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Friday, November 21
State Budgets Are Reeling from Low Oil Prices - Nick Cunningham, OP
This Is the Energy Chart of the Year - Myles Upland, Business Insider
Oil at $75 Means 19 Shale Fields Should Go Dark - Isaac Arnsdorf, BB
Lower Oil Prices Are A Win-Win For America - Stephen Moore, IBD
Why Google ACTUALLY Halted Its Renewable Energy Research - Vox
Keystone: A Fruitless Fight Over a Moderate Proposal - The Economist
Keystone's Fate May Lie in a Nebraska Courtroom - Amy Harder, WSJ
MOSTLY FALSE: Obama on Keystone Exports - Lauren Carroll, PolitiFact
UK: More Offshore Wind Than Rest of World COMBINED - Biz Insider
The Evil That Is OPEC: Wait, What? - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Confused OPEC Watchers Are More Divided Than Ever - Fuel Fix
The $2 Trillion Great (Energy) Leap Forward - Reed Landberg, Bloomberg
NSA Director Rogers: Yes, China Can Shut Down Our Power Grids - AP
The Chinese Shale "Boom" That Went Completely Bust - BusinessWeek
China Set to Have 3 Times the Amount of Nuke Energy by 2020 - WNN
The False Promises of Nuclear Energy - Brahma Chellaney, The Hindu
H.L. Mencken & U.S. Shale Break-Evens - Matt Smith, Energy Burrito
2/3 of Americans Favor Climate Regs, Even with Costs! - Wash Examiner
NRG Plans to Cut Emissions 50% by 2030, 90% by 2050 - CleanTechnica
Renewables & the Power Grid: Not Yet - Jared Anderson, Breaking Energy
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Thursday, November 20
Will the Oil and Gas Industry Ever Diversify? - Daniel Fiorino, RCP
Saudi Arabia Is Fighting an Oil War. But Who's the Enemy? - Slate
Cheap-Oil Era Tilts Geopolitical Power to U.S. - Rich Miller, Bloomberg
A Visit to the Canadian Oil Sands - Charles Cooke, National Review
A Different Type of Oil Crisis - Leah McGrath Goodman, Newsweek
Why One Democrat Is So Over Obama's Climate Regs - Jason Plautz, NJ
Keystone Defeat Shows Which Party Is Extreme - Investor's Business Daily
SunPower: Solar Will Be $5 Trillion Industry in 20 Years - CleanTechnica
The Real Legacy of Keystone Is Already Settled - Matt Philips, BizWeek
Why the Keystone XL Pipeline May Not Be Built - Robert Bryce, Daily Beast
The Benefits of U.S.'s Offshore Energy - Mary Leschper, Energy Tomorrow
Future of Energy: You May Be Walking On It - Everett Rosenfeld, CNBC
What Texas Gets Wrong about Clean Energy - Jim Marston, Forbes
5 Reasons The Halliburton-Baker Hughes Deal Is Poisoned - OilPrice
The Cold, Hard Truth About Renewables - Gail Tverberg,
Europe's Electricity Prices Soar. Who Would Have Guessed? - EIA
Wednesday, November 19
Keystone: The Pipeline From Hell - Jack Holmes, The Daily Beast
Keystoned Out of Their Minds? - Neil Cavuto, FOX News
The Liberal 'Hell No' Caucus Rises - Burgess Everett, Politico
A Few Surprises in the Senate's Keystone XL Rejection - Harry Enten, 538
Keystone Pipeline Vote Wasn't about Energy - Nicole Goodkind, Yahoo
Senate GOP Vows Quick Keystone Action in 2015 - Timothy Cama, The Hill
Get Ready for Showdown After Showdown in 2015 - J. Snyder, Bloomberg
How the New Congress Can Speed Energy Independence - MarketWatch
Energy in 25 Years: Who's Producing, Who's Buying - John Schoen, CNBC
The Appalling Truth about Energy Subsidies - Euan Mearns,
The Decline and Fall of Coal - Zack Colman, Washington Examiner
A Drop in the Price of Oil Is Not All Good News for China - Platts
IEA: Nuclear Largest, Cheapest Electricity Source in 2050 - E. Trends
Putting the Islamic State Over a Barrel - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
2 Political Lessons from Germany's Energiewende - Peter Sopher, The EC
Is Saudi Arabia Waging Economic Warfare? - Juan Cole,
Tuesday, November 18
Why Cheap Oil Is Bad for the U.S. Economy - Bloomberg TV
Coal Exporters Just Got a Big New Competitor - Dave Forest,
How Did the Environment Become A Partisan Issue? - Daniel Fiorino, RCP
We Need a National Convo on Nuclear Energy - Bayh and Gregg, FOX
