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Hydro Construction Moves to the Developing World

The construction of hydroelectric cams is largely being done in the developed world now. The big concentration is in the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand. The blue dots indicated projects that are already under construction. The red dots are those that are planned.

Europe Sets Lower Emissions Targets

Europe already has lower carbon emissions than the U.S. and has set goals that will be even lower. As the graph indicates, Europe only has about 2/3rds the carbon emissions. They have been headed lower while the U.S. was headed higher until President Obama started applying pressure in 2008. Now U.S. emissions are headed down but Europe is still lower and The European Parliament has set...

Solar Grows in Connecticut

Solar energy is growing rapidly in Connecticut. The map shows how pv installations have propliferated since 2006. Most of the growth has been in the central Connectucitu River VAlley. In some places as many as two down PV plants are now in place.

State Rankings for Energy Efficiency

Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont were the most energy-efficient states in the country, according to a report issue lst week by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The most efficient states tended to be group on the East and West Coasts where dense cities make travelling easier while the less efficient states were grouped in the middle of the country. ...

Gas Prices Are Declining Everywhere

Gas prices in some parts of the country have fallen below $3 per   gallon.  The states with gas less than $3 are scattered all over the Southwest and in the New Jersey area.  States in the West still have high prices, with California the highest at $3.50 per gallon. The color coding shows how much prices have declined since July.  They have general declined...

Consumers Spending 5% on Energy

Consumers are spending about 5 percent of their income on energy, according to figures released by the Energy Information Administration. This is higher than it was in the 1990s but about average for the last twenty years. Spending peaked in 1980 when it reached 8 percent of income. It declined over the next 25 years, although there was an uptick after 2004, peaking in 2008. Although the Oil...

14% of New Cars Sold in Norway Are EVs

Norway is making a big push on electric vehicles and they now constitute fourteen percent of the new cars sold. The bar char tells the story. Nissan’s Leaf leads the pack, followed by VW’s Golf, Mitsubishi, BMW and Tesla. Of course these numbers don’t amount to much . There have only ben 1275 electric vehicles sold over the last year. Altogether there are 10,000 electric...

ISIS's Oil Resources

ISIS has a network of pipelines so it is actually able to bring some of its oil to market.  The oil is earning the rebel group about $3 milllion day a day.  It is shipped through Turkey and  then sold on the black market. In many ways, ISIS is functioning more efficiently than other sections of the oil industry. 

Lockheed's Model for Nuclear Fusion

Lockheed Martin says it has solved the problem of nuclear fusion and has a device that will fit on the back of a truck. People have been claiming they are close to nuclear fusion for decades. The problem is that the temperature at which the hydrogen atoms sure as they do in the sun exceed the tolerance of any known material. Nothing can hold the fuel in place. But researchers have been...

Fuel Economy Gains Are Being Made

Along with the boom in oil and gas production, Americans have been carefully adjusting their driving and car purchases to conserve energy. No longer do you see Hummers roaming the streets. The payoff has been impressive. A recent study by Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute says that the amount of fuel being saved is 15.1...

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