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Friday, June 24
Oil Made Venezuela Rich...Now Poor - Ben Casselman, 538
Brexit Will Boost Nuclear in the UK - Rod Adams, Forbes
Oil Prices & the Brexit: What Just Happened? - Matt DiLallo, Motely Fool
The Enormous Risk Of Saudi Oil Reform - Sagatom Saha, National Interest
Cali, You Can't Fight Warming AND Nuclear Power - Editorial, SD UT
Did Conflict of Interest Drive the Diablo Canyon Closure? - E. Progress
'Canyon' Deal: the End for US Nuclear Power - Michael Hiltzik, LA Times
Coal to Solar: How to Retrain the Workforce? - Science Daily
Saudi Arabia to U.S.: The Oil War is Over - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Britain Waives the Rules for Oil - Liam Denning, Bloomberg
Thursday, June 23
Go South, Solar Investors - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
U.S. Shale Just Won Its Biggest Case In Years - Dave Forest, OilPrice
1.3GW Of Storage = White House Goal - Jake Richardson, CleanTechnica
The Solar Plane: Limitations & Possibilities - Mike Montgomery, Forbes
Musk: Squaring Off Against China For Tesla's Future - Bloomberg
House Tour: Zero Net Energy - Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
Close Diablo Canyon - But Meet CO2 Goals - Editorial Board, LA Times
Elon Musk's Subsidy Aggregation - Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal
Tesla's Done Being an Auto Company - Jack Stewart, Wired
The EPA's Stacked Science Panel - Michael Batasch, Daily Caller
Wednesday, June 22
Judge Rejects Federal Authority to Make Rules on Fracking - AP
California's Plan to Slash Oil Use by Cars in Trouble - Sacramento Bee
Losing a Nuclear Weapon Against Climate Change - Bloomberg
What Do Brexit Groups Says About Climate? - Kyla Mandel, DeSmogUK
Polish Prime Minister Fears Gas Pipeline Will Divide Europe - Reuters
Gasoline Demand More Elastic Than Believed - Houston Chronicle
EU Reaches 2020 Emissions Target Six Years Early - Climate Home
Are The Greens Really the Climate Radicals We Need? - The Conversation
U.S. Crude Storage Capacity Utilization Grows - Mason Hamilton, EIA
OPEC Revenues Fall to 10-Year Low - Grant Smith, Rigzone/Bloomberg
Tuesday, June 21
Venezuela's Oil Output Could Fall 500,000 B/D in 2016 - FuelFix
Legal Liability and Autonomous Vehicles - Matt Piotrowski, The Fuse
Canada Struggles Over its Future Energy Role - Allen Brooks, OilPro
Global Oil Demand Shows No Sign of Peaking - John Kemp, Reuters
Low Prices May Undermine U.S. Petroleum Reserve Value - NPR
California to Close Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant by 2025 - Gavin Bade, UD
China Could Go Big On Wind, But Must Adjust Grid -
The Panama Canal Expands - Costas Paris, Wall Street Journal
End of an Atomic Era: Diablo Canyon Closes - David R. Baker, SFGate
Albertans Deserve to Know Costs of Carbon Tax - Calgary Herald
Monday, June 20
Can't Stop the Shale - Terry Wade & Ernest Scheyder, Reuters
Is Toyota Finally Shifting to Real Battery-Electric Cars? - CleanTechnica
The Green Roller Coaster - Caren Chesler, Slate
To Protect the Grid From Hackers, You Need to Break It - Kevin Eber, BE
FTC Seeks to Expand Power Over Solar - Benjamin Zycher, The Hill
Is the EPR Nuclear Reactor Fit for the Current Market? - Q. Phillipe, EP
What Happens to Oil if There's a Brexit? - Holly Ellyatt, CNBC
The Next Big Feud Over Climate Change - J. Siciliano, Washington Examiner
Slavery At Sea: The Ugly Underbelly Of Oil Shipping - J. Geiger, OilPrice
Two Catalysts Efficiently Turn Plastic Trash Into Diesel - S. Johnson, Ars
Friday, June 17
