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Friday, November 21
Why Google Pulled the Plug on Renewables - Steven Hayward, Power Line
How to Talk Climate Change in Houston - David Graham, The Atlantic
A Carbon Tax Could Bolster Clean Energy - Eduardo Porter , NY Times
Alternate Energy Not Quite Ready for Prime Time - Isaac Orr, Orlando Sentinel
Americans Don't Understand Their Termostats - Chris Mooney , WaPost
Trying to Build a Future for Nuclear Power - Frank Jossi, Midwest Energy News
Are Europe's Hopes Fading Into Darkness? - Matthew Saltmarsh, USA Today
Germany's Renewable Market, in Charts - Zachary Shahan, CleanTechnica
Big Oil Can't Wait for GOP Majority - Michael Klare, Mother Jones
Cheap Energy Squeezes Out Solar in India - Natalie Pearson, Bloomberg
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Thursday, November 20
The EPA Must Give Nuclear A Fair Chance - Michaele Raap, Roll Call
Lawmakers: EPA Rules Unfair to Nuclear States - Alan Suderman, AP
Forget Any Notion of a Nuclear Revival - Michael McKenna, Trading Floor
House to EPA: We Want Searchable Data - Ian Smith,
Rpt: Solar Has 100 Times More Potential - Chris Mooney, WaPo
Amazon Goes Greener - Finally - Zack Whittaker, ZDNet
Why New York Needs a 50% RES by 2025 - J. Morris, NRDC Switchboard
Does Walmart Have a Dirty Energy Secret? - Inside Climate News
Today's Oddball Fuel Source: Pistachio Shells - Laura Palet, NPR
What's the Real Product of Oil & Gas Wells? (It's Not O&G) - Reuters
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Wednesday, November 19
Google Speaks: Why We Stopped R&D In Renewables - GreenTechMedia
Keystone Is Bringing Down the Democrats - John Kemp, Reuters
The Energy Future Has Never Looked Brighter - The Tennessean
A Carbon Tax Could Bolster Green Energy - Eduardo Porter, NYT
Is There Method In Obama's Keystone Madness? - Robert Zubrin, NRO
How A Small Town Investor Kept Halliburton Deal On Track - Forbes
Chinese Plan Reduces Coal Reliance - Associated Press
How NASA Illustrates Global Warming - Brad Plumer, VOX
India Finalizes Thorium Reactor Design - Kalyan Ray, Deccan Herald
Pelosi Choice Turned Down For Committee Spot - Mike Lillis, The Hill
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Tuesday, November 18
Guess What, Dems? "Drill, Baby, Drill" Worked - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Can Obama Trade Keystone for Something? - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
Obama's Warning on Oil Exports Rings Only Half True - Reuters
U.S. Shale and OPEC Oil: Game of Chicken? - Matt Clinch, CNBC
Did Russia & China Just Sign Death Warrant for U.S. LNG? - Kurt Cobb
What Bourbon Producers Can Teach Big Oil - Neil Irwin, The Upshot
Why Oil Is Not Like Bourbon - Loren Steffy, Forbes
Can Algae Be the Next Biofuel? - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
10 Things to Know about the Halliburton-Baker Hughes Deal - Fuel Fix
Hackers Attacked the U.S. Energy Grid 79 Times This Year - CNNMoney
Russia Sees Recession Next Year If Oil Price Falls to $60 - Bloomberg
Brazil's Petrobras Is a National Nightmare - Linette Lopez, Business Insider
Monday, November 17
Economist: DOE Cooked the Books in Report on Energy Loans - FT
FALSE: Keystone Would Create 42,000 "Ongoing" Jobs - PolitiFact
How Would Keystone Pipeline Affect U.S. Gas Prices? - WROC-TV
Keystone Is "Kind of Old News" for Oil Industry - Jim Snyder, Bloomberg
Venezuela Chavistas Win Big If Keystone XL Pipeline Loses - Daily Signal
Why Wind Farms Can Be Relied on for Zero Power - Energy Collective
Will the Saudis Drive U.S. Shale Out of Business? - John Kemp, Reuters
The Big Change In Energy Forecasts - Michael Kanellos, Forbes
Tiny Batteries Could Revolutionize Green Energy - Wendy Koch, NatGeo
Turmoil, Conflicts Cloud Global Energy Future - Nancy Owano,
Friday, November 14
Fossis Fuels Are the Moral Choice - Alex Epstein, FoxNews
Fracking Chems: No More Toxic than Ice Cream - News Staff, Science 2.0
What's the Future of Subsidies from New Congress? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Jobs! But Not From Keystone, From Green Energy - Bob Keefe, HuffPo
Global Warming: Does Our Military Know Something We Don't? - Forbes
Why Did Fracking Fail in Poland? - The Economist
Embracing Our Best Shot At A Low Carbon Future - Narayan Subramanian, EC
Uranium Is Hot Again - In Greenland - EurActiv
Obama Faces Tough Call On Keystone - Lauren Barron Lopez, The Hill
OPEC - Whistling Past the Graveyard - Peter Way, Seeking Alpha
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Thursday, November 13
The GOP Prepares For An Energy Battle - Denver Nicks, Time Magazine
The Coming Climate Onslaught - Restuccia and Martinson, Politico
Breaking Into the Flare Business - Patrick Miller, The Bakken
Keystone: It's No Longer Economically Viable - Tim Mullaney, CNBC
It's Time to Stop Digging a Climate Hole - Albany Times-Union
A Post-Solyndra DOE Loan Program Claims A Profit - Jeff Brady, NPR
Political Shifts Threaten Sane Energy Policy - Hartford Courant
World Faces 3.6 Degree Warming, Agency Says - Megan Darby, RTCC
Landrieu Wants Keystone Vote for Run-Off - Eric Bradner, CNN
Falling Oil Prices Take Toll On Energy's Junk Bonds - J. Phlegar, Forbes
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Wednesday, November 12
The U.S. Oil Bubble Bursts by 2020s, Says IEA - Daniel Graeber, UPI
Global Demand May Soon Outpace Supply - Sarah Kent, WSJ
Saudi Minister: It's All a Misunderstanding, No 'Price War' Talk - CNBC
Why the U.S./China Deal is a Game-Changer - Ben Adler, Grist
Is a Solar Bike Path Even Efficient? - Brad Plumer, VOX
Are the Dems Playing Politics W a Keystone Vote? - Dan Riehl, Breitbart
Polar Vortex: The Grinch That Stole Gas Holiday - E. MacDonald, FOX
Jimmy Fallon Gets What's Wrong With Solar - Alex Epstein, Forbes
The Moral Case For Burning Fossil Fuels - Robert Zubrin, NRO
With Climate, President May Have Found His Legacy - NBC News
Who's Winning the Wind War? China or the U.S.? - CleanTechnica
Tuesday, November 11
Can the GOP Change Obama's Energy Plans? - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
GOP Ties Noose Around Its Own Neck on Climate Change - Josh Brown
Will Obama Actually Veto Keystone XL? - Clare Foran, National Journal
How Green Is Green Energy? - Robert Fares, Scientific American
There's 1 Big Problem w/ Denmark's 100% Renewables Plan - PopMech
For OPEC, the Only Thing to Fear Is... - Phil Flynn, FOX Business
Will U.S. Shale Oil Undermine Its Own Success? -
Rail on Track for LNG Fuel, But Schedule Isn't Set - Fuel Fix
China and India Fall into an Australian Coal Hole - Tim Treadgold, Forbes
Texas and Germany: Energy Twins? - Ben Paulos, The Energy Collective

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