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Saturday, October 3
Don't Be Fooled By Latest U.S. Production Data - Evan Kelly,
The New Keystone: The Oil Export Ban - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Cheap Natural Gas Is Stopping the Energy Storage Revolution - WaPo
How Energy's Debt Bubble Affects Your Portfolio - Jason Jenkins, Invest.
We Are All Being Played for a 'Fuel' - Jeff Turrentine, OnEarth
The Fall of King Coal - Tim Murphy, Mother Jones
E=MC2 - Why Nuclear Rules - William Tucker, RealClearEnergy
Bill Gates Makes Progress on Next-Gen China - James Conca
The EPA's Big Crackdown on Smog, Explained - Brad Plumer, VOX
Why Shell Believes Coal Is Vital for a Better Quality of Life - Fortune
The Myth of the Arctic Oil Land Grab - Scott Montgomery, The Conversation
The U.S.: The Unmitigated Leader in Natural Gas - Chris Pedersen, Platts
Hurricane Joaquin's Threats to Energy Infrastructure, in Maps - OP
How Shale Reduced US Energy Risks from Hurricanes - Geoffrey Styles
Walmart Leaps Toward 100% Renewable Energy with Wind Deal - 3P
Fuel Economy Data on Cars: Inaccurate and Getting Worse - Reuters
Solar Panels Are About To Get Way, Way Better - Chafkin, Fast Company
Obama's Solar Energy Socialism - Isaac Orr, Heartland Institute
New PV Module 'World's Most Efficient Rooftop Solar Panel'? - GTM
10 States Draining the Country's Energy - Michael Sauter, 24/7 Wall St.
Friday, October 2
Peak Malthusian? The Simon/Ehrlich Wager 25 Years On - Spiked
Oil Might Finally Have Hit the Bottom - Alexandra Gibbs, CNBC
Getting to $100 Billion in Climate Change Aid - Eduardo Porter, NYT
India Will Cut Carbon Emissions Intensity by 2030 - The Indian Express
US Net Oil Exporter to Mexico - Robert Grattan, San Antonio Express-News
Volkswagen Cheating Caused $100 Million in Health Costs - Grist
Can the House Get Even Less Climate Friendly? - Inside Climate News
National Park Funding Through Oil and Gas Expires - Shekhtman, CSM
Race For New Grid Storage Hits a Speed Bump - Richard Martin, MIT
The Green Oil Man - Sara Stefanini, Politico
New Tesla SUV Model X Aims at Families - Max Lewontin, CSM
Alberta Moves Away From Tar-Sands - Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian
Texas Sheds 28,300 Oil Jobs Since December - Rhiannon Meyers, FuelFix
India, US Activate Backroom Talks on Climate - Business Standard
Japan's Power Consumption Weakest Since 2003 - Bloomberg
Thursday, October 1
Why America's Oil Output Refuses to Collapse - Dan Murtaugh, Bloomberg
Oil Bears Aren't Going Anywhere - Nicole Friedman, Wall Street Journal
Coal's Catch-22 and The Environment - Stephen Snowder, Forbes
Can Economies of Scale Rescue Tesla? - Michael McDonald,
Why a Rate Hike Could Be Good for Oil - Stephanie Yang, CNBC
Saudi Arabia Is Facing a Major Cash Crunch - Matt Egan, CNNMoney
Sorry Enviros, Shell's Arctic Decision is All About the Money - The EC
Shell's Arctic Miss Is Just the Oil Industry's Latest Dry Hole - Fuel Fix
Eliminating the Path to Energy Poverty - Nicolas Loris, Heritage
Nuclear Power Key in Curbing Climate Change - Carol Browner, LoHud
Judge Blocks Obama Administration Rules on Fracking - New York Times
US Crude Oil Exports: Same Suit, Different Fabric? - Skip York, Forbes
How Storage Will Shape the Future of Concentrated Solar Power - UD
Are LCOE Analyses Still Useful? - Roberto Rodriguez Labastida, Navigant
Hear How Energy Policy Helps Bush Put The ! In Jeb! - Scott Detrow, NPR