Exxon's Inquisitors Feel the Heat - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Will This Trade Group Save Our Bats? - Jessica Ramos, Care2
Political Implications of New Saudi/Iranian Oil Economies - Brookings
Alaska Drills Down on 'Double Dipping' - Dermot Cole, ADN
Are Clinton's Solar Goals Feasible? - Daniel Cohan, The Hill
Why Apple Energy is a Wake Up Call for Business - Tim Healy, Forbes
New 'Virtual Grid' Experiment In NY/CT - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
Winnipeg's C02 Goal? Up Instead of Down - Bartley Kives, CBC News
Northwestern Senators: Stop the Oil Trains - Joel Connelly, Seattle PI
Greens Scream but Fracking Comes to Britain - A. Follett, Daily Caller
Thursday, June 16
Exxon: The Climate Police Blink - Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal
Bribery, Corruption: Oil Investment in Iran - Mansour Kashfi,
How Arctic Oil Boosts National Security - Richard Kauzlarich, RCE
Is Burning Wood Really 'Carbon Neutral'? - Chelsea Harvey, WaPo
Why Solar Skips Low-Income Pennsylvanians - A. Frazier, Public Source
How New Turbines Turn Dams Into Big Batteries - Michael Coren, Quartz
Oil: The $50 Sweet Spot - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Solar's Great, Wind's Great, But We Still Need Nuclear - R. Bryce, LAT
Illinois Coal's Last Stand - Kari Lydersen, Chicago Reader
Clean Energy Cost: Nosediving Ahead - Hirtenstein/Habboush, Bloomberg
Wednesday, June 15
Renewables: Away From Stuff, Into Intelligence - David Roberts, VOX
Can New England Keep the Lights On? - Peter Detwiler, Forbes
Who Wants Turbines? (Besides Crony Capitalists) - Marita Noon, Breitbart
4 Decades of Subsidy for Uncompetitive Energy - Benjamin Zycher, AEI
Cheap Energy Storage Will Undermine Fossil Fuels - Irina Slav, OilPrice
Hydrogen & Wind: Allies For Sustainability - Deutsche Welle
8 Creative Ways Cities Are Fighting Temperature Rise - E. Hart, New York
The EPA's New Fracking Waste Water Ban - Jon Hurdle, State Impact
Why Are They Still Killing Bats? - Amy Mathews Amos, Scientific American
U.S. Nuclear Is Alive and Well (and In TN) - Myra Saefong, MarketWatch
Tuesday, June 14
How the Plug-And-Play Revolution Will Change the Grid - Forbes
Venezuela: Oil Shock & Economic Catastrophe - Virginia Lopez, Aljazeera
Liberal Congresswoman Goes Anti-Solar - Ben Adler, Grist
Solar: Cheaper by the Minute - Without Subsidies - Tibi Puiu, ZME Science
IEA: Global Markets Heading For Balance - Summer Said, WSJ
For Oil, an Almost-Perfect Storm - Andrew Hecht, Seeking Alpha
Why Apple's New Business Should Scare Utilities - L. Hepler, GreenBiz
How Companies Can Use Energy Strategically - Harvard Business Review
Orrin Hatch: 'Obama Seems Intent On Raising Prices' - The Hill
Can Saudi Arabia Rebuild Itself From Scratch? - Sabah Khadri, Gatestone
Monday, June 13
On Track for a Golden Age of Gas? - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Post
U.S. LNG Can Benefit From Today's Glut - Charlie Riedl, Wash. Examiner
After Nuclear Deal, Iran Pulls Quick Oil Production Rebound - NPR
Oil Prices Slip Under Pressure of Economic Worries - L. George, Reuters
World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity - Tom Randall, Bloomberg
Oil Supply Disruptions Highest in Five Years - Nick Cunningham, OilPrice
Gas Is Going Up, but Maybe Not Enough - Jeff Sommer, NYT
Solar Is Going to Get Ridiculously Cheap - Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune
Natural Gas Is a Buy - Robert Rapier, Forbes
Energy Storage Isn't Necessary for a Cleaner Grid - Julian Spector, GTM

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