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Saturday, July 4
Germany Breaks 'Energiewende' Paradox - James Conca, Forbes
Fracking Pushes US Manufacturing Cost Below China's by 2018 - MN
Republican Governors Thwart Obama's Climate Rules - New York Times
Federal Agencies May Consider Climate Costs in 2016 - Wash. Examiner
Iran Talks Approaching Breakthrough - Jonathan Tirone, Bloomberg
Iran Close to Submitting International Oil Contract Template - Reuters
Russia Takes Full Advantage Of Greek Crisis - Nick Cunningham, Oil Price
Ghost of Europe's Future Past: Pipelines - The National Interest
Regions Vow to Cut Carbon at Local Summit - Alex Pashley, RTCC
Tesla Continues to Walk the Tightrope - William Tucker, FuelFreedom
Solar Impulse Completes Epic Flight to Hawaii - Jonathan Amos, BBC
Sen. Whitehouse Doesn't Like Obama's Arctic Policy - Chip Giller, Grist
New York Fracking Ban Starts Clock for Lawsuits - Jon Campbell, D & C
Thursday, July 2
Shale 2.0 Will Keep the (Cheap) Oil Flowing - Bill Conerly, Forbes
Is Saudi Arabia Leaving the U.S. Behind for Russia? -
Cheapest. Solar. EVER. Austin's $.04/KWh Electricity - Energy Collective
Wait: There's MORE Solar Than We Thought, Too? - David Roberts, Vox
Dutch Quixote: Why The Dutch Oppose Windmills - The Economist
Germany's Energy Transition Breaks Energiewende Paradox - Forbes
Can This Robot Make French Nuclear Power Plants Safer? -
What Energy Shortage? - Jostein Eikeland, Project Syndicate
The Big Energy Prize: Mexico's Deepwater - Jason Fargo, Energy Intel
How the EPA Puts a Price Tag on Pollution - Nick Stockton, Wired
Justice Kagan Dead Wrong about EPA Costs - Doug MacEachern, USAT
Al Qaeda's Next Target: American Oil Tankers - Sarah Kaufman, Vocativ
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Wednesday, July 1
The Clean Energy Revolution Graveyard - Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune
Solar Power Needs to Get Better. Are Perovskites the Answer? - Vox
Let's Celebrate American Energy This July 4 - Mark Green, Energy Tom.
Shell CEO: Shale Has Been Stymied by the Saudis - Christopher Adams, FT
How the Next US Nuclear Accident Could Happen - Hugh Gusterson, BAS
The Grid Is at a Fork in the Road - Leia Guccione, Rocky Mountain Institute
China's War Against Carbon Begins - Frank Jotzo, The National Interest
PEW: Young Americans Against Offshore Drilling, Nuclear - Fuel Fix
My, Oh, My How the Natural Gas World Has Changed - EIA
Arctic Drilling Future Now Rests On One Well - Charles Kennedy, OilPrice
A Great Day for Coal? Not Exactly - Michael Grunwald, Politico
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Tuesday, June 30
It's the Ecology, Stupid: The Pope Targets U.S. Politics - Conversation
Remember All That Oil in Storage? Here It Comes - Nicole Friedman, WSJ
The Saudis May Have Been Fractured by U.S. Shale - Sober Look
Clean Energy Beats the Market - Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg View
Renewable Energy By Any Other Name Doesn't Smell As Sweet - Forbes
Africa's Low-Carbon Revolution - Kevin Watkins, Project Syndicate
Moving Nuclear Energy Discussions Forward - Rod Adams, Atom. Insights
Did the Supremes Resurrect Coal? - John Siciliano, Washington Examiner
The Supreme Court Cannot Save King Coal - Editors, Bloomberg View
The Mercurial Supreme Court - Editorial, Wall Street Journal
Driverless Cars: The Transportation Revolution Is Coming - Climate Etc.
Why an Iran Deal Could Mean Lower Oil Prices - Matt Belvedere, CNBC
Monday, June 29
Are We Headed for Global Warming Collapse? - Ron Patterson, OilPrice
Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama's Green Agenda - Politico
Hawaii Wrestles with Vagaries of Solar Power - Wall Street Journal
Solar = 1% of Global Electricity. How Long Will Next 1% Take? - PV Tech
Is Fukushima Getting Worse? - Robert Hunziker, CounterPunch
At a Crossroads, Biofuels Seek a New Path Forward - Richard Martin, MIT
Offshore Wind Still Best Bet for Clean Energy - Ann Berwick, Boston Globe
Here Are the Crude Oil Charts to Watch Now - Jesse Colombo, Forbes
Is Arctic Oil a Losing Gamble? - Michael Byers, Globe and Mail
The EPA's Big Land Grab - Larry Combest, The Hill
The Prospects for UK Shale Gas Have Never Looked Bleaker - Guardian
Nature Provides Novel Solution to Energy Storage Problem - OilPrice
Friday, June 26
The Great Well of China - The Economist
Is the U.S. Oil Glut an EIA Invention? - Leonard Brecken,
How Fracking Is Fueling a Power Revolution from Coal to Gas - NPR
An Offshore Nuclear Power Plant? - Nancy Stauffer, MIT Technology Review
How Much Oil Does the World Have Left? - Jude Clemente, Forbes
Coal and Solar Are Neck-and-Neck in Developing World - Vice News
EPA's Growing Battle with Big Corn and Big Ethanol - Examiner
How to Make an Unworkable Law Even Worse - Thomas Pyle, Roll Call
Why Big Tech Is Buying Solar Energy - Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune
How to Get Solar Power If You Don't Own a Roof - David Roberts, Vox
Turbines Could Power the Next Generation of Trucks - Bloomberg
Rare Earths: Not So Rare Now? - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Outlook
Thursday, June 25
Why Warren Buffett Bet a Billion on Solar - Henry Hewitt,
Fracking Foes Are Losing the War - Valerie Richardson, Washington Times
Cheap, Green Energy Now Within Reach - Bill McKibben, The New Yorker
Ethanol: Around and Around We Go - William Tucker, Fuel Freedom
American Oil Production Is Still Strong - Gary Wolfram, Detroit News
The New, Hot Politics of Oil Abundance - Lee Lane, National Affairs
After 10 Years of Decline, Solar Panel Prices Are on the Rise - Forbes
Charts: Renewables Just Had Their Best Year Ever - Cassie Werber, Qz
Time for a TAX on Electric Vehicles? - Savannah Saunders, Economics21
Investing In Nuclear Power Just Got More Interesting -
New Fuel Standards Won't Help the Environment - Daily Signal
Cuba Wants Clean Energy. Can the U.S. Deliver? - David Ferris, E&E
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Wednesday, June 24
A Threat to the Oil Boom No One's Talking About - Elaine Pofeldt, CNBC
Could $12 Trillion Trigger a Renewables Revolution? -
The Economic Limitations of Wind and Solar Power - David Roberts, Vox
The Way Humans Get Electricity About to Change Forever - Bloomberg
Solar Cells That Could Store Energy for Weeks - William Pentland, Forbes
Why the Saudis Are Going Solar - Jeffrey Ball, The Atlantic
Why Are the Government's Energy Forecasts So, So Bad? - Politico
Dutch Earthquake Sends Ripples Across Europe - Keith Johnson, FP
GazProblems: Russia Faces Bleak Energy Future - The American Interest
How to Keep Energy Affordable - Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY), The Hill
How Much Land Does Solar, Wind and Nuclear Energy Require? - EC
What's Really Warming the World? - Roston & Migliozzi, Bloomberg
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