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Wednesday, May 4
Clinton on Coal Miners: Let Them Eat Solar Panels - Wall Street Journal
How Ivanpah Upped its Game in Year 2 - Susan Kraemer, Clean Technica
Clean Energy: Kick the Mandate Habit - J. Winston Porter, The Hill
Is the Lithium Air Battery the Next Big Thing? - Nanowerk
Renews to Power UK? An Appalling Delusion - D. Carrington, Guardian
Can I Live Off the Grid With My Tesla Model X? - Nickolaus Hines, Inverse
Solar Investments Don't Pay Off - ValueWalk
Warmists Try to Gag the Times - James Delingpole,
Wind: It's no Longer the Underdog - Taylor Heyman, PowerTechnology
It's Now or Never for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles - Joann Muller, Forbes
Tuesday, May 3
Colorado Supreme Court Strikes Down Local Fracking Bans - NYT
The Quiet Alaskan - Tim Sohn, The New Yorker Magazine
Declining Energy Prices Lower the Cost of Living - Janice Lent, EIA
Oil Price Rally Isn't as Deep Rooted - Javier Blas, Bloomberg
New Jersey Has No Plan to Comply With Clean Power Plan - NJ Spotlight
Anticipated U.S. Gas Decline May Lead to 2020 Shortfall - Argus Media
5 Trends Shaping 66 Gigawatt Global Solar Market - Mike Munsell, GTM
Gov. LePage Veto of Maine Solar Bill Upheld - Miller, Portland Press Herald
Greens Predict Boom In Spanish Energy - Andrew Follett, Daily Caller
Half of Leading Investors Ignore Climate Change - Simon Jessop, Reuters
What Failed Halliburton-Baker Deal Means - Michael Lynch, Forbes
Saudi-Iran Split Muddies OPEC Long-Term Strategy - El Gamal, Reuters
Monday, May 2
Republican Attitudes on Climate Change Thaw - R. Martin, Tech Review
California's Excess Solar Energy "Problem" - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
The Secretive, Billionaire-Backed Plans to Harness Fusion - BBC
Saudi Arabia Beyond Petroleum? - Jill Junnola & Tom Wallin, Energy Intel
Iran and Heavy Water: 5 Things to Know - Devin Henry, The Hill
Lets Stop Pretending Nuclear Power Is Commercially Viable - OilPrice
Clean Energy Ideas Thanks to a Cactus - Ariel Bogle, Mashable
Tesla Model 3 Is Changing Auto History - Matt Pressman, CleanTechnica
Saudi Economic Reform Plan Is Bound to Fail - Amotz Asa-El, MW
Electric Cars Can Help Clean Up the Grid - Eric Roston, Bloomberg
Friday, April 29
Wyoming Invests in 'Moon Shot' Bid to Save Coal - Robert Walton, UD
Report: Coal Use Tumbles - Alan Neuhauser, US News & World Report
Why Germany Paid Wind Turbines To Sit Idle - A. Follett, Daily Caller
Venezuela: Proof that Renews Aren't Enough - Nick Stockton, Wired
Why Renewables & Cities Belong Together - Kate Gordon, WSJ
IceGate: More Warming Stats Cooked - James Delingpole,
The Saudi's Vision 2030 Includes Solar - Ahmed Nada, Al Arabiya News
Diary of a Grid Defector, # 8: - Robert Walton, Utility Dive
Dear Congress: Burning Wood is not the Future of Energy - WaPo
An $840B Decline In Oil & Gas Reserves - Robert Rapier, Forbes
Thursday, April 28
No Relief: Tanks Continue To Fill - William Edwards, OilPro
Public Opinion on Nuclear Energy: What Influences It - A. Bisconti, BAS
Shell Chairman Joins New Climate Group - Pilita Clark, Financial Times
Washington State Readies CO2 Market Plan - Carbon Pulse
$500 Billion In Lost Oil Money Hurts More Than Gulf Feelings - OP
US to Add 1.1 Gigawatt of Hydro Capacity by 2019 - Alexander Mey, EIA
Tesla Model S 90D Now Gets 302-Mile Range From EPA - CleanTechnica
Is OPEC Dead? While Tight Oil Long Survive It? - Lee Lane, New Atlantis
