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Friday, August 26
Tesla & the Machine That Builds the Machine - Fehrenbacher, Fortune
Fracking & Health: Lessons From Pennsylvania - Rasmussen, UPI
ND's Pipeline Battle: Who, What & Why? - Jack Healy, New York Times
The EPA & Ethanol: Something's Fishy - Tribune Review
Reasons to Love Elon Musk's New Battery - Scott Kaufman, Salon
Trump Will Liberate US Energy Producers - Ferrara/Uhler, AmSpec
Warming Has Not Killed the Barrier Reef - James Delingpole, Breitbart
Climate Change is a Grid Killer - Rob Verchick, Slate
Summertime is Energy Waste Time - Maggie Koerth-Baker, 538
Electric Cars Move Into the Fast Lane - Paul Eisenstein, NBC News
Thursday, August 25
10 Years Later: Ideas on Reducing Oil Dependence - The Fuse
Will Paul Ryan Reprise Gingrich on Energy Efficiency? - Jay Hakes, RCE
Brexit May Give Lifeline to British Coal - OilPrice
Iran Oil Production Stalls Ahead of OPEC Talks - Benoit Faucon, WSJ
Chinese Oil Demand a 'Vomiting Bear' - Liam Denning, Bloomberg Gadfly
Tesla Unveils New Battery; Does 0-60 MPH in 2.5 Seconds - CSM
Ukraine Should Have Its Own Energiewende - K. Beckman, CleanTechnica
Monthly U.S. Renewable Electricity Breaking Records - CleanTechnica
Gulf Coast Booming with Propane, Butane, LNG - Jordan Blum, FuelFix
Video: U.S. Ethanol Fights to Protect Decade of Gains - RCEnergy
Wednesday, August 24
The Solar Assault on Our National Parks - Jacques Leslie, The Daily World
Tesla's Business Model: Is It Enron ? - Robert Bradley Jr., Forbes
How Archimedes' 'Death Ray' Fuels Ivanpah - E. Vallianatos, AlterNet
Why Warren Buffett Wants to Keep PVs Off Your Roof - Motley Fool
British Columbia's LNG Could Reduce Global Emissions - Globe & Mail
The Cloud Has a Green Lining - Quentin Hardy, New York Times
Why Tesla's New Battery Pack Is Important - Fehrenbacher, Fortune
The EPA's Chance to Make Air Travel Greener - Bloomberg View
How Exxon Greenwashed the Olympics - David Crane, GreenBiz
Climate Inquisitors to Exxon: Do the Impossible - Brown, Seeking Alpha
Tuesday, August 23
Fixed Charge Battle Looms For Texas Electric Utilities - H. Trabish, UD
John Kemp: Saudi Arabia Isn't Flooding Oil Market - Reuters
It's the Dawn of the Community Solar Farm - Chris Martin, Bloomberg
Brazil On Verge of Formally Accepting Paris Accord - Alfredo Sirkis, CR
Watts Bar Nuke Plant a Catalyst For Tennessee Valley - Mitch Singer, NEI
New York AG Finds New Pretext For Exxon Probe - New York Post
Southern Signs MOU Commercialize Small Pebble Bed Nuclear - PT
Climate Skeptics Accuse AGs of 'un-American' Probe - Washington Exam.
