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Monday, September 1
Alaska Is a Petrol State - Daniel Gross, Slate
A New Way to Save Gas: Talking Cars - Jason Plautz, National Journal
Why Politicos Won't Talk Transport Emissions - The Conversation
Is BP Too Big To Punish? - James Conca, Forbes
The New Face of Electricity - Kristyn Martin, Al Jazeera
Turning Tires Into Batteries for Electric Cars - Prachi Patel, IEEE Spec.
When Will the Fabled Peak Oil Crisis Hit? - Tom Whipple, Post Carbon
LV Sun: The Who's Who of Harry Reid's Clean Power Summit
What's West Virginia Going to Do w/o Coal? - Nick Cunningham, OP
Tesla Gets Ready to Plug in to China - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
We're on the Verge of an EV Battery Breakthrough - Emily Atkin, TP
5 Scary Facts From Leaked U.N. Climate Report - James West, Grist
Coal Is Still Worse Than Fracking & Cow Burps - Chris Mooney, CD
Going Green to 'Become Better Warfighters' - Jared Anderson, EC
Good-Bye, Climate Change Treaty - Rupert Darwall, National Review
Saturday, August 30
And the World's Largest Oil Producer Is... - Sheril Kirshenbaum, SA
Growing Chinese Appetite Ignites U.S. Methanol Renaissance - FF
U.S. Shale: What Lies Beneath - Ed Crooks, Financial Times
The Complex Nature of the U.S. Shale Picture - John Kemp, Reuters
EPA's Clean Power Plan: Texas' Last Stand or Last Hope? - Forbes
Disputed Kurdish Oil Tanker Goes Dark Off Texas Coast - CNBC
Why Republicans Won't Back a Carbon Tax - Ben Adler, Grist
Shale Is Not a Ponzi Scheme, Part 2 - Iza Kaminska, Financial Times
The Oncoming Collision of Obama & Congress Over Energy - NJ
Nicaragua's Latest Revolution: Green Energy - Seattle Times
Friday, August 29
A New American Oil Bonanza - Clifford Krauss, New York Times
Plenty of 'Pluck' Left in the Marcellus Shale, Says Report - Fuel Fix
Making Sense of the U.S. Energy Picture - Gail Tverberg, Energy Collective
Impressive Amounts of Oil, Impressive Amounts of Oil by Rail - EIA
Alaska Is a Petrol State...But It Doesn't Act Like One - Daniel Gross, Slate
Is West Virginia Suffering from a "Resource Curse"? - WonkBlog
Officials: Stop Worrying and LOVE Nuclear - Javier David, CNBC
How Fracking Keeps America Going - Editorial, USA Today
Oil and Gas Industries Run Roughshod - Amy Mall, USA Today
False Choices and the Anti-Fracking Crowd, Part 1 - Mark Green, ET
The Global Warming Face-Off - Editorial, Washington Post
Yet Another Reason to Block the Keystone XL - Ryan Cooper, The Week
IEA: $1.6 Trillion Invested in Clean Energy by 2020 - Stefan Nicola, BB
A Mystery of Huge Solar Plants & Tiny Dead Birds - Sara Bernard, Grist
Price of Wind Energy Sets All-Time Low of 2.5 Cents/kWh - The EC
This Critical Uranium Shutdown is Going Ahead - Dave Forest, OilPrice
One Democrat's Gamble on Climate Change - Andrew Restuccia, Politico
Will Technology Save Us from Flaring? - Omar Garcia, SA Express-News
Will Technology Save Us from Climate Change? - Evan Fleischer, WaPo
Thursday, August 28
When the Globe Is Slacking, the U.S. Gets Fracking - Ben Geman, NJ
If Only EPA Stood for 'Enough Protection Already' - John Stossel, FOX
Labor Day Traffic's New Menace Runs Electric - Bloomberg
Can Tiny Nuclear Plants Thwart Regulatory Hell? - Tom Hartsfield, RCSc
Obama's Green Unicorn - Peter Roff, US News & World Report
Innovation Has Shale Booming Anew - W.R. Mead, American Interest
Train Delayed Again? Blame the Oil Boom - Jared Gilmour, CSM
Europe's Power Plants Soon to Be Extinct - Amelia Urry, Grist
FuelFix Forecast: Cheapest Labor Day Gasoline Since 2010
Solar's Piece of the Energy Pie Grows Bigger - C. Schultz, Smithsonian
Why Coal Glut May Have Cursed Appalachian Economy - WonkBlog
Shell Selling One of the Most Pilfered Pipelines - Steve Levine, Quartz
Beating Our Enemies By Energy Independence - Ross Gerber, Forbes
Battling Against Russia's Energy Hegemony - Alex VanNess, WT
India's Coal Conundrum - Dhiraj Nayyar, Bloomberg View
Is a UK Fracking Revolution Inevitable? - Josh Lelliott,
Splitting Water to Store Renewables - Kevin Bullis, MIT Tech Review
Wednesday, August 27
A Greater Threat to Oil Than ISIS? - Andrew Critchlow, Telegraph
All's Fair in Love and War...and Oil - Claude Salhani,
Energy: The Security Issue of the 21st Century - Merrill Matthews, IBD
Obama Pursuing a UN Climate Accord Sans Congress? - New York Times
Renewable Energy: New Numbers, Same Conclusions - The Economist
'The Economist' Sows Even More Confusion about Renewables - Forbes
Germany's Dangerous Dance with Renewables - Matt Karnitschnig, WSJ
Why Is Texas Wasting So Much Energy? - Heather Smith, Grist
Why This Solar Technology Is Already Dead - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
Ukraine PM: Russia Will Block Gas to Europe in the Winter - Reuters