U.S. Crude Armada Swells as Venezuela Faces Port Delays - Reuters
Reelection Races, Republican Senators Look To Climate - N. Geiling, TP
Wednesday, April 27
The Auto Emissions Crackup - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Saving the Planet One Light Bulb at a Time - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg
Why the South China Sea Dispute Is NOT About Oil - J. Maxie, Forbes
Pickens: American Oil Is 'Dead in the Water' - Jim Tankersley, WaPo
Solar Companies Are in a Race to the Bottom - Ivan Wu, Seeking Alpha
Chernobyl, 30 Years On: Nuclear's Mixed Fate - Justin Worland, Time
The Saudi's Post-Oil Future: Vision Or Mirage - The Economist
Millenial Prince Makes Waves In Oil Industry - Matthew Smith, Reuters
14 Shots From An Epic Solar Flight - Brian Howard, National Geographic
A Burst of Energy in Bangladesh - Tahmima Anam, New York Times
Tuesday, April 26
Exxon Loses Top Credit Rating Held Since 1930 - Joe Carroll, Bloomberg
Paris Agreement Can be Protected From Trumpism - The Guardian
Why Are We Growing Corn To Fuel Our Cars? - Steven Salzberg, Forbes
Climate Activist Steyer to Launch Voter Outreach - Amy Harder, WSJ
China's Coal Consumption to Hit 4.3 Bln Tons in 2020 - HSN
CNN Shows More Fossil Fuel Ads Than Climate Reports - Media Matters
The Importance of Fracking On Earth Day - Marian Tupy, Reason
Asia Dominates Middle East Oil Exports - Matt Smith, FuelFix
Barnett Shale Rig Count Hits a New Low: Zero - Max Baker, Star-Telegraph
Video: The Climate Science Isn't Settled - Benjamin Riley, New Criterion
Canada Expects Lower Natural Gas Exports to U.S. - Katie Dyl, EIA
Monday, April 25
As Oil Jobs Dry Up, Workers Turn to Solar Sector - Lynn Cook, WSJ
China to Develop Floating Nuclear Power Plants - Michael Forsythe, NYT
How Drones Can Give a Boost to Biofuels - Christina Couch, Tech Review
Coal Country's Top Lawyer Takes on Obama's EPA - Devin Henry, The Hill
Looming Gasoline Glut Threatens Crude's Rebound - Reuters
Saudi Aramco to Be Turned Into Holding Company - Summer Said, MW
Why Democrats Still Defend the EPA - Kyle Feldscher, Wash. Examiner
Chernobyl, Ukraine: The Nuclear Option Holiday - Kim Willsher, Guardian
Speculators Driving Oil Prices Higher. Can That Last? - A. Mirhaydari, FT
The Real Reason Saudi Arabia Killed Doha - Rakesh Upadhyay, OilPrice
Friday, April 22
Renewables Stumble Toward the Future - Creswell/Cardwell, NYT
Will a 2 Trillion Project Get The Saudis Off Oil? - P. Waldman, Bloomberg
An Impetuous Prince Rattles Saudi Arabia - The Economist
SunEdison? It's All About the Easy Money Bubble - Chris Helman, Forbes
Don't Blame Clean Energy for the SunEdison Fail - Fortune
Oil Gloom Hurts GE Results - Ted Mann, Wall Street Journal
Climate & Warming: AEI Surveys The Public - Karlyn Bowman, AEI
It's Earth Day: Celebrate Nuclear - Andrew Follett, The Daily Caller
Cheaper Wind is Possible - Michael Allen, PhysOrg
Welcome to Green Energy Poverty Week - Jazz Shaw, HotAir
Thursday, April 21
Kinder Morgan's Field of Dreams - Liam Denning, Bloomberg
Iran: No Output Freeze Until it Restores Pre-Sanctions Level - AP
Non-OPEC Production To See Largest Decline Since 1992 - OilPro
US Solar Market Passes 1 Million Installations - Julia Pyper, GTM
Senators: Energy Bill a Win for Western States - Graham, Durango Herald
LNG From U.S. Gulf Headed to Europe - FuelFix/Bloomberg
Corporations Move to Curb Global Warming - B. Hulac, Scientific American

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