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Friday, September 23
Is Cold Fusion Feasible...Or a Fraud? - Ethan Siegel, Forbes
Want to Stop Climate Change? Stop Having Babies - E. Roston, Bloomberg
Solar Highways Becoming a Reality - Jamie Ayque, Nature World News
Trump's Tired Energy Plan - Ben Adler, Grist
The EPA's Unlawful Power Grab - Marlo Lewis, The Daily Caller
China Wants a Nuclear Future - And ASAP - The Economist
How Many Years Does the Earth's Energy Have Left? - Yahoo! News
The Natural Gas War Burning Under Syria - James Durso, OilPrice
What If? Report Looks at a Fossil-Free U.S. - Kittle, Wisconsin Watchdog
Why Tesla's Next Target is Michigan - Geoff Colvin, Fortune
Thursday, September 22
Hillary Takes the Nuclear-Energy Option - Robert Bryce, National Review
First US Shale Gas Shipment to Arrive in Britain - O'Leary, Reuters
Critics Denounce Dakota Access for Artifact Destruction - The Guardian
Is OPEC All Talk? - Georgi Kantchev, Summer Said and Benoit Faucon, WSJ
U.S. Government to Factor Climate in National Security - Wash. Post
Inside the Summer of Hell and High Water - Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone
Pickens: Obama 'A Complete Loser For Energy' - Julia La Roche, Yahoo
The Burning Beauty of Solar in the Nevada Desert - Charley Locke, Wired
Wind Energy Boom In Colorado Spurs Further Investment - Forbes
US Would Have Bled 4.5 Million Jobs But For Fracking - Chris White, DC
Wednesday, September 21
The Ocean Garbage Myth We Needed to Save the Planet - Engber, Slate
Dakota Pipeline: Let's Stick to the Facts - Craig Stevens, The Hill
Oil Companies Hunker Down in Iraq - Sarah Kent/Selina Williams, WSJ
Trump on Science, Energy & Military Tech - Koerth-Baker/Mehta , 538
Pushing Solar Energy 'Down the Income Ladder' - Barbara Grady, GreenBiz
Nuclear in India: Why the Poor Have Hope - Vijay Jayaraj, Inside Sources
Taking Nuclear Green Via Reprocessing - Tim Echols, The Energy Times
Why Republicans Support Wind - Kiernan/Combs, Des Moines Register
How to Predict Grid-Crippling Solar Storms - Alexandra Witze, SciAm
Solar: Burning Beauty in the Nevada Desert - Charley Locke, Wired
Tuesday, September 20
Video: Oil and Gas Companies Facing Major Tech Disruption - Economist
US Hydro: The Potential For Converting Non-Powered Dams - PT
SEC Investigating Exxon on Valuing of Assets - Bradley Olson, WSJ
Energy Bill Can Boost American Innovation - Powell and Guith, The Hill
3 Ways Trump Could Abandon the Paris Climate Pact - John Upton, CC
Cheapest Solar on Record in Abu Dhabi - Anthony Dipaola, Bloomberg
All You Need to Know About the Clean Power Plan's Court - Utility Dive
Wind and Solar Power Enjoy Decade of Growth - Anmar Frangoul, CNBC
New Massachusetts Energy Storage Is a Big Deal - Julian Spector, GTM
The Dangers of 'Self-Driving' Car Hype - Scott Keogh, Wall Street Journal
Monday, September 19
Is the Power of King Coal Overstated? - Ross Gittins, SMH
Who Loses in Coal Bankruptcies? Coal Miners - Scott Tong, Marketplace
In PA Coal Country, Trump Is King - Thomas Fitzgerald,
The Problem With the Oil ETF: It Does a Great Job - Bloomberg View
Selling Energy Storage When the Economics Don't Work - Spector, GTM
EVs Can Go Far Enough. People Just Don't Know It Yet - D. Roberts, Vox
The World Won't Have a Future Without Solar Energy - HuffPo
Calculating the Financial Risks of Renewable Energy - R. Matheson, MIT
Britain Does a Brexit on Nuclear Power - Keith Williams, Seeking Alpha
Moniz: Nuclear Dump Needed for Obama's Climate Goals - Wash. Exam.
