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Wednesday, April 1
Why Obama's Climate Plan Lets Down the World - Eric Holthaus, Slate
The Problem with Obama's Carbon Emissions Plan - Katie Tubb, DS
Obama's New Climate Change Plan in 2 Charts - Eric Roston, Bloomberg
The Other Cost of Climate Change - Jonathan Franzen, The New Yorker
Obama to the World: I Don't Need Congress to Act - Rebecca Leber, TNR
A World Remade by Fracking - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Quake Case Could Doom Fracking in Oklahoma - James Stafford, OP
Renewables Are Growing Really Fast...Just Not Fast Enough - Wash Post
Green Energy Investment Stalls in Europe - Christopher Coats, Forbes
The Most Common Mistake News Stories Make About Energy - Vox
How Do You Dismantle a Nuclear Submarine? - Paul Marks, BBC
U.S. Shale Has the Chance to Remake Geopolitics - Mark Mills, Forbes
Don't Derail North Carolina's Clean Energy Boom - Ken Locklin, N & O
How's the World's 1st Clean Coal Plant Doing? (Hint: Not Good) - Grist
Carbon Capture Needs Real Champions - Ronan Kavanagh, Energy Intel
Solar Filling the Gap in Water-Poor California - Stephen Lacey, GT Media
Iran 'Deal' Could Leave Oil Markets In Limbo - Evan Kelly,
Tuesday, March 31
Why Russia Suddenly Wants to Supply Gas to Ukraine - Tomas Hirst, BI
Elon Musk Teases a New Tesla: Could It Be a Home Battery? - Forbes
1 Company Making Solar Affordable for Everyone - Daniel Gross, Slate
Oil Prices to Fly or Fall on Talks with Iran - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Report: Cheap Crude = More Jobs, Lower Inflation, More Growth - AP
The Geopolitics of Oil Go Round and Round - Marita Noon, Breitbart
Decline of U.S. Shale Not Clear Cut as Oil Price Stays Low - Forbes
Energy's New Legal Threat: Earthquake Suits - Bustillo & Gilbert, WSJ
Is Sustainability Dead? - Holly Hagerman, Triple Pundit
Greens Gone Wild on College Campuses - Naomi Schaefer Riley, NY Post
Video: This Is the Biggest Market Event of Past Year - CNBC
Oil Production Grew by Most in Recorded History in 2014 - Slate
A Peek Inside the Future of Electric Car Technology - Steve LeVine, Qz
Rare Earths Problem Could Have a Nuclear Solution - Llewellyn King, OP
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Monday, March 30
Texas Town 1st of Many to Switch to 100% Renewable Power - OilPrice
Big Oil Pressured Scientists Over Fracking's Link to Quakes - Bloomberg
Oil Crashed, But Output Is Rising. How Long Can That Last? - Vox
The Puzzling Flattening of Carbon Emissions - Kurt Cobb, Res. Insights
Why Oil Could Be Facing a 20-Year Bear Market - Bert Dohmen, Forbes
U.S. Oil Glut Story Grossly Exaggerated - Leonard Brecken,
Iran's Nuclear Deal and How It Could Affect Oil - Matt Clinch, CNBC
Ernest Moniz: Obama's Big Brain on Iran - Timothy Cama, The Hill
What the Solar Market Looks Like Now, And Where It's Headed - UD
Will the 2017 Tax Credit Expiration Kill Solar? - Stephen Lacey, GTM
Solar Energy Could Upend This Trillion Dollar Industry - Motley Fool
Wind Power or Hot Air? Foes Question Chris Christie - Wash Post
Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play for Green Money - AP
Finally! We Can Get Moving on Disposing Nuclear Waste - James Conca
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Friday, March 27
You Really Fracked Up This Time, Feds - Brian Palmer, OnEarth
DOE Study: Shale Won't Last, Arctic Drilling Needed Now - FuelFix
A Bright Future Ahead for Renewable Energy - Brigham McCown, FuelFix
The Sun Is Rising on Solar Panels, And There's No Fighting It - S. Times
Who Benefits Most From Cheap Oil? - Gaurav Agnihotri,
Stop Propping Up Zombie Oil Companies - Christopher Helman, Forbes
As World Expands Nuclear, US Grapples w/ Decades of Waste - CSM
Oil Prices Jump as Saudi & Yemen Fighting Escalates - New York Times
Iran Has a Little Surprise for Oil Market - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
A Texas Town Will Soon Run On 100% Renewable Energy - Pop. Science
Climate Change Will Influence Voters More Than a Little in 2016 - Qz
