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Saturday, August 29
Atlantic Hurricanes Losing Power Over Oil, Gas Markets - MarketWatch
For OPEC, Painful Oil Slump to Bring 2016 Gain - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
Video: Secretary Moniz Explains Physics of Iran Deal - Popular Science
California Battle Royale Shaping Up Over Emissions Bill - The Guardian
Can Oil Continue to Rally Like This? - Matt Smith,
Hawaii to Skip Gas, Transition Straight to Wind, Solar - Climate Progress
Obama's Alaska Visit Highlights Climate, Drilling Tensions - NYT
Where Every Presidential Candidate Stands on Keystone XL - Grist
UK Onshore Wind Could be Subsidy Free by 2020 - Wind Power Monthly
US, India Compete for World's Largest Solar Field - Boulder Weekly
Friday, August 28
OPEC: Do You Miss Me Yet? - Sarah Miller, Energy Intelligence
Oil Must Fall Farther for Saudi to Change Output - Economist
Did The Fed Intentionally Force an Oil Sell-Off? - Leonard Brecken, OP
Looking for a Rising Commodity? Try Pollution Permits - Bloomberg
Seasonal Trend Suggests Oil Hasn't Hit Bottom - Stephanie Yang, CNBC
Tesla Installs 500 Superchargers In Under 3 Years - Clean Technica
US Denies Keystone Decision Release Before Long Weekend - The Hill
US, WTO Crush India's Solar Subsidies - Charles Pierson, CounterPunch
Moniz Sees End to Solar Subsidies - John Siciliano, Washington Examiner
Sweden's Nuclear Shutdown A Sign Of What's To Come -
The Slow Death of Sloppy Electricity Rate Making - Energy Collective
Nevada Gives Reprieve for Solar Owners - Robert Walton, Utility Dive
How to Force Closure of Giant German Lignite Mine - The Guardian
Australia's Abbott Blamed for 'World's Largest Climate Gap' - RTCC
Oil Can't Decide Whether to Fight or Flight - MacDonald/Yep, WSJ
156 Years Ago, Post-Whaling Era Began - Jennifer Latson, Time Magazine
Thursday, August 27
Oil Industry Needs to Repay $500B in Debt to Survive - Bloomberg
Saudi Budget Cuts Sign of Resolve, Not Wavering - Nick Cunningham, OP
In Hawaii, Rooftop Solar Threatens 'Utility Death Spiral' - Aljazeera
How Nevada Could Cast a Shadow Over Solar - Scott Tong, Marketplace
Caspian Gas to the Rescue - Nasimi Aghayev, Washington Times
Utilities Now in Serious Trend Away From Coal to Gas - Fortune
North Dakota Plans More Wind Power Capacity - Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
EPA Withholds Mine Spill Documents from Congress - Fox News
US Solar Output Has Increased 31 Times Since June 2005 - EIA
Obama's Climate Ambitions Too Muted for New Orleans? - Telegraph
NASA: Global Sea Levels Rise 3 Inches Since 1992 - Irene Klotz, Reuters
Obama Visit to Alaska to Highlight Climate Change - Scientific American
Native Alaskans Tout Arctic as Obama Visits - Jennifer Dlouhy, FuelFix
Scottish Green Party Wants to Nationalize Oil Industry - OilPrice
Natural Gas Rigs Starting to be Shut Down - Wheeling Intelligencer
Wednesday, August 26
Obama's Energy Policy Frustrates All Sides - Matt Piotrowski, The Fuse
How Strong Is Oil's Hold on Transportation? - Lauren Craft, Energy Intel
Divesting From Fossil Fuels? Put Money in These Places - GreenBiz
Congress Closer to Repealing Oil Export Ban Than Some Think - OilPro
China Authorities Ponder Pollution Bill With Coal Cap - Reuters
Solar Tech Turns Windows Into Panels - Aliya Barnwell, Digital Trends
Exxon Partner Notes Firms Cheaper Than Assets After Rout - FuelFix
Strategist: Oil is the Biggest Investing Opportunity - Reem Nasr, CNBC
Google Map Shows Homes That Should Convert to Solar - Domain
U.K. Eager for Energy Independence - Keith Kohl, Energy & Capital
Obama Sides With Customers vs. Utility on Solar - Climate Progress
Podesta: Hillary 'May Have More to Say' on Keystone - Politico
Is Texas Headed to the Shrink's Couch Over Oil Price? - Texas Monthly
Oil Cargos Not Clearing, Sign of Future Weakness - Alex Lawler, Reuters
Tuesday, August 25
Oil Market May be Healthier Than It Looks - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