Halliburton Merger Is Driven by Cheap Oil and a Smell of Fear - BW
How Washington Bungled the Solyndra Story - Lucia Graves, Nat'l Journal
Despite What DOE Says, Its Loans Are Not Making Money - Forbes
A Forest Threatened by Keystone XL - Andrew Nikiforuk, New York Times
Keystone's Just Another Pipeline: Get It Built! - Editorial, USA Today
Keystone Isn't About Lowering Your Gas Bill - Philip Bump, The Fix
Private Equity Bets on Energy 'Revolution'--In Oil and Gas - CNBC
Will Stupid Politics Stop Philly from Being an Energy Hub? - Daily News
Youngest Oil Tycoon Finds Fortune after Washout as Trader - BB
Oil Exports: A Must-Do for the New Congress - Mark Maddox, The Hill
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Monday, November 17
We Need Jobs, Jobs, Jobs But Not From KXL - Bob Keefe, Huff Post
Partisan Politics & the Appeal of Clean Power - Courtney Galatioto, Hill
Fact-Check: Sen. Inhofe's Chinese Energy Stats - R. Farley, USA Today
Wind Can Deliver on U.S.-China Climate Deal - Shauna Theel, EC
The Saudi Are Pros at 'Sweating' Their Rivals - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Petrostates in Peril - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Oil Fight Takes Page From Congo's Bloody Past - Jeff Gettleman, NYT
Humanity's Epic Planetary Facelift - Lindsay Abrams, Salon
Can Climate Change Cure Capitalism? - Liz Kolbert, NY Review of Books
Philadelphia Is the New Houston - DiChristopher & David, CNBC
Climate Change or Warming: Which Do Scientists Prefer? - NewsMax
The Thin Line Between Allies & Enemies - Steve Chapman, Townhall
Guess Who Wants to Stifle Indian Growth? -
Wobbling on Climate Change - Piers Sellers, New York Times
America Dealing With Denial - Editorial, The Economist
Frack Chemicals May Not Be Toxic After All - Andy Tully,
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Saturday, November 15
GOP Oil Titan: Keystone Is "Not Relevant" - Darren Goode, Politico
Siemens CEO: World Is Watching Keystone Votes - Jennifer Dlouhy, FF
Keystone XL's Mixed Forecast for Job Creation - Aimee Picchi, CBS
Does It Really Matter If Congress Approves KXL? - Chris Mooney, WP
Why Obama Should Veto the Keystone Pipeline - Matt Wilstein, Mediaite
3 Stories to Help You Understand Pipeline Debate - Bryan Walsh, Time
Saudi Arabia vs. The Keystone Pipeline - Mark Hendrickson, Forbes
Mary Landrieu Is One Vote Short on Keystone--For Now - Nat'l Journal
OPEC Is Bluffing on Oil Prices - Tyler Crowe, Motley Fool
Why We Need Nuclear Power - Michael H. Fox, Foreign Affairs
Can a Carbon Tax Capture Oil's Emissions? - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
Will the Natural Gas Boom Give EVs a Boost? - John Gartner, Forbes
Lower Gas Prices Won't Save the Holiday Season - Phil Wahba, Fortune
Alt-Fueled Vehicles: First Victim of Low Gasoline Prices? - Forbes
How Good Is The New Emissions Deal with China? - Geoffrey Styles
U.S.-China Climate Action: A Reason for Optimisim - Andrew Holland, ET
The Anti-Environment Argument Has Collapsed - Paul Krugman, NYT
U.S.-China "Agreement" Is No Breakthrough - John Kemp, Reuters
Three Possible Outcomes of the Iranian Nuclear Talks -
The Coming Solar Power Boom: Charts Tell The Story - Green Car Reports
Friday, November 14
Cheaper Oil's Winners and Losers - Robert Manning, Chicago Tribune
9 Million Barrels/Day: Levels Not Seen Since Reagan - Patti Domm, CNBC
Is Crude a Little More...Explosive in N. Dakota? - Chester Dawson, WSJ
What OPEC Price War? Really? - Phil Flynn, FOX Business
Sliding Oil & Gas Prices Give Americans More Money to Spend - NYT
Solyndra Program Hated by GOP Turns a Profit - Justin Doom, Bloomberg
An Obama Veto of Keystone Could Be Very Unpopular - Aaron Blake, WP
The Hail Mary to Sen. Mary Landrieu on Keystone Vote - CNBC
Mary Landrieu's Pipeline Pipe Dream to Nowhere - Josh Vorhees, Slate
Lower Oil Prices Won't Help U.S. w/ Iran, Russia - Ian Bremmer, Reuters
Falling LNG Imports, US's LNG Exports Opportunity - Energy Tomorrow