The Campus Climate Crusade - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Can China Promise Blue Skies For 2022 Winter Olympics? - OilPrice
Thursday, March 26
The Most Challenging Oil and Gas Projects in the World -
Is This the World's Most Innovative Street? - Anmar Frangoul, CNBC
Iowa Caucuses Have a Winner: Ethanol - Thomas Pyle, Wall St. Journal
A Private Solution to Energy Efficiency - J. Meyer and A. Verkhivker, RCE
T. Boone Pickens Points the Finger at U.S Shale - Andy Tully,
We Need to Get This Iranian Nuclear Deal Passed - James Conca, Forbes
Lindsey Graham Should Run for President - Eric Holthaus, Slate
7 Reasons for Hope on Climate Change - Peter Dykstra, Energy Collective
Mitch McConnell's Drive to Keep the Coal Fires Burning - NY Times
Chevron's Cheap-Oil Playbook - Brian O'Keefe, Fortune
EPA Showdown @ Supreme Court Comes Down to 2 Words - Forbes
Wednesday, March 25
Tesla: Just Another Car Company - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Why Ted Cruz Is Wrong about Global Warming - Chris Mooney, Wash Post
Bracing for a Big Power Grid Attack: "One Is Too Many" - USA Today
How to Keep Our Energy Renaissance Going - William O'Keefe, WT
Texas and California: The Odd Clean Energy Couple - Bill Tucker, Forbes
A Look at the Future of Nuclear Power - Nick Cunningham,
Another Case of Roberts Court vs. Obama's Legacy - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
20 Million Barrels of Pure Profit Sitting in U.S. Oil Tanks - Bloomberg
Greens on Obama: He Caved on Fracking - Timothy Cama, The Hill
The Fukushima Cleanup Wasted $500 Million on Bad Tech - Gizmodo
How's Costa Rica Using 100% Renewable Energy? - Rowena Lindsay, CSM
Getting Ready for the Iranian Oil Onslaught - Matt Yglesias, Vox
Strategic Implications of Chinese Energy Policy - Gal Luft, Am. Interest
What 'Made in China' Nuclear Means for Germany - Frank Sieren, DW
Beyond Iran and Pakistan: 7 Nuclear Wannabes - Andrew Topf, OilPrice
Tuesday, March 24
Nuclear Energy Is All the Rage Again - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
No Country for King Coal -- The Changing U.S. Energy Mix - OilPrice
The Saudis Don't Get It: We Have No Energy Policy - Aaron Task, Yahoo
Dirty Energy Taxes and Clean Energy Revolution - Adam Ozimek, Forbes
Lindsey Graham: Climate Change Real, Al Gore's a Problem - Raw Story
See-Through Solar Is Tomorrow's Threat to Oil - Bloomberg
Why Rooftop Solar Is Disruptive to Utilities - Seth Blumsack, Conversation
Texas, the King of Wind, Might Kill Its Support - James Osborne, DMN
Exxon Valdez: In the Wake of Disaster 26 Years Later - Retro Report
The Economic Benefits of Fracking - Fred Dews, Brookings Institution
New Fracking Rules Deliver Progress and Controversy - Sci. American
The Unfriendly, and Very Costly, Skies - Andrew Ross Sorkin, NY Times
Can Cruz Win the Oil Primary? - Elana Schor & Andrew Restuccia, Politico
The $6.8 Billion Great Wall of Fukushima - Nick Cunningham,
What Lies Beneath Apollo, Pennsylvania - Scott Johnson, FP
Global Warming Is Now Slowing Down Ocean Circulation - Wash Post
Beijing to Shut All Major Coal Power Plants - Feifei Shen, Bloomberg
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Monday, March 23
Natural Gas Prices to Crash Unless Rig Count Falls Fast -
What New Fed Fracking Rules Mean for the Oil & Gas Industry - PBS
Critics Blast New Obama Regs for Fracking on Federal Lands - FOX
Can the U.S. Energy Revolution Survive a Deal with Iran? - Gal Luft, DT
British Government Hiding Real Costs Of Renewables - Andy Tully, OP
China's New Solar Target Could Set the Stage for a Solar Boom - Fool
Egypt Fast Becoming a Hot Renewable Energy Marke - CleanTechnica
The NRC Thinks U.S. Should Be More Like Europe - James Conca, Forbes
German Taxpayers at Risk of Big Nuclear Exit Bill - Mark Wacket, Reuters
Clean Air Act and Dirty Coal at the Supreme Court - New York Times
U.S. Energy Storage Market Could Triple This Year -
How The Fed Fostered the Oil Glut and Price Drop - John Tobey, Forbes
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