Major UN Climate Trading Scheme Beset By Corruption - The Guardian
Clean Power Plan: Free Market vs Red Tape - Jack Gerard, RCE
Oil Slump Targets $250 Bln in Industry Spending - Gaurav Sharma, Forbes
Q&A: Rapidan's McNally on Oil's Price Slugfest - Bill Murray, RealClearEnergy
Oil's Drop Puts Spotlight on Saudi Arabia - Bill Spindle, Wall Street Journal
Obama Warns Fossil Energy Producers of Political Risks - The Hill
What's Behind the Oil Plunge? Elementary Economics - New York Times
135 MPG BMW X1 Plug-In Hybrid For 2016 - Steve Hanley, Gas2
Creation of Nuclear Fuel Bank Good News - Gareth Evans, Japan Times
Citibank Says Solar, Wind May Surpass Forecasts - GreenTechSolar
Does Arctic Drilling Have A Future With Sub $50 Oil? -
Climate Change Talks 'Painfully Slow' Says EU Envoy - The Guardian
Paris: What Would a Good Climate Finance Package Look Like? - RTCC
China May Meet Carbon Goals Soon Than Expected -
Why Does Germany's Electricity Prices Keep Falling? - Bloomberg
A Path to Africa's Low-Carbon Future - Caroline Kende-Robb, Brookings
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Aug. 25, 2015
Monday, August 24
Oil Collapse Triggering Currency Crisis In Emerging Markets - OP
Climate Pledges Not Enough to Save Planet, Report Says - ClimateGroup
Earth on Track for Back-to-Back Heat Records - Brian Sullivan, Bloomberg
For Minorities, Obama's Carbon Plan is Justice Denied - AEA
Russia's Energy Weapon Used to be Powerful. Not Anymore. - WP
Incidents of Oil Spills Collapse Worldwide - Max Roser, OurWorldinData
Does Choosing Uber Over Subway Hurt NYC Environment? - Grist
50th Anniversary of Fuel Cell Invention for Space Race - AEN
Journey to the Center of the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' - The Guardian
Japan's Plutonium Problem - Peter Wynn Kirby, New York Times
South Caroline MOX Fuel Plant Called Out on Costs - Neutron Bytes
Independent Scotland 'Would be Doomed' by Cheap Oil - Sunday Times
Kurds Defy Iraq to Establish Own Oil Sales - Anjli Raval, Financial Times
Who's Who in the Race to Get Fracking Rich in the UK - The Guardian
Texas Still Adding Jobs, But Oil Throttles Momentum - Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Aug. 24, 2015
Saturday, August 22
The Next Texas Energy Boom: Solar - Russell Gold, Wall Street Journal
All Hail the Strength of U.S. 'Super Shale'! - Starr Spencer, Platts
The Golden Age of Natural Gas Starts to Fade - Sharples/Paton, Bloomberg
Oil Crash: A Result of Excess Supply or Plunging Demand? - Zero Hedge
The Age of $40 Oil Is Here - Nathan Vardi, Forbes
OPEC Is Being Eaten Alive - Andrew Critchlow, The Daily Telegraph
Climate Change: The Next Obamacare for GOP? - John Light, The Atlantic
Nevada: Obama's Green Oasis in Fight Against Republicans - Bloomberg
Energy: A Sector Transformed Must Be Reformed - Michael Liebreich, BB
Talk Is Cheap. Renewable Energy Isn't - Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg
Wind Energy Is Having a Railroad Moment - Daniel Gross, Slate
Why the $20 Oil Predictions are Wrong - Robert Rapier, Energy Trends
EPA's Methane Policy Is Both Trivial and Terrible - Mark Mills, Forbes
REPORT: U.S. Solar PV Cost Fell Over 50% in 5 Years - Silvio Marcacci
Time to Tap In to This Underused Energy Source - Rob Raine,
Toward a More Robust Offshore Energy Sector - Mark Green, E. Tomorrow
Climate Wonks: Focus on Politics, Not Economics - David Roberts, Vox
EPA Wants to Trade Your Job for 0.01 Degrees Celsius - Terry Jarrett, WE
Friday, August 21
Saudis Could Face an Open Revolt at Next OPEC Meeting -
Why is George Soros Investing in Coal? - Karl Mathiesen, The Guardian
Study: China's Carbon Emissions Overstated - Simon Evans, Climate Brief
Kirk Sorensen -- Thorium's One-Man Band - William Tucker, RCE
The Fallout from the Global Oil Bust - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
Oil Bear Market Here To Stay? - Charles Kennedy,
Obama to Make News at Las Vegas Clean Energy Event - Wilderness Soc.
