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Saturday, August 1
The Miracle of SolarCity - Daniel Gross, Slate
Have Renewables Won the Energy Game? Not So Fast... - The Economist
First Windmills. Then Turbines. And Now Meet Windwheel! - Upworthy
A $600 Million Coal Mine Just Sold for Less Than $1 - Business Insider
Top 6 Myths Driving Oil Prices Down - Leonard Brecken,
Saudi Cutbacks May Mean Bottom for Oils - Jim Cramer Tumblr
Petro-Rulers Worst Nightmare: $45 Oil Forever - Steve LeVine, Quartz
The High Cost of Saying NO to Everything in America - C. Helman, Forbes
Nation Needs a Fresh Investment in Nuclear Power - Editorial, NY Times
Shell: A Symbol of Planet-Destroying Greed - Bill McKibben, The Nation
Greenpeace 1, Shell 1 - Peter Himler, Forbes
EPA's Hiring Binge Shows Why It Should Be Cut - Investor's Business Daily
A Reality Check for U.S. Natural Gas Ambitions - Arthur Berman, OilPrice
365 Companies, Investors Throw Weight Behind Clean Power Plan - Y!
Fossil Fuels Are Here to Stay - William O'Keefe, Economics21
Friday, July 31
Jeb Bush: Humans Contribute to Climate Change - Tim Cama, The Hill
11 Maps That Explain Energy in America - Brad Plumer, Vox
Don't Give Up on Small Modular Reactors - William Tucker, RCEnergy
Senate Panel Votes to Lift Crude Oil Export Ban - AJC
Exxon, Chevron 2nd-Qtr Earnings Will be Squeezed - Spencer Jakab, WSJ
Iran Can Export Its Oil. Why Can't We? - Zack Colman, Wash Examiner
Earth Halfway to UN Global Warming Limit - New Scientist
Marcellus Shale Adds $15 Bln to Pennsylvania GDP From 2010-13 - EID
Five Charts Show the Historic Shifts in UK Energy - Simon Evans, Carbon Brief
Reflections on Two Years Without Nuclear Power - The Asahi Shimbun
Large-Scale Solar Near Parity In World's 3 Biggest Markets - CleanTech
China's Green (Energy) Leap Forward - Cynthia Kao, The Diplomat
Cheap Oil (Will Eventually Be) Good for GDP - Sarah Miller, Energy Intel
Cleaner Oil Sands in Utah? - James Stafford,
Happy Anniversary, Fracking Exemption - Bill Murray, RCEnergy
Thursday, July 30
4 in 10 Adults Have Never Heard of Climate Change - Business Insider
Mixed Signals on U.S. Oil Output - Nicole Friedman, Wall Street Journal
Top 6 Most Powerful Women In Oil And Gas - Andrew Topf,
Sorry, Not Enough Asian LNG Regas Capacity Being Built - Reuters
US Natural Gas Waking Up As LNG Exports Near - Bloomberg
Europe's Offshore Wind Hits Annual Record by June - The Guardian
If Wind Energy is 'Strong,' Why Subsidies? - Kelsey Warner, CSM
Activists Rappel off Oregon Bridge to Stop Shell Icebreaker - AP
Oil Majors Resigned To Lower Price Environment -
Mexico Said to Start Annual Oil-Hedge Program Early - Bloomberg
Large Solar Near Parity In World's Largest Markets - CleanTechnica
3 Things To Know About SolarCity's Financial Health - Forbes
World Bank Rejects Coal Industry Notions On Poverty - The Guardian
Renewables Meet 78% of German Electricity Demand - BusinessGreen
Today's Takeaway: The Morning Volt - July 30, 2015
Wednesday, July 29
Another Nail in U.S. Shale's Coffin? - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
One Simple Chart That Shows the Problem Facing Big Oil - Bloomberg
10 Reasons to LOVE the Oil Price Drop - Simon Constable,
A New Civil War Is Brewing in America - Terry Tamminen, CNBC
Consumers Will Pay for Obama's Alternative Energy Push - NewsMax
Natural Gas Is No Clean Energy Hero - Herman Trabish, Utility Dive
Skeptics About to Lose 1 of Their Favorite Arguments - Wash Post
Can SolarCity Crack the Code on Small Commercial Solar? - GT Media
A Milestone for Wind Energy in Rhode Island - Joby Warrick, Wash Post
Electric Vehicles: Why the U.S. Lags the World - William Tucker, FF
Can Vermont REALLY Hit a 90% Renewable Energy Goal? - Watchdog
How Big Was BP's $5.8 Billion Loss? - Isaac Arnsdorf, Bloomberg
