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Monday, July 25
Chartist: Oil Looks a Lot Like 2008 - Rebecca Ungarino, CNBC
Which Is Worse for the Planet: Beef or Cars? - Jordyn Cormier, EcoWatch
Why Musk's 'Crazy Plans' Are Perfectly Sane - Vivek Wadhwa, Wash. Post
Goldman Very Optimistic On Russia's Oil Output - Julian Lee, Bloomberg
Dem Platform Wants WWII-Type Climate Mobilization - Climate Progress
Oil Investors May Get Second Chance at Cheap Barrels - TradeArabia
Republicans' Free-Market Environmental Platform - Master Resource
Non-Opec Output Peaks as US Liquids Reach Bottom - Ron Patterson, OP
Stormy Arctic Summer Slows Sea Ice Melt - Meehl, NSIDC
Oil Heads Over Demand Cliff on Refinery Turnarounds - Bloomberg
Six Morbund EU States Already at 2030 Climate Target - ClimateHome
Court Upholds Water Rights For Utah Nuke Plant - Deseret News
A Sequel to the Paris Climate Accord Takes Shape - Coral Davenport, NYT
South Korea To Invest $36 Billion In Renewable Energy by 2020 - IBT
Terrific Wind Energy Deals Enticing Fortune 500 - CleanTechnica
Saturday, July 23
Tesla's Insane, Magnificent New Master Plan - Will Oremus, Slate
Next Week Is as Good as It Gets for Big Oil - Carroll & Katakey, Bloomberg
Aramco IPO: The Case for Citizen-Owners - Energy Intelligence
The Risk Oil Drillers Couldn't Hedge Away - Bloomberg
False Dawn for Coal - David Fickling, Bloomberg Gadfly
Balancing the Grid With Nuclear, Renewables - L. Williams, EnergyCentral
The Public Health Case for Energy Storage - Julian Spector, GreenTech
A New Class of Electric Car Gains Traction - Neal Boudette, NYT
Energy Efficiency for Small Businesses - Carlee Quintas, Energy Collective
Can India Really Build 100 Gigawatts of Solar? - Bentham Paulos, GTM
Friday, July 22
Fracklog Isn't Growing Anymore, May Fall to Zero in 2017 - Bloomberg
Voters Say Yes to Energy, No to 'Keep It in the Ground' - David Holt, RCE
Facebook's Solar Drone Plane Flies For First Time - Gershgorn, Pop Sci
U.S. Gasoline Demand Reaches Record Levels - Robert Rapier, Forbes
Want to Build a Gas Pipeline? Be Prepared to Wait Years - Bloomberg
Germany, Italy, Lead Energy Efficiency Ranking - Josh Hill, CleanTechnica
Trump Doesn't Want to Sell Public Lands - Kate Sheppard, Huff. Post
WoodMac: Drillers Cut $150 Bln From 2017 Budgets - Collin Eaton, FuelFix
Someone Mentioned Climate at GOP Convention - Rebecca Leber, Grist
India Wants 10 'Solar Zones' of at Least 10,000 Hectares - PV-Tech
Germany: New Renewable Law Does Not End Feed-In Tariffs - PV-Mag
Insurers Ignoring Risks of Oil, Gas Investments - Carolyn Cohn, Reuters
Paris Coalition Tackles Unfinished Climate Tasks - Ed King, ClimateHome
New Gas Infrastructure Undermine U.S. Climate Goals - ClimateProgress
Hyundai Developing 250-Mile Range EV - James Ayre, CleanTechnica
Thursday, July 21
The Future of Big Oil? At Shell, It's Not Oil - Bloomberg
A Major Shift in the Solar-Utility Relationship - Seeking Alpha
Utility Participation Key to Residential Storage Growth - Utility Dive
The Air Conditioner That Makes Electricity - Robert Fares, Sci. American
Saudi Arabia Boosts Natural-Gas Output - S. Said & A. Al Omran, WSJ
An Ugly Hump Day for Oil - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Russia Revisits Oil Pipeline to Avoid Black Sea - Daniel Graeber, UPI
Many Laid-Off Oil Field Workers Have Left Industry Behind - FuelFix
Does Residential Battery Storage Make Financial Sense? - J. Deign, GTM
Your Future Commute: Vertical Take-Off Electric Planes? - Guardian
Offshore Wind Sees EU Building Boom - K. Cooke, Climate Change News
