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Wednesday, May 27
What Would Ronald Reagan Do About Climate Change? - Forbes
A Saudi Shale Boom Is in the Making, Y'all - Andrew Zaleski, CNBC
ISIS Victories and The State of Oil - Amy Myers Jaffe, The Energy Collective
Why Tesla's Powerwall Won't Catalyze a Solar Revolution - Breakthrough
Is Silicon Valley the Climate Change Savior? - James Poulos, The Week
Here's Where the Jobs in Renewable Energy Are - David Roberts, Vox
Report: Wind Power Could Be Coming to All 50 States - Huffington Post
Tuesday, May 26
Oil Markets Can't Ignore The Fundamentals Forever - Arthur Berman, OP
How Obama's Regulations Will Affect the Energy Industry - CNBC
Why We're Thinking About Energy All Wrong - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
It's Our Aging Energy Infrastructure, Stupid! - James Conca, Forbes
Why Tesla's Batteryâs Won't Work For Rooftop Solar -
Nuclear Power to the People - Bennett Ramberg, Foreign Affairs
Don't Derail Natural Gas Boom - David Spigelmyer, Philadelphia Inquirer
China's Nuclear Power Expansion Could Be Devastating -
Is the Slowdown in Productivity Growth a Result of Energy Costs? - RI
21st Century Electricity System May Be Closer Than You Think - GTM
U.S. Solar Adoption Pretty Dismal, Closer Look Reveals - Pete Danko, BE
No Reason for OPEC to Relent in Oil Market Tussle - G. Sharma, Forbes
How Veterans Are Growing the Wind Industry - The Energy Collective
Fracking Off to Slow Start as NC Wildcatters Stumble - News & Observer
A Tale of Two Crudes: Nigeria and Angola - Eklavya Gupte, Platts
Did EPA Drop Carbon Capture from New Power Plant Rules? - UD
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Friday, May 22
Why Oil's Rally Is Over - Martin Tiller,
Dr. Strange-Oil - Douglas Ollivant & Job Henning, Foreign Policy
Ali Al-Naimi: Fossil Fuels Doomed, We're Switching to Solar - BizSpec
Hanergy Solar Collapse: A Tale of Irrational Exuberance - Forbes
Is Rooftop Solar Finally Good Enough to Disrupt the Grid? - Harvard BR
A Clean Energy Revolution: Tougher Than You Think - Michael Levi, CFR
The IMF Just Destroyed the Best Argument Against Clean Energy - ET
A Tale of Two Technologies: Uncle Sam Didn't Frack This One Up - FN
Where Will Nuclear Power Plants of the Future Be Built? - Conversation
Ethanol Industry Eagerly Awaits EPA Ruling - William Tucker, FF
Drilling Efficiency To Keep Oil Prices Low - Michael McDonald, OilPrice
GOP Nuclear-Waste Strategy Emerges, But With a Hitch - DC Examiner
A Warmer World Is A Healthier World, So Expel Some CO2 - IBD
The High Cost of Dirty Fuels - Editorial, New York Times
The Problem with Renewable Energy - The American Interest
Grim Promise of India's Coal-Powered Future - Eric Roston, Bloomberg
Obama Pulls Back Electric Car Goals - Devin Henry, The Hill
Swim, Drink, Power; The Ocean - Bill Tucker, Forbes
Oil's Whodunit Moment Coming w/ Millions of Barrels to Vanish - BB
Exxon Wants an End to 30 Years of Iran Sanctions - Fuel Fix
Thursday, May 21
Where Are All The Energy Unicorns? - Robert Rapier, Energy Trends
U.S. Shale Firms Are Now the Oil Market's Swing Producers - Economist
Why Shale Gas Producers Could Rebound First - Michael McDonald, OP
Why We Are All in Big Trouble If Gas Prices Keep Going Up - Time
Ridiculously Big, Tall Turbines Could Bring Wind Energy to South - BE
5 Solar Innovations That Are Revolutionizing the World - EcoWatch
'Shale-ionaires' Suffering from Wave of Bankrupt Oil Drillers - Yahoo
IEA And World Bank Say Throw Money at Renewables - Forbes
Hamm vs. Powers: Bulls, Bears, Breakevens, and U.S. Oil Output - EC
California Oil Spill Sparks a State of Emergency - BBC
Is Hanergy the Next Yingli Green Energy? - Shuli Ren, Barron's