Could Climate Change Be the Arab World's Biggest Threat? - Haaretz
The Donald's Foreign Policy: Gimme All Your Oil! - Max Fisher, Vox
Hillary's Solar Plan: 'Ambitious' But 'Doable' - Zack Colman, DC Examiner
Counting the Ways Hillary Can Say 'No Comment' on Keystone - TNR
Warren Buffett and Elon Musk to Spark a Lithium Boom -
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: July 29, 2015
Tuesday, July 28
Oil Sands: Is Utah The New Alberta? - Andy Tully,
When It Comes to Arctic Energy, Just Do It! - Rich Haut, RealClearEnergy
Top 6 Legal Climate Highlights of 2015 -- So Far - Breaking Energy
Green Groups Won't Support Bipartisan Energy Bill - Wash. Examiner
Texas Oil Output on Track to Surpass 1972 Record - Houston Chronicle
Can We Turn CO2 Into Fuel? - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Coal Power Is Here to Stay -- For Now at Least - Jordan Blum, Fuel Fix
Is Hillary's 'Solar Solution' a Good or Bad Idea? - Michael Bastasch, DC
French Climate Ambassador Fears Failure on Paris Deal - The Guardian
Top Factors Undermining Any Oil Price Recovery - Alexis Arthur, OilPrice
Keystone XL Eminent Domain Trial Drags On - Lincoln Journal Star
Murkowski Trying to Stop 101 Million Barrel SPR Sale - Argus Media
Only 30,000 Chevy Bolts a Year Because... - Zach Shahan, EVObsession
AAA: National Gasoline Prices Down, Volatility Endures - UPI
Sizing Up EPA's Methane Reduction Program - Energy Collective
Risk of Increased Coastal Flooding as Temperatures Rise - Carbon Brief
Pre-Fab Nuclear Plants Prove Just as Expensive - Rebecca Smith, WSJ
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: July 28, 2015
Monday, July 27
US Presidential Candidates Ride on Energy 'Wedges' - Kevin Book, RCE
Russia-China Gas Relationship On The Rocks - Andy Tully,
Offshore Wind Farm Raises Hopes of Clean Energy - Diane Cardwell, NYT
ConocoPhillips Halts Sichuan Shale Talks With PetroChina - Bloomberg
Republicans Ready to Push Back on Environment - DeSmog
Clinton's Climate Plan Includes Massive Growth in Solar - GreenTech
Voltabox Opens Texas Lithium Battery Plant - James Ayre, CleanTechnica
The Case Against 100% Renewables - Julian Spector, The Atlantic
New Graphene Process Developed for Energy Storage - Clean Technica
Is Alberta the Next Anti-Fracking Battleground? - Alberta Oil Magazine
How Republican Candidates Rate On Climate Change - Climate Progress
Hansen's Paper on Sea Level Rise Debated - Michael Le Page, New Scientist
Hedge Funds at Most Bearish on US Oil Since 2010 - John Kemp, Reuters
Inside China's Shift to a Low-Carbon Economy - GreenBiz
Fracking Permits to Open up Half of Britain - Geoff Ho, Daily Express
Northern West Virginia Sees Spike in Gas Production - Intelligencer
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: July 27, 2015
Saturday, July 25
The Electric Car of the Future Is Stalling Out - Neil Winton, Forbes
Could Next-Gen Reactors Spark Revival in Nuclear? - Wendy Koch, NG
The Oil Crash Has Done Nothing for America - Bob Bryan, Business Insider
Replacing Fossil Fuels: Energy Evolution Has Happened Before - Fool
9 Reasons Why Low Oil Prices Worry Me a Lot - Gail Tverberg, OilVoice
Saudis Expand Price War Downstream - Gaurav Agnihotri,
Flotilla of European Gas Tankers Fuels U.S. Driving Binge - Fuel Fix
U.S. Follows Europe's Lead to Make Arctic Energy Green - World PR
Vermont Struggles With Renewables - William Tucker, RealClearEnergy
Veterans: Renewable Fuel Law a National Security Issue - DM Register
UK Energy Policy Takes the Wind Out of Our Sails - The National
Can the UK Solar Industry Survive Sans Subsidies? - Madeleine Cuff, BG
There's An Inconvenient Hole in the Climate Forecasting Map - Forbes
Climate Summit Draft Document Still 'Bewildering' - American Interest
EIU Report: By 2100, Investors Could Lose $4.2 TRILLION Due to the Impact of Climate Change - Terry Macalister, The Guardian