Friday, September 16
Why Apache's Latest Find Is a Game-Changer - M. McDonald, OilPrice
An Intriguing Step Towards Viable Carbon Capture - Rod Adams, Forbes
Clean Energy Won the $? So Where's the Growth? - E. Roston, Bloomberg
Fracking: A State Line Can Change Everything - G. Tomb, Am. Spectator
Can Tesla's Massive Energy Storage Help CA? - Robert Ferris, CNBC
If You Buy Only One Energy Stock... - Gene Marcial, CBS News
Hinkley Point: PM May Failed Her 1st Big Test - Delingpole, Breitbart
Lamar Alexander: Nuclear is Cheap, Safe & Reliable - The Chattanoogan
Will the Saudis Go For the Knockout? - Sara Nunnally, Seeking Alpha
Low Oil: a Slippery Slope for Russia - L. Todd Wood, Washington Times
Thursday, September 15
Goldman Sachs: Oil Price Will Stay Around $50 For...Years - Bloomberg
China's Oil Imports Will Keep Surging - Damon Evans, Forbes
The Sioux: On the Front Lines Vs. Climate Change - Dr. Jill Stein, The Hill
Nuclear Energy May Rise Again - Ken Silverstein, Environmental Leader
Surge In EV Sales Bucks Cheap Gasoline - Leslie Hayward, The Fuse
Shale Gas Triggers Major U.S. Petrochemical Expansion - Bloomberg BNA
How Much Will Consumers Pay to Fight Climate Change? - Sam Ori, WSJ
What Happens When Libya is Exporting 400,000 B/D - Moutaz Ali, OP
Hinkley Point -- UK's First New Nuclear Plant in Decades - The Guardian
Aging Coal Fleet a Factor in Record Plant Retirements - P. Maloney, UD
Wednesday, September 14
Terrestrial Energy's Advanced Nuclear Power - Rod Adams, Forbes
How a PG&E Came to See Renewables As a Good Deal - Tam Hunt, GTM
Carbon Taxes Alone Are Not a Golden Ticket - Mark Muro, WSJ
The $40B Time Bomb Threatening GOM Oil - Alex Plough, Forbes
Methane's No Monster, McKibben - Isaac Orr, American Spectator
Chief Obama & the Dakota Pipeline - Editorials, Wall Street Journal
Iran's Plan to Lure Big Oil - Amir Handjani, Bloomberg
How the Middle East Can Recover From Low Oil - Jorge Marsical, CNBC
Venezuela Avoids Default Again - Dimitra DeFotis, Barron's
The History of Lithium-Ion Batteries is Explosive - Matthew Eisler, Slate
Tuesday, September 13
US Shale Output to Drop 11th Straight Month - Catherine Ngai, Reuters
Why Removing CO2 From Air Should Get Attention - Bobby Magill, CC
Batteries Needed To Support Solar Power Don't Yet Exist - Daily Caller
IEA Cuts Global Oil Demand Forecast on Asian Wobble - B. Faucon, WSJ
Oil Bust on Par With Telecom Crash of Dot-Com Era - Houston Chronicle
2017 Chevy Bolt Will Have 238-Mile Range - Green-Living Guy
The Difficulty of Oil Pipeline Routing - Meghan Gordon, Platts
EPA Official: 'Dickheads' Resisted Fracking Regs - Washington Free Beacon
Ukraine Tries to Avoid Russian Gas Pressure - Daniel Graeber, UPI
Benighted Kazakh Field Won't Reach Target Until 2026 - Bloomberg
Monday, September 12
How America Keeps Finding Vast New Stores - Daniel Gross, Slate
Why We Must Build the Dakota Access Pipeline Now - B. Blakeman, Hill
Norway Forced to Cancel Arctic Drilling Plans - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Make Natural Gas a (Shorter) Bridge to the Future - Bloomberg View
Lawmakers Buckle Down on Energy Priorities - Kyle Feldscher, WE
Can the US Develop a Supergrid Before China? - John Fialka, E&E
Space Age Solar Cells, Coming Soon To A Rooftop Near You - CleanTech
New Use for Abandoned Mines: Energy Storage - Myles Gough, Guardian
France to Tender 1.35 GW of Rooftop Solar - Sam Pothecary, PV Magazine
The Clean Tech Electricity Future - Bill Roth, Triple Pundit

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