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Tuesday, September 30
Oil Crashes - Joe Weisenthal, Business Insider
Benefits of Solar Panels Clear After 2 Years - Peter Murtha, Wash Post
"German Example" Should Curb Our Green Enthusiasm - Desert Sun
Carbon Taxes Don't Kill Jobs - Editors, Bloomberg View
Another Way to Look at the Utility Death Spiral - Michael Kanellos, Forbes
What's Holding Back Electric-Car Sales? - Yuliya Chernova, WSJ
The Case for Electric Vehicles, Part 1: The Driving Experience - BE
The Logic in Exporting U.S. Oil - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
More Good News on Methane Emissions - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
A U-Turn for a Terminal Built in Texas to Import Natural Gas - NYT
Is There Any Hope for International Climate Talks? - David Roberts, Grist
Monday, September 29
Green Energy and Red Tape - Katie Tubb and Jack Spencer, National Review
$40 Billion Up for Grabs from the DoE - Amy Harder, Wall Street Journal
Solar Power Could Be World's Main Energy Source by 2050 - Fortune
Get Ready for Higher Energy Prices, New England - Bill Pentland, Forbes
Electricity Still Dominates American Energy and Is Climbing - RCE
Let's Attack Waste, Not Global Warming - John Hofmeister, WSJ
Fracking in the US: A Story of One Man's Oil Well - William Sargent, CSM
Is the U.S. Making the Right Bet on Nuclear Weapons? - Nat'l Journal
The GOP Is Divided Over the Oil Export Ban - Elana Schor, Politico
Friday, September 26
Air Raids Disrupt ISIS Oil Pumping - Agence France Presse
Energiewende: More a Slogan Than a Coherent Plan - The Economist
Yeah, Oil Companies Are Good for Rural America - T. Miller, Town Hall
Siemens: We're in Fossils for Long Term - Harvey & Goldenberg, Guardian
'Why I Blew the Whistle at EPA' - Alan Carlin, Heartland Institute
Nuclear Must Be Part of the Climate Cure - Ron Kirk, Forbes
NE Electric Costs Will Spike This Year - Jim Haddadin, Franklin Gazette
What Is the True Cost of Mitigating Climate? - Tam Hunt, GreenTechMedia
Demonstrating Physics to the Young - Vernon Clark,
Who Would You Pick for Fantasy Green Team? - Grist
The Climate Policies That Hurt the Poor - Shawn Ritenour, PennLive
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Thursday, September 25
New Tech Could Make Nuclear Cheaper Than Coal - Pritchard, Telegraph
Will US Air Strikes Reduce ISIS Oil Riches? - CNN
Murkowski: Energy Must Influence Our ISIS Policy - The Hill
We Need More Oil Conflict Diplomacy - Amy Jaffe, EC
Dick Morris: Bomb ISIS Oil Fields - The Hill
'Hoover Dam' of Wind Proposed For Western States - M. Wilcox, WBR
Economist: Mexican Reform Could Bring Billions To Texas - R. Poppe, TPR
Wall St. & Main St. Voted. Clean Energy Won - J. Silver, CleanTechnica
Marcellus Reps Unveil New Ad Campaign - Sam Kusic, PBT
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Wednesday, September 24
Are Renewables Really Green? - Kamala Vainy Pillai , Forbes
On Climate, Obama Cheerleads Better Than He Leads - The New Republic
Wind Must Avoid the PV's Fate - Bernd Radowitz, Recharge
Is Fracking Greener than Solar and Wind? - Karl Mathiesen, The Guardian
Dodd-Frank Vs. Energy - John Berlau, National Review
Once Upon a Prairie - Wind in Iowa - Susan Beckman, The Energy Collective
The Meaning of the March's Defining Photo - Jonathan Jones, The Guardian
The Air Comes Out of the Climate Change Talks - R. Darwall, RCP
Japan Must Re-Embrace Nuclear Energy - Jay Hallen, Forbes
Energy Policy: Wild Card in 2014? - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
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Tuesday, September 23
UN Climate: Is There Hope For Anything NEW? - Brad Plumer, VOX
Study: Nature, Not Humans, Behind West Coast Warming - Seattle Times
Nuclear/Coal: The Clean Energy Bridge - Michael Krancer, Forbes
Clean Energy's Dirty Secrets - Rupert Darwall, National Review
Shale's Promise Lures German Giant - Collin Eaton, Houston Chronicle
Tesla's High Stakes Gamble - The Economist
Frying High! Finnair Fills Up With Cooking Oil - Chris Kitching, Daily Mail
Why That (Awesome) March Won't Change Politics - David Roberts, Grist
Was The Climate March Really Historic? - Jesse Jenkins, EC
Can You Afford to Go As Green As the Rockies? - Loren Steffy, Forbes
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Monday, September 22
Siemens Makes $7.6 B Bet On U.S. Fracking - Ewing/Reed, New York Times
Thorium Reactors: Part Of Our Future? - Peter Detwiler, Forbes
What Really Drives The Anti-Frack Zealots? - P. Driessen , Canada FP
Does Fossil Fuel Divestment Work? - Ben Geman, National Journal
What If Solar Generators Ran All Night? - Ari Rabinovitch, Reuters
Emma 'Gaia' Thompson V. 'Bonkers' Deniers - J. Delingpole, Breitbart
The Crumbling Climate Consensus - John Fund, National Review
People's Climate Demarche - , Wall Street Journal
UN Summit: Guilty Of Sin Of Omission - David Miliband, The Guardian
Summit: Most Interesting Is Who's A No-Show - Adam Taylor, WaPo
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