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Monday, September 26
Graphic: How Oil Forecasts Flummoxed Forecasters - Elliot Bentley, WSJ
Why Obama Is Right on Clean Energy - Ruckelshaus and Reilly, NYT
4 New Papers Link Solar Activity, Ocean Cycles To Climate - Richard, NTZ
OPEC, Russia Must Close Output Gap - Faucon and Salvaterra, WSJ
Obama Climate Rule Faces Critical Court Test - Cama and Henry, The Hill
Study Shows Why Californian Cities Leads US EV Sales - EVObsession
Tesla-SolarCity Merger Could Face Lawsuits Delays - Peter Maloney, UD
Drones and Robots Make Solar Panels Efficiency Sexy - ZDNet
No Fracked Wells to be Drilled in UK This Year - A. Vaughan, The Guardian
Clinton and Trump's Positions on Climate Change - R. Harrington, BI
OPEC Meets This Week as Oil Optimism Grows - Bill Loveless, USA Today
Virginia Should Lead With Small Nuclear Plants - W. Porter, Virginian Pilot
What Have We Learned About ISIS Oil? - Matthew Reed, The Fuse
Trump Could Slow Clean Energy's Progress - Alex Kaufman, Huff. Post
Energy At The Center Of Falling Productivity Growth - Gail Tverberg, OP
Saturday, September 24
Japan Signals End to Fast Breeder Program - Osamu Tsukimori, Reuters
OPEC Under Pressure to Act as Surplus Triples - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
Libertarian Gary Johnson Nonchalant About Global Warming - MJ
Oil Money Running Out, Will Algeria Be Next Libya? - Robert Looney, FP
Timeline: The Past and Future of Germany's Energiewende - Carbon Brief
Inside the New Guidebook for Electric Utility Regulation - H. Trabish, UD
Trump Seen Shaving 11 Percent Off U.S. Natural Gas Burn - Bloomberg
Dutch Parliament Votes to Shut Coal Industry - Art Neslen, The Guardian
Tribal Consultation at Heart of Dakota Access Pipeline Dispute - IE
Trudeau's Remark Puts Focus on Pacific Northwest LNG - CBC News
Friday, September 23
Saudis Offer Oil Cut at OPEC if Iran Freezes Output - Reuters
Tesla Vs. General Motors EV Death Match - S. Cummings, CleanTechnica
Arctic Ice: A Historical Viewpoint - Roger Graves, Watts Up With That
How U.S. Cities Might Look If Polluted Like China - Huffington Post
Will Trumpism, Brexit, Cook The Planet? - Michael Klare, Energy Post
Big Oil's Iraqi Disappointment - Irina Slav, OilPrice
Europe's First Megawatt Fuel Cell Power Plant - M. Cuff, Business Green
U.N. Bringing Paris Agreement Into Force Early - T. Roberts, Brookings
Apple's Secret Arizona Solar Plant - Ryan Randazzo, Arizona Republic
Elon Musk to Put Solar Roof on Teslas Next Month - Robert Ferris, CNBC
Department of Energy Backs State-Level Nuclear Subsidies - EP
Canadian First Nations, US Tribes Ally to Stop Oil Sands - CBC News
OPEC in Final Push to Clinch Deal to Curb Output - CNBC/Reuters
Falling Oil Prices Shock Saudi Middle Class - Ahmed al Omran, WSJ
Drawing Down US SPR is a Bad Idea - Goldstein and Shages, Energy Intel
Thursday, September 22
Are You Wasting Your Money on Premium Gasoline? - R. Rapier, Forbes
SEC Is Latest to Look Into Exxon Mobil's Workings - Clifford Krauss, NYT
New Fabric Generates Electricity From Sunlight and Wind - Saxena, Ars
Wind Battles Coal for Access to China's Grid - Peter Fairley, IEEE Spectrum
How Energy and Conservation Became Partisan Issues - Carl Cannon, RCP
Long Term Consequences of the Oil Price Crash - Gregory Brew, OilPrice
Which Countries Run on 100% Renewable Energy? - Laura Ling, Seeker
How Germany Generates Its Electricity - Simon Evans, CleanTechnica
Toyota Powering Electric Car With Sewage Sludge - Taylor Wofford, QZ
