNBC
Why Won't Pro-Climate GOPers Speak Up? - Jon Bernstein, Bloomberg
Russia's Oil Sickness Hampers Real Reform - Carol Williams, LA Times
Climate Scientists Make For Poor Economists - Editors, Wall St. Journal
U.S. Oil Imports Dropping Lower Every Year - James Burgess, OilPrice
The Conscious Uncoupling of Russian Gas & EU Security - Economist
When Fracking Fractures Communities - W.R. Mead, American Interest
Kazak Oil Supergiant Shutdown For Two Years - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Tehran's Nuke Ambitions Freezes $100B Oil Revenue - Wall St. Journal
World Bank Chief: Warming Will Ignite Food Battles - Guardian News
Affording Tesla the Freedom to Fail - Benjamin Powell, Wash Times
Citi Takes Efficiency All the Way to the Bank - Auden Schendler, Grist
Borrowed Time on Disappearing Land - Gardiner Harris, New York Times
Will Tesla's $5B Gigafactory Make a Battery Nobody Else Wants? - WSJ
Global Warming Theories + Political Reality = Tesla Subsidies - Forbes

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