Why Al Gore Is Not Happy - Mark Hensch, The Hill
Is The U.S. About To Break One Of Its Own Nuclear Treaties? - OilPrice
Richard Nephew on the Current Status of the Iran Nuclear Deal - SIPA
Can Apple Succeed in the Car Business? - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: October 1, 2015
Wednesday, September 30
Trouble Ahead for the World's Next Shale Boom? - Nick Cunningham, OP
Fix for Low Oil Prices Is Low Prices - Chris Tomlinson, Houston Chronicle
China's Cap-and-Trade Program: Will It Work? - Mark Clifford, Forbes
Massive Climate Summit Coming: What You Need to Know - CNBC
Global Thinkers: Is God Having a Climate Moment? - Mindy K. Bricker, FP
For Sustainable Energy, Choose Nuclear - S. Fred Singer, American Thinker
Why One of US's Largest Oil Producers Saw Car Traffic Drop - Platts
Shell's Arctic Pullout: Reactions from Outrage to Delight - CBS News
Exporting Oil and Protecting Wildlife - Collin O'Mara, Wall Street Journal
Hydrogen Goes Plastic Fantastic - Bill Tucker, Forbes
Jeb Bush Rolls Out His Energy Plan. It's a Complete Joke - Slate
Oil, Natural Gas and Investing in America - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Jetta Diesel Owner: I Shoulda Bought a Volt - Landon Hall, Fuel Freedom
Waste Heat Likely to Boost Energy Efficient Production -
North Dakota's Housing Boom Is About to Go Bust - Beth Braverman, TFT
Russia Confronted by Grim Crude Reality - The American Interest
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Sept. 30, 2015
Tuesday, September 29
First the U.S. and Canada, Then the World? - Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights
Germany Faces Future with 1000s of Aging Wind Farms -
The Transformative Potential of Self-Driving EVs - David Roberts, Vox
Why Would UBS Root for Entergy's Merchant Nukes to Close? - At. Ins.
EPA Must Be Held Responsible for Colorado Spill - Steve Forbes, Fox
The Business Case for Green Energy? Look at China - The Conversation
$9 Billion of Crappy Renewable Energy - James Delingpole, Breitbart
The Interchange: How Cheap Can Solar Get? - Stephen Lacey, GT Media
Alaska Fears Fallout of Shell's Arctic Drilling Decision - Dan Joling, AP
Arctic Drilling Has Been Regulated to Death, Everybody Wins - BE
2 Charts Show Why Shell Stopped Drilling in AK - Jonathan Chew, Fortune
Here Is Jeb Bush's Energy Plan - Ben Geman, National Journal
Wall Street Goes All In on Climate Policy - Jacob Pramuk, CNBC
How Quickly Can New York Overhaul Its Energy Markets? - The EC
A Real Estate Crisis in North Dakota's Man Camps - Jennifer Oldham, BB
Some Thoughts on the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal - Russ Finley, ETI
Today's Takeaway: Morning Volt: Sept. 29, 2015
Monday, September 28
Why the Pope is Wrong About Climate - Michael Grunwald, Politico
A Moral Ark of the Universe: The Pope, Paris and Power - Triple Pundit
Tesla Model X Gets About 90 MPGe - Zach Shahan, EVObsession
Shale the Proximate Cause of Manufacturing Rebirth - San Diego U-T
Does Clean Power Destroy the Economy? - Jay Hakes, RealClearEnergy
Cap-and-Trade Presents Challenges Under China's System - NYT
China-US Climate Deal Sets Bar Low for Paris - David Stanway, Reuters
Kurdistan Has Lost Control of Its Oil Revenue - Denise Natali, Al-Monitor
Ukraine, Russia Find Short-Term Peace on Gas Supplies - WSJ
Seven Reasons Volkswagen is Worse Than Enron - David Bach, FT
We're About to Make Money From CO2 - Jeremy Plester, The Guardian

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