Jim Hansen's Bombshell Paper Might Just...Bomb - National Geographic
Climate Change Impacts Exceed Fossil Fuel Profits - David Roberts, Vox
Jim Cramer A CEO's Colossal Call on the Future of Coal - CNBC
Don't Laugh at Solar-Powered Airplanes - Daniel Gross, Slate
Friday, July 24
Are Climate Deniers An Endangered Species? - The Guardian
Middle East Nuclear Power Play No One Is Talking About -
Is There A Good Anthropocene? - Ted Nordhaus, The Breakthrough Institute
Can Congress Break the Energy-Legislation Curse? - National Journal
Senate Panel to Vote on Lifting Oil Export Ban - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Why Is Elizabeth Warren on the Energy Committee? - National Journal
Climate Scientist Hanson Banned From Keystone Hearing - ICTMN
Three Energy Futures -- Part 1 -- Crude Oil - Energy Burrito
France to Adopt Law to Cut Nuclear, Carbon Emissions - Bloomberg
California Pays Near Record Premium for Gasoline - Liam Denning, WSJ
Jeb Bush Says Kill All Fossil and Renewable Subsidies - Climate Progress
Mexico's Inaugural Bid Round: Was it a Success or Failure? - Brookings
Drones Could Become Commonplace in the Oil Industry - The Fuse
Obama's Power Africa Initiative Threatened - Christian Science Monitor
Partisan Rift Grows Over Climate in Key States - Washington Examiner
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: July 24, 2015
Thursday, July 23
Senate Energy Bill to Speed LNG Exports, Clarify SPR Releases - Platts
Solar Bailout? Don't Bet on It - Andrew Moylan, RealClearEnergy
Shell Gets Permits for Limited Oil Drilling in Arctic Waters - AP
A New Cold War Beckons as Shell Prepares Carbon Bomb - The Guardian
Rosneft Wants Gazprom Stripped of Gas Monopoly - Moscow Times
Wind Power Could Get its Tax Breaks Back - John Light, Grist
Strategic Petroleum Reserve No Longer Key to Security -
Senate Fights With Itself Over Oil Reserve - Jason Plautz, National Journal
Oil-Sensitive Currencies Hit by Commodity Slump - Josie Cox, WSJ
Cuba Links With Angola to Kickstart Offshore Oil & Gas -
Small Modular Nuclear Plants Moving Ahead, Slowly - Utility Dive
UN Climate Chief Warns the World is 'Playing With Fire' - Daily Mail
Abbott's Fight Against Solar and Wind in Australia - Tom Arup, The Guardian
US Diesel Prices Fall Farther Than Gasoline - Nicole Friedman, WSJ
Recent Oil Train Accidents Involved 'Safer' Tank Cars - DeSmog
Today's Takeaway: Daily Bulletin: July 23, 2015
Wednesday, July 22
Obama's Scorched Oil and Gas Policy - Robert Bradley, RealClearEnergy
The U.S. Is Winning the Oil War vs. The Saudis - James Conca, Forbes
3 Energy Companies Thumbing Their Nose at OPEC - Motley Fool
Is the U.S. Really the World's Top Oil Producer? - Robert Rapier, ETrends
House Republicans Unveil New Energy Reform Package - The Hill
Bankruptcies Start Piling Up for King Coal - James Stafford,
That Oil Glut Is Turning into a Glut at the Pump - Patti Domm, CNBC
Remember When Environmentalists Liked Natural Gas? - USA Today
Clinton Takes Pragmatic Tone on Fuels, Climate - Financial Express
Low-Cost Sensors Track CO2 Where It Counts - The Conversation
Deutsche Bank: India Solar May Surpass Coal by 2020 - PVTech
Exxon's Guyana Oil Find May Be Worth 12x Nation's GDP - Bloomberg
Obama's Unlikely Iran Deal MVP: Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz - AP
US Power Plant Carbon Emissions Fall 12% From 2008-13 - AEN
Obama Launches 'Iran Deal' Twitter to Sell Agreement - MarketWatch
As California Pumps Oil, Brown says 1/3 Must Stay in Ground - SFC
VID -- Martin O'Malley: Climate Change Created ISIS - RealClearPolitics
Martin O'Malley Mentions 'Science' & GOP Goes Nuts - Huffington Post
Today's Takeaway: Daily Bulletin: July 22, 2015

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