India: Emergent King of Asia's Oil Refining Industry - Gas & Oil IQ
Germany and Brazil Work On Climate Change - Fiscal Times
New Transmission Lines Boost Texas Wind - Energy Collective
Oil Sands Producers Suffer Under Big Discount to WTI - AEN
Oil and Gas Job Listings Fall by Half - Rhiannon Meyers, Fuel Fix
Ben Carson Hits EPA Over Colorado Mine Spill - Devin Henry, The Hill
Senators Want Shell to Disclose Offshore Risks - Nick Snow, O&GJ
Energy Slowdown Hits One Town Hard - Kris Maher, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, August 20
Oil Prices Must Rebound. Here's Why - Steve Brown,
Oil Prices Ready to Rebound? Futures Contracts Say No - NBC News
Chances of $30 Oil Increase as Refinery Maintenance Nears - WSJ
OPEC Is Toast as U.S. Wins the Energy War - Patrick Watson, NewsMax
Here's Why the Green Energy Movement Is Red, White & Blue - Fortune
Talk Is Cheap. Renewable Energy Isn't - Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg
Could This Pave the Way for an EV Revolution? - Michael McDonald, OP
An Artificial Leaf Could One Day Power the World - Ariel Bogle, Mashable
1 Chart Shows Why Nuclear Has a Promising Future - Business Insider
Wind Power Must Contend with Extreme Weather - Scientific American
GAO: Challenges Ahead for Advanced Nuclear Reactors - Dan Yurman
Robot Roughnecks: A Golden Age of Drilling Tech - Chris Helman, Forbes
Sen. Menendez Floats 'Strategic' Crude Exports - Jennifer Dlouhy, Fuel Fix
India Airport First to Run Completely On Solar - Alissa Greenberg, Time
Mexico Locks in Massive Hedge With $49 Floor - Jonathan Leff, Reuters
Wood Mac: Mexico Oil Swaps Only Slight U.S. Move - Daniel Graeber, UPI
There are 45 Fracked Wells Near My Daughter's School - The Guardian
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Aug. 20, 2015
Wednesday, August 19
Why Oil Prices Could Sink to $15 a Barrel - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
Who Lost >$5 Billion on Fossil Fuels? - Gina-Marie Cheeseman, Triple Pundit
The Fracking 'Loophole' That Just Keeps Growing - Mike Soraghan, E&E
How Much Pressure Will Iran Put on Oil Prices? -
Is Nuclear Energy Safe? Without a Doubt - Heard & Brook, Conversation
The Environmental Left's Losing Streak - Noah Rothman, Commentary
The Woman Who Could Save Humanity - Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker
Obama's Wind-Energy Lobby Gets Blown Away - Robert Bryce, WSJ
Sweden Better Not Close Its Nuclear Power Plants! - James Conca, Forbes
Top 10 Things You Didn't Know about Hydropower - Breaking Energy
Shell Faces Huge Risks & Rewards in the Arctic - Ben Marlow, Telegraph
The EPA -- Messing w/Success on Methane - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Study: Natural Gas Leaks Far Exceed Estimates - John Schwartz, NYT
6 Ways to Keep the EPA Honest - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, MarketWatch
The Coming Clean Energy Space Race - Michael McDonald,
This Highway Can Be Quiet, Bright & Full of Energy - A. Frangoul, CNBC
Why the Pope Is Wrong on Markets - Max Auffhammer, Energy Collective
Clean Energy Can Now Leave Wacky Environmentalists Behind - Sci 2.0

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