U.S. Energy--It's All About the Supply - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Are We Really Spending $5.3 Trillion on Fossil Fuel Subsidies? - Vox
OPEC Struggling to Keep Up the Pace in Oil Price War -
Is Zinc Ready to Take on Lithium In Energy Storage? - Michael Kanellos
Waste Heat's Everywhere--Can It Be Economically Recovered? - GTM
How Nuclear Energy Has Evolved from the 1950s - The Conversation
The New York Times Was Wrong about "Russian" Uranium - BAS
Wednesday, May 20
New IMF Energy Subsidies Report: Be Very Careful - Tim Worstall, Forbes
The 'Shocking' Cost of Letting Companies Pollute for Free - Bloomberg
Energy Subsidies: A Very Costly Mistake - The Economist
The Rise and Rise of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement - Guardian
This Demonizing of Fossil Fuels Is Madness - Matt Ridley, Times of London
Outsourcing Alternative Energy to the Developing World - Science 2.0
India's New Stand on Energy: Impressive, But Unsustainable - Diplomat
What Is The Future for Saudi Aramco? - Gaurav Agnihotri,
Hawaii's (Very) Ambitious Renewable Energy Effort - Jimmy Rose, ETech
Germany's Dubious Green Leadership - Jamie Horgan, American Interest
Wind Power Is Poised to Spread to All States - Diane Cardwell, NY Times
SolaRoad Performs Better Than Expected, Remains Pointless - BE
The Real War on Coal Is China - Bloomberg
The 3 Biggest Hurdles Facing Coal's Future - John Cushman, InsideClimate
War on Coal Is Really a War on Wasting Energy - Chris Mooney, Wash Post
The Oil-Export Ban Harms National Security - Panetta & Hadley, WSJ
What Does Nuclear Power Cost? It's Complicated... - John Parsons, Convo
Building a Safer, Clean Nuclear Reactor - Paul Kvinta, Popular Science
Sorry, Mitch! Prep for Clean Power Plan Rolls On in 41 States - E&E
EPA Power Grab Looks Like Obamacare Redux - Peter Roff, DC Examiner
Tuesday, May 19
This Innovation Will Help U.S. Companies Win Oil Price War - OilPrice
2 Graphs Show Why the Saudis Want to Crush Fracking - Daily Caller
Hawaii Is Showing the Nation How to 'Get Clean' - Daniel Gross, Slate
The U.S. Is About to Change Global LNG Market Forever - Bloomberg
Yingli In Trouble: The '#1' Curse in Solar Strikes Again - Forbes
Where Does Nuclear Power Fit in our Future? - Jed Babbin, Wash Times
The Case for Nuclear Power -- Despite the Risks - Gary Was, Conversation
Uncle Sam's Oily Boondoggle - Jim McTague, Barron's
Net Metering Going Under the Microscope in Ohio - Midwest Energy News
30% Renewables, Cheaper Natural Gas By 2030 w/ RES - CleanTechnica
Saudi Arabia's Oil Power Will Not Last - Seeking Alpha
Wood Pellet Power: A Climate Threat? - Tom Zeller Jr., Forbes
What Can We Do About Climate Change? - Gary Gutting, New York Times
Texas Gov. Prohibits Cities & Towns from Banning Fracking - Huff Post
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Monday, May 18
The Hole in the Rooftop Solar-Panel Craze - Brian Potts, Wall St. Journal
7 Facts Prove the Renewable Energy Revolution Has Arrived - EcoWatch
Berkshire Fights Rooftop Solar as Buffett Champions Green Energy - B
Hoping for an OPEC Supply Cut? Forget It - Matt Clinch, CNBC
The Saudi Shakeup - Steve Coll, The New Yorker
Russian Gas: There Is No Alternative for Europe - Colin Chilcoat, OilPrice
The Sun Also Rises in the Southeast - Luis Martinez, The Energy Collective
The Importance of Texas' Oil & Natural Gas Surge - Jude Clemente, Forbes
Nuclear Fusion: Clean Power That'll Take Decades to Master - Convers.
America's Shadowy Energy Partnership With Azerbaijan -
Royalties: The New Attack vs. Coal - Zack Colman, Washington Examiner
Federal Coercion and the EPA's Clean Power Plan - Mario Loyola, Atlantic
Oil Investors Take a Closer Look at Production - Nicole Friedman, WSJ
Oil Prices Will Fall: A Lesson in Gravity - Arthur Berman
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