Amazon's Jeff Bezos Doubles Down on Wind Energy - Tina Casey, 3P
How to Raise Trillions for Green Investments - Henry Paulson, NYT
The Key to Tackling Climate Change: Electrify Everything - Roberts, Vox
Drawing Down US SPR Is a Bad Idea - Goldstein & Shages, Energy Intel
Hinkley C: The Shock of Faith in the Wrong Technology - D. Thorpe, EC
Just Another Cloud In Exxon's Sky - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
An Outrageous Oil Claim - Daniel Jones, Seeking Alpha
Wednesday, September 21
Frack Sand: The Unsung Hero of the OPEC Oil War - J. Stafford, OilPrice
The Chilling Logic of Gas Bulls - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Coal's Cost Advantage Over LNG Slipping, But Not Yet Enough - Reuters
Tesla Gigafactory 1: Will It Succeed or Fail? - S. Veneruso, Energy Post
Tesla-SolarCity Deal May Face Delay From Suits - David Welch, Bloomberg
Millennials Driving Surge in Electric Car Sales - John Siciliano, WE
Getting The Most Out Of Solar Panels - Lenny Tinker, Breaking Energy
JetBlue Makes Biofuels Deal to Curtail Greenhouse Gases - NY Times
Clean Power Plan Is Consistent With Law and History - The Hill
Paris Ratification Maths - David Hone, Energy Collective
How Bad Off Is Oil-Rich Venezuela? It's Buying U.S. Oil - NY Times
Conventional Oil Discoveries at Lowest in Decades - David Hunn, FuelFix
Coal Industry Bets on One More Big Score - Melissa Cronin, Grist
Cornell Wants to Drill for Geothermal Heating - Megan Guess, Ars
Can Apple Really Run on 100% Renewable Energy? - Ellen Powell, CSM
Tuesday, September 20
Let the Arguments Begin - Doug Domenech, RealClearEnergy
The Standoff Between Big Oil and Big Corn - David Gelles, New York Times
Time to Phase Out the Strategic Petroleum Reserve - William O'Keefe, E21
Oil Explorers Have a New Philosophy: Less Is More - S. Srivastava, CNBC
The Hidden Costs of Obama's Cheap Gas - Irina Slav, OilPrice
Energy Policies of the U.S. Presidential Candidates - Allan Hoffman, EP
Republicans to Rally Around Renewable Energy in D.C. - J. Siciliano, WE
The Real War for Iraq - Rafiq Latta, Energy Intelligence
Cost of Wind Energy to Keep Going Down, Down, Down - Tina Casey, 3P
US Renewables: Dropping in Price, Growing in Significance - Ars Tech
Can Reusing Spent Nuclear Fuel Solve Our Energy Problems? - NatGeo
Utilities Seek a Lasting Advantage in the Cloud - Eric Gargiulo, GTM
Americans Appear Willing to Pay for a Carbon Tax Policy - NY Times
Oil Prices Rise on Libya Unrest - Said, Faucon, & Friedman, WSJ
Why Oil Prices Matter Now More Than Usual - Anthony Mirhaydari, CBS
Colorado's Natural Gas Needs New Markets - Jude Clemente, Forbes
Monday, September 19
Rooftop Solar Installs to Hit Wall in 2017 - Houston Chronicle
Over 5,300 Drilled But Uncompleted Wells Waiting... - Oil & Gas 360/OP
Oil Climbs as Venezuela Sees Output Deal - Mark Tay, Reuters
Why is New York Air Cleaner Than London? Answer: Diesel - Greenpeace
Goldman: High Oil Prices Didn't Deliver Returns to Big Oil - Bloomberg
Why a Price on Carbon Isn't The Promised Land - Mark Muro, WSJ
Trump's 'Take The Oil' Madness - Bruce Riedel, Brookings
Introducing the Pre-Freeze OPEC Oil Boil - Julian Lee, Bloomberg
NY's Newest Exxon Probe Highlights Recent One's Flaws - Seeking Alpha
Today's Weather is Hardly Unique - Patrick Michaels, USA Today
Video: Oil Discovery Volumes At 70-Year-Lows - CNBC
Canada Prepares to Introduce Nationwide Carbon Price - BusinessGreen
Hinkley Point's Go-Ahead Killed U.K's Industrial Strategy - Reaction

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