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Thursday, May 28
Saudis' Drive to Kill U.S. Shale Has Totally Backfired - Mark Perry, IBD
End the Ban on Oil Exports - Merrill Matthews, The Hill
Exxon CEO Mocks Renewable Energy - Adam Lerner, Politico
Has Kentucky Accidentally Met EPA Targets? - N. Sadasivam, Olympian
The EPA's New Amphibious Attack - Editors, Wall Street Journal
It's Time to Put Nuclear on the Offensive - Milton Caplan, MZConsulting
Making Wind Turbines Bat-Proof with Whistles - Bridget Millsap, 3DPrint
Who Says You Can't Change Behavior? - Elisa Wood, E.EfficientMarkets
Wyoming Smart Grid Doesn't Meet Promise - Stephanie Joyce, KUNC-NPR
The Future of Vehicle Integration - Mike Tinskey, TriplePundit
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Wednesday, May 27
Iraq Douses the Market With Oil - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Why Do Women Hate Nuclear Energy? - David Roberts, VOX
Nuclear Isn't Really 0 Emission - But What Is? - M. Lenzen, Science 2.0
New Energy Vs. the Birds - Derrick Wilburn, American Thinker
YOU Can Pilot the Solar Plane (With a Simulator) - CleanTechnica
How China's SUV Craze Will Drive Oil to $80 - Bernstein, Barron's
N. Dakota Rig Counts May Be Sending a Signal - Jon Ogg, 24/7 Wall St.
Nigeria Hopes For a Big Oil Fix - William Wallis, Financial Times
Why The Natural Gas Rig Decline Slowed - A. Chamberlin, Market Realist
The Clean Coal Project Meant to Save an Industry Falters - Politico
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Tuesday, May 26
U.S. Hasn't Had This Much Oil Since, When, 1929? - Robert Grattan, HC
Iraq Is About to Flood the Market with Oil - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
Ground Zero in the U.S. Solar Wars: Nevada - Reem Nasr, CNBC
The Rise and Rise of Solar Power - Richard Branson, Virgin
Lessons From Europe: The Recipe for High Cost Energy - Daily Caller
Surge in Renewables Remakes California's Energy Landscape - e360
Panel: Canada Should Bury Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron - Forbes
Pursuit of Nuclear Energy Likely to Be More Wasted Time - BDLive
The Great Divide Between EIA And OPEC Data - Ron Patterson, OilPrice
Friday, May 22
OPEC May Condemn the World to an Oil Glut for Years - MarketWatch
Chart Shows How Oil Is Losing Its Grip on U.S. Transportation - Slate
Remember That Solar Plane? It's Turned Up - S. Leavenworth, McClatchy
What Killed Obama's Electric Car Dreams? - Eric Hal Schwartz, DCInno
Texas to Tesla: Git Of My Lawn! - Michael Richard, TreeHugger
Big EPA Just Wants to Get Bigger - H. Sterling Burnett, Heartland Institute
When the NYTimes took a Swipe at the EPA - Joe Romm, ThinkProgress
Investing: How To Peel Away the Hype - Michael Lynch, Forbes
The Climate/Security Linkage - What Obama Meant - David Roberts, Vox
Climate: Where Politics & Science Merge - Rupert Darwall, National Review
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Thursday, May 21
Crude Oil May Be Our Most Strategic Weapon - Jazz Shaw, Hot Air
Saudi Oil Minister: World Needs Fossil Fuels - Summer Said, WSJ
Obama: Climate Change is National Security Risk - Gary Sargent, WaPost
On Climate, Obama is Jekyll & Hyde - Ryan Cooper, The Week
The 2016 GOP Candidates and Climate Change - James Pethokoukis, AEI
Rather Than Divestiture, Try Carbon Balancing - John DeCicco, EC
EU Plans for Carbon Capture Fizzle - Stefanini & Oroschakoff, Politico
Fears Linger About Duke Coal Ash Spill - David Zucchino, LA Times
Protesting Shell Oil With Products Made by Shell - A. Herz, The Stranger
'Green' Seattle Confronts Coal, Oil Depots - Lynn Peeples, HuffPost
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Wednesday, May 20
Meet the (Quiet!) Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine - Colin Jeffrey, GizMag
Looking For Growth? Try Thorium-Based Nuclear - Deal Street Asia
This Startup Uses Salt to Create a Nuclear Alternative - Annie Pilon, SBT
Nuclear Power in the Age of Modi - Jaideep Prabhu, DNA
How Startup Oil Drillers Became Crowdfunding Stars - Moreno, Forbes
Taller Turbines Could Bring Wind Energy to Florida - Orlando Sentinel
Let's Increase LNG Exports - Dan Eberhart,
Why Is Oil So Stubbornly High? Asks Goldman - Shuli Ren, Barron's
The Best Cure For Low Oil May Be Low Oil - Sara Sjolin, MarketWatch
In Alberta, Oil, Cowboys...And Liberals? - Russell Cobb, New York Times
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Tuesday, May 19
Oil Prices: Where Next? Here Are the Forecasts - Georgi Kantchev, WSJ
Why a New Age of Nuclear Energy Is About to Dawn - The Fiscal Times
U.S. Should Look To Another Fuel: Methanol - Michael Krancer, Forbes
Greens Torpedo Bjorn Lomborg Project in Australia - James Delingpole
What a 50% Renewables Mandate Means for California - Utility Dive
Taller Turbines, More Wind Energy. Easy! - Rhiannon Meyers, Fuel Fix
Latin America Weighs Risk and Rewards of Shale Revolution - WPR
IMFt: A $5 Trillion Case for Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies? - CS Monitor
Shell Oil Chief: Fossil Fuel Critics 'Ignore Reality' - Financial Times
The Great Fossil Fuel Subsidy Myth - Alex Trembath, Breakthrough Inst.
Energy QOTD: On Cheap Batteries & Booming EV Sales - Pete Danko, BE
Monday, May 18
Shale Boom Is Over & Companies Have 1 Thing Left to Do - Biz Insider
Saudi Arabia Ramps Up War on the U.S. Shale Gas Industry - Yahoo
This May Be the Future of Solar Power - Ben Geier, Fortune
Solar Will Change The World, But Probably Not Like This - Breaking E
Drilling in Eagle Ford Will Be Cheaper in mid-2016 - Collin Eaton, Fuel Fix
Arctic Approval Reignites Drilling Debate - Brigham McCown, Forbes
Is Royal Dutch Shell's 'Problem Child' Business Growing Up? - CNBC

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