Energy: The Reason Europe Is Still Backing Erdogan - Irina Slav, OilPrice
GOP Platform Supports Wind and Solar, With a Catch - J. Siciliano, WE
The GOP Has No Real Answer for Collapsing US Coal Industry - Vox
Trump vs Clinton: How Will Energy Fare? - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Wednesday, July 20
Fuel Targets Threatened by Demand for Big Autos - Bill Vlasic, NY Times
The EPA's Fuel Efficiency Testing May Not Work. Like, at All - Wired
Oil Prices: Lower for Longer... and Then What? - Kate Stalter, Forbes
OPEC Must Rethink Its Reserve Equation - Alex Schindelar, Energy Intel
Obama Makes New Push on Solar Power - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Rotterdam Offers Burial at Sea for Greenhouse Gases - Reuters
A.I. to Strengthen Germany's Renewable Energy Grids - R. Bushey, R&D
Renewable Energy Is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course - NYT
Algae Biofuel Doubters Get the Brush-Off From DoE - Tina Casey, CT
Utilities Ignore Millennials at Their Peril - Katherine Tweed, GreenTech
Will the IoT Actually Keep Us Coal Dependent? - David Curry, ReadWrite
Changing Environmental Values and a Changing World - S. Cohen, EC
Oil on the Verge of Equilibrium as Output Declines Slow - Saefong, MW
LEDs and Planned Obsolescence - J. B. MacKinnon, New Yorker
What Will Trump's Nuclear Energy Policy Look Like? - OilPrice
Tuesday, July 19
The Future of Biofuel Isn't Corn... It's Algae - Ian Graber-Stiehl, PS Mag
Clean Energy on the Rise in Texas, and That's Good News - J. Hall, MySA
You'll Never Believe How Cheap New Solar Power Is - Joe Romm, TP
Creating Biofuel From Algae, Rather Than Petroleum - K. Sequeira, SDUT
Why We Pretend to Clean Up Oil Spills - Andrew Nikiforuk, Smithsonian
SolarCity Just Raised $345 Million for Solar Projects - Fortune
Hillary Clinton's Climate Plan Needs a Carbon Tax - M. Reilly, Tech Rev.
A History Of Solar Cells: How Technology Has Evolved - Energy Collective
Oil Falls Back to Two Month Lows on Product Glut - Matt Smith, OilPrice
Curbing the Marijuana Industry's Voracious Energy Appetite - UPI
Canada to Implement National Carbon Price - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Addressing the Plight of Existing Nuclear, Part 1 - Alex Gilbert, EC
The Marvel of Electricity - R. Tyler Priest, Wall Street Journal
Can Battery Storage Recharge Australian Utilities? - Amy Gahran, GTM
Oil Prices Slide Amid Rise in Crude, Fuel Supplies - B. Krishnan, Reuters
Monday, July 18
Mike Pence Doesn't Like Climate Change -- As a Concept - MotherJones
Mexico on Cusp of an Energy Revolution? - Rao and Norland, CME Group
Global Pollution Map Shows Most Unhealthy Cities - Inside Climate
El Nino, La Nina, and Natural Gas - Marita Noon, Breitbart
Grid Attack: How America Could Go Dark - Rebecca Smith, WSJ
Germany To Halt Construction Of Offshore Wind Farms - Daily Caller
After The Boom: How The Marcellus Changed Lives - The Lib Republic
Saudis Plan Shipbuilding to Support Oil Exports - Wael Mahdi, Bloomberg
Rumor: 140-Mile Nissan LEAF Coming For 2017 - Shahan, CleanTechnica
Exxon's Total War in the Pacific - David Fickling, Bloomberg Gadfly
The Pirate Round: A Look at Caribbean Crude Storage - RBN Energy
Energy Majors Look at Diverse Ways to Stay Relevant - The National
Transatomic Releases Details of New Reactor Design - Neutron Bytes
Texas Independents Want Limits on Crude Imports - Gregory Meyer, FT
China Wants to Build $50 Trillion Global Power Grid - Shanghaiist

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