The Changing U.S.-Saudi Energy Compact - Robert Grattan, Fuel Fix
He's Baaack! 'Inconvenient' Al Stomps for 2014 Dems - The Hill
The Arctic Circle's Fracking Future - Ed Struzik, Yale Environment 360
LEAKED REPORT: 'Irreversible Damage' from Climate Change - BB
How Power Lines Show a Changing U.S. Electricity Picture - Vox
The Threats & Opportunities of Distributed Generation - Energy Outlook
NatGas Is Displacing Coal. Who's Against That? - Alex Trembath, The EC
Is Nuclear Energy Just Too Expensive? - Milton Caplan, Energy Collective
The 1 Reason We Need More Nuclear Energy - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Tuesday, August 26
Obama's Green Energy Unicorn - Peter Roff, US News and World Report
Europe Is Burning Our Forests for 'Renewable' Energy. What? - Grist
The World's Most Dangerous Dams - Llewellyn King,
ISIS: The Taliban with Oil Fields - Indira A.R. Lakshmanan, Bloomberg
We Have to Fix NatGas's Original Sin - Chris Tomlinson, Houston Chronicle
How Much Longer Can Low U.S. Natural Gas Prices Last? - Motley Fool
Libyan Oil Crisis: One Step Forward... - Christopher Coats, Forbes
Why China Is Leading The World In Solar Power - Andrew Topf, OilPrice
The Catch-22 of Energy Storage - Barry Brook, The Energy Collective
Why the Job Market IMPROVED After the BP Oil Spill - Washington Post
World's Biggest Tidal Energy Project to Begin in Scotland - IB Times
Why Radiation Is Safe & We Should Embrace Nuclear - Atomic Insights
The Climate: What's Actually Happening - Thor Benson, Pac. Standard
Reeeal Slow Going for Natural-Gas Powered Trucks - Wall Street Journal
Monday, August 25
GM vs. Tesla: The Race to Build the First Mass-Market EV - Quartz
The Climate Swerve & the National Mood - Robert Jay Lifton, NYT
Enduring the Devil Days of Summer - Terry Keenan, New York Post
At Least 10% of Fracking Fluid Is Toxic - Andrew Breiner,
Stop Obsessing About Global Warming - Amartya Sen, New Republic
Climate Movement Must Stand w/ Ferguson - Deirdre Smith,
Exposing Big Bad Green - E. Calvin Beisner, MasterResource
Watch 6 Months of Frack Fires Blaze Across U.S. - Foran/Stamm, NJ
VOX: Unleaded Gas Help Play a Role in Teen Pregnancy Drop?
My Microgrid's Bigger Than Yours - Peter Asmus, Forbes
Drivers Won't Get China Oil Market's Engine Racing - Wall St. Journal
3.5M Less Barrels of Oil Per Day & No Price Shock? - Motley Fool
Could a Typo Doom Obama's Carbon Rule? - Jack Lienke, Grist
It's a Bird. It's a Flame. . . - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Mall of America Courting Dakota Boom Workers - David Phelps, MST
Saturday, August 23
Just How Cheap Is "Cheap Oil?" - Roger Andrews,
Unplanned Outages at OPEC on the Rise - Editors, RealClearEnergy
Belgium's Nuclear Fiasco Spreads Panic (Sort of) - Vanessa Mock, WSJ
Imagine a Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Arctic - Jamie Clark, Nat Jrnl
Illinois Is Losing Jobs Thanks to Fracking Delays - Editorial, Chicago Tribune
Battle in the Bakken: Alternatives to Flaring - Morgan Brennan, CNBC
Paul Harvey, The Rest of the News & Natural Gas - Marshall Kaplan, FF
China's Controversial Energy Revolution - Jack Chang, Associated Press
The Natural Gas Fail in China - Keith Bradsher, New York Times
Could Shale Revive China's Flagging Oil Fields? - John Kemp, Reuters
Brent Crude Has Stayed within a $5 Range for 13 Months? - Fuel Fix
Would You Rather Own or Lease Your Rooftop Solar? - Robert McIntosh, REW
Friday, August 22
Tesla Is Playing You (And Me and Everyone) - Pat Garofalo, US News
Inside North Dakota's Latest Fracking Problem - Brad Quick, CNBC
The Biggest Shale Play You Never Heard Of - Editors, RealClearEnergy
Oil Prices May Soon Deliver a Shot in the Arm for the Economy - BI
Five Deadliest Onshore Oil & Gas Blasts - Timothy Haïdar, Oil and Gas IQ
Big Dirty Fuel Has a Bright Future - Tim Melvin,
Failure to Launch: Natural-Gas Trucks - Stuart Burns,
Wind Turbine Syndrome? Courts Aren't Buying It - John Upton, Huff Post
Big Oil Wins Its Big Tax Fight in Alaska - Collin Eaton, Fuel Fix
There Will Be Blood...If the GOP Takes Over the Senate - Ben Geman, NJ
Energy Is Powering Pennsylvania's Economy - Chris Fleisher, Trib Review
We Have to Do Offshore Energy Better - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Brace Yourself for Solargeddon - Nigel Morris, The Energy Collective
Solar Energy's Bright Future? - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg
See-Through Solar? Turn Your Windows into Power Stations - Grist
Here's Why SolarCity Will Move Into Mexico - Adam James, GT Media
The Renovo Coupe: The World's 1st All-Electric Supercar - Digg
Energy Reform Will Unleash Mexico's Economy - Ildefonso Guajardo, DMN
Which Ocean Is Eating Up All the Global Warming? - Pete Spotts, CSM

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