Why Don't Republicans Respect the EPA? - Daniel Fiorino, RealClearPolitics
More Battery Storage Would Improve Texas Grid - Nick Cunningham, OP
Shedding Light on the Future of Photovoltaics - Francesca McCaffrey, MIT
5 Ways Winter Season Will Impact Renewable Energy - RE World
The Next President's Climate Change Hurdles - Zack Colman, Examiner
Climate Deal w/ China: Big Win for Solar, Clean Coal & Nuclear - Grist
The Green Leap Forward - Editorial, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, November 13
What A Better Energy Policy Might Look Like - Ed Dolan,
One Cheer for the Climate Deal - Kate Galbraith, Foreign Policy
Obama's Bogus Climate Deal with China - Jillian Kay Melchior, NRO
Obama Outflanks GOP on Climate Change - Chris Flavelle, Bloomberg
Can a Pipeline Save a Senate Seat for the Dems? - Jared Gilmour, CSM
No, Americans Didn't Just Vote for 'Drill, Baby, Drill' - Ben Adler, Grist
Energy a Big Winner in Last Week's Elections - Merrill Matthews, IBD
Global Climate Treaty Now a Little Less Pointless - W.R. Mead, AI Blog
Why Climate Warnings Bring Out the Crazies - Tim Radford, Resilience
Who's Winning The Wind War? - Joshua Hill, CleanTechnica
Winter Is Coming For Ukraine's Energy - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Solar Plants Wants to Pay Off Gov't Loan with...Gov't Grant? - Reason
Here's One Thing We Export to China: CO2 - Ana Swanson, Forbes
Are Tanking Oil Prices Stunting India's Growth? - Alan Potter, Diplomat
The Ruble Conspicuously Tumbles Down Lower - Andrey Gurkov, DW
America's Game-Changing Climate Deal - Fred Krupp, Wall St. Journal
A Tale of Two Oil Companies - Carl Pope, Huffington Post
If Oil Disappears in the Desert, Does the Market Notice? - Foreign Policy
FuelFix Infograph: Mapping Energy Trends in Africa
Wednesday, November 12
The Democrats' Favorite Denier - Elana Schor and Alexander Burns, Politico
Top 4 Energy Issues: Keystone, EPA, Exports and Production - Forbes
The 5 Battlefronts in GOP's War on the EPA - Rebecca Leber, New Republic
Why Are Voters in Denton Texas Afraid of Fracking? -
IEA: U.S. Shale Boom Masks Threats to World Oil Supply - Bloomberg
OPEC's Colluders Are in a No-Win Situation - Peter Coy, BusinessWeek
No Energy Policy Has Been A Blessing For Shale Boom - Mark Perry, IBD
Sapping Sweet Spots: Will Shale Boom Last Much Longer? - Al Jazeera
Thermal Solar Energy -- Some Technologies Really Are Dumb - Forbes
Keystone Stalls As Russia and China Ink Pipeline Deal - Editorial, IBD
U.S., China Agree to Curb Greenhouse-Gas Emissions - Wall St. Journal
7 Key Lessons from the US-China Climate Pact - James Murray, Biz Green
Is China's Favorite Climate Excuse Still Valid? - Charles Riley, CNNMoney
20 Richest Countries Give Away $88 Billion to Fossil Fuels - Juan Cole
Examining Nuclear Power as Climate Option, Part II - Energy Collective
Bringing Accountability to Energy Regulation - Daniel Fiorino, RCP
Tuesday, November 11
Why the Oil Price Is a Serious Problem for Russia - Holly Ellyatt, CNBC
Can Biofuels Make a Comeback? - Michael Kanellos, Forbes
OPEC's Choice Is Pricing Power or Sales in New Oil Order - Bloomberg
Early Signs of a Pullback in Drilling Activity - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
McConnell Vows Counteroffensive in 'War on Coal' - C. Davenport, NYT
Anti-Keystone Groups Aren't Giving Up - Elana Schor, Politico
Denmark Aims for 100% Renewable Energy - Justin Gillis, New York Times
China Has Refined Taste for Oil - Abheek Bhattacharya, Wall Street Journal
CITI: The Benefits of U.S. Oil & Gas Boom Are Permanent - Forbes
A Plan to Shape the Energy Future in the Vast Desert - The Desert Sun
Wild Ride for NatGas Signals Volatile Winter Ahead - Patti Domm, CNBC
Rhetoric Hardens in North Sea Oil Tax Battle - Nick Coleman, Platts
Will Coal Be Cut Entirely From German Energy Mix? - Juan Cole, OilPrice
'Staggering' Energy Storage News From California - Tina Casey, CleanTech
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