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Thursday, February 11
OPEC Has Absolutely No Reason to Change Course - Jeff Reed, OilPro
Initial Output Rates For US Tight Oil Continue to Rise - Michael Mobilia, EIA
The Kashagan Debacle: Don't Trust Conventional Wisdom - Energy Intel
Some US States Move Forward on Carbon Plan - S. Reklev, Carbon Pulse
High Court Emissions Ruling Doesn't Matter, Advocates Say - Reuters
SolarCity Selloff Justified - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Utilities, Solar, and the Fight for Your Roof - Seth Blumsack, Huffington Post
Fed Traces Financial Market Volatility to Oil - Argus Media
Pioneer Natural Slashes Budget, Cuts Drilling - Fuel Fix/Bloomberg
Pennsylvania Gov. Proposes 6.5% Marcellus Tax - S. Phillips, StateImpact
Wednesday, February 10
How a Bureaucratic Innocuity Could Derail Iranian Oil -
Canada's Already On Track To Fail Paris Climate Goals - Nat. Observer
Self-Driving Cars: Who Gets the Traffic Ticket? - Consumer Affairs
The Carbon Tax Budget - Wall Street Journal
Fusion Vs Fission: Green Nuclear Technology - Stuart Gary, ABC
An OPEC Production Cut Waits For This Number - Art Berman, Forbes
Things Are Getting Tricky At the Gigafactory - S. Edelstein, Green Car Rpts
Context For the Clean Power Plan - Jonathan Adler, Washington Post
Endangered: America's Ambitious Climate Plan - The Economist
King Salman's First Year - Neville Teller, Eurasia Review
Tuesday, February 9
How Soon Will The Stars Align For OPEC? - Matthew Reed, Energy Fuse
IEA: Oil Glut Could Still Grow in Second Half of 2016 - C. Eaton, FuelFix
Oil Drillers Exposed in Three-Way Hedges - Asjylyn Loder, Bloomberg
Uncertainty Lingers Over LNG As Chinese Demand Wavers - Oil Price
Obama's Oil Tax Is Running on Empty - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
Outlook For SolarCity Isn't That Bright - Maria Gallucci, IB Times
Natural Gas Races Ahead in Affordability - Philippe Roos, Energy Intel
Obama to Set First-Ever Climate Rules for Airlines - J. Siciliano, Wash. Ex.
Solar Cell Technology Roadmap for 2016 - Finlay Colville, PV-Tech
Modular Reactors the Future of Nuclear Energy - R. Mayes, MagicValley
BLM's Proposal To Reduce Methane: Why It Matters For America - EDF
Monday, February 8
Energy Storage Is Finally Poised for a Breakthrough - The Guardian
Natural Gas Investments Could Spell Trouble for Utilities - Utility Dive
Why Google Is Working on Wireless Charging for Cars - C. Beck, CSM
Obama's Ill-Conceived Oil Tax Idea - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Outlook
Lost Oil Jobs Are a Drag - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
The Consumerization of Energy Is Just Beginning - Bennett Cohen, GTM
Why Many Economists Support Obama's Idea of a Tax on Oil - WaPo
Big Pipeline Brawls Brewing in 2016 - John Siciliano, Washington Examiner
Built Up by Oil Boom, North Dakota Now Has an Emptier Feeling - NYT
The New Nuclear Energy Revolution - Ronald Bailey, Reason
RealClearEnergy Founding Editor Bill Tucker Passes - RealClearEnergy
Friday, February 5
From Iran to Nigeria, Cheap Oil is Dangerous - Fareed Zakaria, WaPo
Call It Obama's Fracking Tax - Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller
A Start-Up With a Smaller, Safer Reactor - Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune
Pride, Predjudice & Zombie Oil Companies - Michael Lynch, Forbes
The Oil Rout: What's the Endgame? - William Watts, MarketWatch
Energy Loans Likely To Hurt Big Banks - Ken Sweet, ABC News
How Hidden City Labyrinths Make Clean Energy - C. Nunez, NatGeo