Corpus Christi LNG Plant Now 40% Complete - LNG Global
German Residential Energy Storage Market Booms. - Julian Spector, GTM
Monday, August 22
Some Shale Drillers Return to Oil Patch - T. Puko & E. Ailworth, WSJ
$50 Crude Won't Fuel Big Oil's Comeback - Irina Slav, OilPrice
China Turns to Free Markets to Tame Fossil-Fuel Pollution - Bloomberg
A Deal With the Devil? Russia Kicks Up Artic Drilling - Tim Daiss, Forbes
With Wind and Solar, Do We Really Need Hinkley Point? - Guardian
Solar Companies Aren't Learning From Their Mistakes - T. Hoium, Fool
To Make Solar Roofing Viable, Tesla Aesthetics Will Be Key - CleanTech
Solar Power Is Getting Its Day in the Sun - Javier David, CNBC
Apple Car May Feature Revolutionary Hollow Battery - S. Hanley, Gas2
Heat Your Home With the Power of the Stars - J. Dujmovic, MarketWatch
Friday, August 19
Ivanpah Solar Farm Finally Shines (Sort Of) - Press Enterprise
Mandate Sweaters (& Other Ideas for the New CINC) - M. Lynch, Forbes
Is Britain Losing Control of its Critical Infrastructure? - Kiran Stacey, FT
More Bad Science in Defence of Warming Theory - J. Delingpole, Breitbart
Chief Enviro Now Works To Save Diablo Canyon - Ken Silverstein, U of D
The Real Star of the Deepwater Movie? The Set - Mike Scott,
How Really Big Batteries Will Power San Diego - K. Fehrenbacher, Fortune
The Unseen (& Unsung) Work of Efficiency Experts - Chris Mooney, WaPo
Nuclear for the Future: Go Small - Gary Sandquist, Deseret News
Does It Really Matter if OPEC Limits Output? - Clyde Russell, BDLive
Thursday, August 18
Alarm Over Public Loss of Trust in Science - Judith Curry, Climate Etc.
Emails Show AGs Wary Of RICO Case Against Exxon - Chris White, DC
Is it Useful to Think of Climate Change as a 'World War'? - D. Roberts, VOX
Mass. Stops Utilities From Charging Ratepayers for Gas Pipeline - UD
Price of Brent Breaks Through $50 a Barrel - Daniel J. Graeber, UPI
Fixing a Major Flaw in California's Cap-N-Trade - Severin Borenstein, EC
BP to Schlumberger in 'Barroom Brawl' Over Costs - Bloomberg
Energy-Related CO2 Emissions From Natural Gas Surpass Coal - EIA
Will EPA Relax the 54.5 MPG Mandate? - Charles Murray, Design News
Clinton's Energy Security Philosophy, Explained - M. Piotrowski, The Fuse
Wednesday, August 17
So Renews are the Solution to Puerto Rican Debt? - B. Zycher, The Hill
How to End DOE Micromanagement - Tubb, Loris, Larkin, Heritage
Lessons From Space About Global Warming - Sellers, The New Yorker
Wind Energy: By Many Measures, It's Improving - Phys.Org
Block Island Wind Farm: So Far, So Good... - Rod Adams, Forbes
Why GE's Bullish on Coal Again - Ted Mann, Wall Street Journal
The Navajo, the EPA & One Big Lawsuit - J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic
Physicist Smacks Down Climate Twitter Troll - Mark Molloy, Telegraph
The Floods: Is This What Climate Change Looks Like? - R. Lindsay, CSM
Video: How Vulnerable is US Electric Grid to Cyberattacks? - RCEnergy
Tuesday, August 16
Moniz: Fracking Has Been Good For the Environment - Wash. Examiner
Obama's Environmental Legacy - Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post
What is the Best Historical Analog to Climate Change? - Breakthrough
Obama Really Overestimates Social Cost of Carbon -
Alberta's Emissions Cap Will Reduce Oil Sands Growth - Fraser Institute
Offshore Wind Could Replace Hinkley in U.K. at Same Cost - Bloomberg
Environmentalism Must be Balanced with Economics - Pete Sepp, WT
Shale Gas Drives World's Natural Gas Production - Faouzi Aloulou, EIA
Weighing Washington's Tax Swap Ballot Initiative - Eberhard, Sightline
Energy Gurus Take Reins of Clinton Team - Robin Bravender, E&E
Monday, August 15
How to Break Up With a Power Company - Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic
Why the White House Is Counting on Energy Storage - M.Grasso, 3P
The Reactors Accelerating Us Toward Fusion Energy - SingularityHUB
How Clean Energy's Rising Tide Can Lift All Boats - Dick Munson, BE
Can We Really Retrain Coal Workers for Jobs in Solar? - Tech Review
US Oil More Resilient Than Thought - Daniel Graeber, UPI
The Superglue Diet: How to Make a Lighter, Fuel-Sipping Car - NYTimes
It'll Do a Power of Good for Australia to Shift to Electric Cars - Guardian
50 Tips for Slowing the Electric Car Revolution - Z. Shahan, CleanTech
China to Use Carbon Scheme to Boost Electric Car Numbers - Reuters

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