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Friday, December 19
Educating 1st Generation of Sustailability Mgrs. - Steven Cohen, Huff Post
Who Has Grassroots Support? Wind Energy - Shauna Theel, The Hill
10 Techs That Exploded in 2014 - Tracy Staedter, Discovery News
High-Energy Innovation: The Case for Shale - Jessica Lovering, EC
Industry Says Carbon Dioxide Is Good for Us - Dana Milbank, ArkCityNet
U.S. to Close Loophole on Coal Exports - Patrick Rucker, Reuters Africa
Nuclear Energy Deserves Debate - , The Columbian
Clogged Railroads Lead to High Electric Costs - Mario Parker, Char. Daily Mail
Public Support for Nuclear Reaches high in U.K. - Laura Onita, E&T Magazine
U.K.'s Biggest Solar Farm Connects to Grid - , The Guardian
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Thursday, December 18
Here's the Political Story Behind NY's Frack Ban - Steve Mufson, WaPo
Tesla's Model S: the Most Important Car in 20 Years - Telegraph
Can Japan Recapture the Solar Market? - Peter Fairley , MIT Tech Review
What Americans Think About Energy - Pew Research Center
IEA: US Needs to Save Nuclear From Fracking Fate - J. McMahon, Forbes
Obama's Keystone Confusion - Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator
Uranium Rallies as Asia Warms to Nuclear - Biman Mukherji, WSJ
Scientists, Don't Forget WMD Proliferation - Jim Green, The Ecologist
Look Across the NY-PA Border for Safe Fracking - Ken Cohen, ExxonMobil
We Can Ban Fracking---New York Paves the Way - Huffington Post
Could the Higgs Be Part of the Matter/Anti Matter Problem? - Discovery
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Wednesday, December 17
China: We'll Build Our Own Reactors - Brian Spegele, Wall Street Journal
Cuomo Speaks: Fracking Out For NY - Jesse McKinley, New York Times
Low Oil Doing Obama A Foreign Policy Favor - Steven Mufson, WaPo
NASA Sees Your Holiday Lights From Space - A. Kooser, CNET News
Back to the Future - Nuclear Energy - Josh Freed, Brookings Institution
You Can't Take the 'Vermont' Out of Vermont Yankee - Rutland Herald
Putting Excitement Back In Nuclear Tech - Rod Adams, EC
Renew Co.s Use New Clout In Statehouses - Jeffrey Stinson , Eagle Ford
What Spain Can Teach Texas About Solar - Terrence Henry, NPR
Where Does Solar Make Sense? - A State-By-State Map - Breaking Energy
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Tuesday, December 16
As the Oil Price Plunges, Gloom & Ill-Will, Oddly, Abound - Economist
Big Oil Could Chop $930B in Projects as Prices Fall - Collin Eaton, Fuel Fix
Why Big Oil Needs a Bailout in New OPEC Price War - Fiscal Times
Why $55 Oil Is Finally Freaking Out Wall Street - Jesse Solomon, CNN
McConnell: Keystone Will Be GOP Senate's First Move - Politico
Evaluating Fifteen Years of IEA Energy Forecasts - The Energy Collective
5 Big Trends in Home Energy in 2014 - Katherine Tweed, GreenTech Media
Climate Change Forcing Greens to Accept Nuclear Power - Wash Post
Can We Engineer Our Way Out of Climate Change? - American Interest
Natural Gas Is Overwhelmingly Replaces Coal - The Breakthrough
Monday, December 15
Saudi Arabia Is Playing Chicken with Its Oil - Mohamad Bazzi, Reuters
Oil Is the Federal Reserve's 800-Pound Gorilla - Paul La Monica, CNN
Oil Settles at $55.91 Per Barrel, Lowest Since May 2009 - CNBC
Will Cheap Oil Kill Keystone for Good? - Elana Schor, Politico
Use Low Oil Prices to Upset Foes - John Fund, National Review
Almost Everything You Know About Energy Isn't True - PennLive
GOP's New Fracking Hypocrisy - Kyle Schmidlin, Salon
Forget Hydrogen Cars, and Buy a Hybrid - Kevin Bullis, MIT Tech Review
Israel's Gas Offers Lifeline for Peace - Stanley Reed, New York Times
Is Cellulosic Ethanol All It's Cracked Up to Be? - The Energy Collective
Lima Deal Is Largely Voluntary. That May Be Its Best Feature - WaPo
The World's Top 10 Oil Companies - Paul Ausick, 24/7 Wall St.
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Friday, December 12
Oil Bubble Is Bursting in $550B Debt - Idzelis & Torres , Bloomberg
Energy Stocks May Be a Bargain - Victor Reklaitis, MarketWatch
IEA Cuts Oil Forecast for 2015 - Reed and Jolly, New York Times
Germany: We're Dependent on Gas for Next 70 Years - , RT
Climate Change Spurs Call for Nuclear - Josh Freed, Brookings
India Looks to Thorium for Self-Reliance - T.S. Subramanian, Frontline
Is Burning Old Tires "Renewable Energy" - Chris Clarke, KCET
Making the Switch to LED Christmas Lights - Jon Meyer, WNEP
Japan's Coal Burning Under Fire - Sheldrick & Tsukimori, Reuters
Can Sunspots Predict the Weather? - Monica Bobra, Scientific American
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Thursday, December 11
Jack Lew: Low Oil is an 'Unquestioned Positive' - Jeff Cox, CNBC
How Big Data Is Electrifying the Energy Sector - A. Groff, Energy Digital
The Sooty Palm Prints All Over a Michigan Bill - P. Kenneally, NRDC
Maine's Wind Farms Needs A Tax Credit Extension - Bangor Daily News
China Offers Billions to Push EVs -- That Run on Gas - Bloomberg News
Energy Efficient Homes Linked to Asthma - The Construction Index
An Easy Explanation For Ivanpah's Poor Performance - Stephen Lacey, EC
Should Solar Dwellers Pay to Maintain the Grid? - Peter Overby, NPR
Towards Nuclear Self Reliance - T.S. Subramanian, Frontline
PV System Design - What to Know Before You Start - Mother Earth News
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Wednesday, December 10
Style Trumps Substance In Global Climate Theatrics - The Australian
The Lima Talk's HUGE Carbon Footprint - Frank Bajak, AP
The Secret Deal to Save the Planet - Jeff Goodell , Rolling Stone
Why We Believe China Will Keep Its Climate Promises - HuffPo
No One Sucks On Climate Like Australia, Mate - G. Readfearn, Grist
The $249 Box To Catch Your Home's Power Hogs - The Verge
Wind Should Live Or Die On It's Own - Tom Pyle, Desert Sun
Are Burning Tires a Renewable? - Keith Methany, Detroit Free Press
An Energy Crisis -- Old Style - Nicole Friedman, Wall Street Journal
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Tuesday, December 9
Oil Price War Expands - Phil Flynn, FOX Business
Binding Climate Targets? Don't Waste Your Time - Tom Zeller, Bloomberg
Exxon: US Will Be One of Biggest Energy Exporters by 2025 - Fuel Fix
Energy Prices Collapse: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Yahoo
Has The Time Come To Say Bye-bye To The SPR? - Bill Tucker, Forbes
Selloff in Oil Prices May Be Just What the Energy Sector Needs - TSC
Big $$: Oil to Fall More, But Energy Stocks OK? - Larry Delevingne, CNBC
More Good News on Methane Emissions - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
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