Is Russia Playing Crude Oil Roulette? - Dan Perkins, The Hill
The Gigafactory: Said the Joker to the Thief... - Seeking Alpha
OPEC: Is a Behind-the-Scenes Deal in the Works? - The National
Thursday, February 4
Oil Major Converge On New Drilling Hotspot - Dave Forest, OilPrice
Exxon Shows The Benefits of Being Big - Cyrus Sanati, Fortune
Eagle Ford, Bakken Shale Output on the Decline - Jennifer Hiller, FuelFix
West Coast Could Cut Oil Use In Have By 2030 - Edelstein, GreenCarReport
The Inside Story of Shell's Arctic Assault - Barry Yeoman, Audobon
Audubon Goes over the Edge - Bob Endlich, MasterResource
Oil Export Ban Repeal Allows New Outlets for Oil Sands - Collins, OilPro
ConocoPhillips Cuts its Dividend Amid Oil Price Slump - Ed Crooks, FT
15-Year Coal, Natural Gas Shift Only Took One Year - C. Mooney, WP
Podcast: How Did Nevada Rooftop Solar Get So Screwed Up? - GTM
Wednesday, February 3
Nuclear Fusion Experiment Begins In Germany - The Independent
Can CA Survive Shuttering Diablo Canyon? - Tim McDonnell, Mother Jones
Why Are We Propping Up This Toxic Industry? - G. Monbiot, The Guardian
Keystone Foes Take Aim At Obama's Atlantic Plan - Bloomberg
Will Saudi Arabia's New Austerity Be Enough? - Mike Bird, WSJ
The Biggest Energy Storage Projects of 2015 - Mike Stone, GreenTech
The Ethanol Racket: Does America Get It Yet? - Loris, The Daily Signal
Climate Visions Clash In Iowa Caucuses - Scientific American
Could Russia and OPEC Really Strike an Oil Deal? - Jenny Cosgrave, CNBC
Marty McFly's Car in Your Garage? Not So Fast... - Forbes
Tuesday, February 2
GE's Long Lumpy History as a Lightbulb Seller - Michael Kanellos, Forbes
Russia Cries Dyadya (Uncle.) Saudis, Listening? -
Exxon: When Bad Oil News Isn't So Bad - Spencer Jakab, WSJ
10 Things I Love About My EV - Erik Nelsen, Breaking Energy
Is Cruz's Iowa Victory A Blow to 'Big Corn'? - Chris Prentice, Reuters
Nuclear Licenses: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times - POWER
Here's How Anti-Ethanol Cruz Won In Corn Country - M. Bastasch, TLR
Oregon Utilities Back 50% Renew RFS - Robert Walton, Utility Dive
New Englanders, for Power, Look To the Sea - F. Hewett, Cognoscenti
California Gas Leak Exposes NG Risks - Richard Martin, MIT Tech Review
Monday, February 1
Oil's Plunge Won't Drag Down the U.S. Economy - Justin Fox, BV
What Will Cheap Gas Do to Electric Cars? - Tamara Warren, The Verge
California Maintains Crucial Solar Policy - Katie Fehrenbacher, Fortune
What's Keeping El Nino at Bay in Southern California - Los Angeles Times
Optimism for Mexico Solar Despite Market Headwinds - Critchley, GTM
Coal Will Struggle To Survive Australian Solar Surge - M. McDonald, OP
Another Victim of Cheap Oil: Airline Interest in Biofuels - Reed, Forbes
Ethanol Mandate, a Boon to Iowa Alone, Faces Rising Resistance - NYT
Magnetic Trains: Attracting Interest in Japan - Anmar Frangoul, CNBC
What Is Holding Back the Growth of Solar Power? - Mathiesen, Guardian
Friday, January 29
The U.S. Is Approaching a Nuclear Cliff - Llewellyn King, Inside Sources
The Great Russia-Saudi Oil Truce of 2016 - Keith Kohl, Energy & Capital
Thorium - the Alternative Nuclear Fuel - , SciDevNet
Big Oil Needs a New Vision - Eric Reguly, Globe and Mail
I'm Betting Against Climate Change...Literally - Delingpole, The Spectator
Snow Blindness: the GOP & Climate Change - The Economist
Electric Cars? The Propects Look Grim - Neil Winton, Forbes
Is Obama Blocking Smart Hydropower? - Ben Adler, Grist

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