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Thursday, July 24
Casualties of the War Against Coal - Lydia DePillis, Washington Post
Fusion Is Nature's Fuel Choice - Tom Tamarkin, Inquisitr
Technology is the New Black - Chip Register, Forbes
Greening Vs. Pocketbooks in Cali - Molly Peterson, KPCC
Poll: Germans THINK They're Solving Warming - D. Nicks, Time
How Barnacles Put the Farm in Wind Farm - Andy Tully, CSM
China: Climate Wrecker or Climate Leader? - L. Williams, The Interpreter
Can Inefficiencies in the Bakken Be Fixed? - MarketWatch
As Japan Comes Back Online, Look At This ETF - A. Levitt, InvestorPlace
Why That Hated Fuel is Headed for a Boom - Nasdaq
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Wednesday, July 23
The Race Is On To Harness Thorium - Ross McGuinness, Metro
The EPA Should Love This Nuclear Plant - James Conca, Forbes
Can We Trust the EPA on MPG? - Dave Guilford, Automotive News
How to Free Europe From Putin's Iron Grip - V. Chanda, Motley Fool
India's PM: Nuclear Up X 3 by 2024 - Sanjay Jog , Business Standard
Greenpeace: China's Plans Will Heat Earth - Edward Wong, NYT
The Fraught Road to NYC Efficiency - Tobias Salinger,
Obama's Climate Plan: All Pain, No Gain - Sen. David Vitter, Daily Caller
Will New Rules Make Crude Trains Safer? - David Unger, CSM
And Now, Sponge/Steam/Solar Energy - Tracy Staedter, Mashable
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Tuesday, July 22
Daniel Yergin: U.S. Oil Output Helping to Avert Crisis - Energy Collective
Higher Gas Prices Keep Inflation Just Above 2% - Jacob Davidson, Time
Will We Soon See Drilling on the East Coast? - Sustainable Business
Why Tom Steyer's Millions Aren't Going to Save The Planet - Forbes
Kurdish Oil Gambit Hits Troubled Waters - Wall Street Journal
Why Australia's Carbon Tax Bombed - Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
Output on Federal Lands Has Declined Everywhere - Editors, RCE
North Sea Oil and Gas: Not Dead Yet - Gaurav Sharma, Forbes
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Monday, July 21
North Dakota's Oil Bonanza Is Unsustainable - Ben Casselman, 538
How Fracking Cracks the Democratic Party - Editors, Washington Examiner
A Carbon Tax Even Republicans Can Support - Chris Flavelle, Bloomberg
Why Does Politics Keep Blocking CO2 Pricing? - Energy Collective
Abolishing the Carbon Tax Demon - Binoy Kampmark, CounterPunch
The Complicated World of Methane - David Hone, Shell
Just the Facts, Mr. Steyer - Robert Bradley Jr., MasterResource
Wind Turbines Could Rule Tornado Alley - James Conca, Forbes
Is Coal Winning the War in West Virginia? - Sarah Tincher, State Journal
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Friday, July 18
Sonic Cannons Will Be Controversial - , News Ledger
The Tar Sands Warrior - Heather Smith, Grist
Get Ready for the New England Power Shortage - W. Tucker, AmSpec
OK Quakes Linked To Drilling - Clive Cookson, Financial Times
Oil & Gas: We Have A Transit Problem - Nick Snow, Oil & Gas Journal
On Energy, Men Are Mars, Women Venus - Alex Altman, Time
Securing Energy Independence In The EU -
Who Wins Global Efficiency Prize? Not US - W. Koch, USA Today
U.S. Can Maintain Shale Lead - Gillian Rich, IBD
Has Fracking Tainted CA's Water? - A. Lustgarten, ProPublica
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Thursday, July 17
Tom Steyer's Epic Green Fail - James Delingpole,
The Atomic Age & Its Nuclear-Powered Cars - Erin Marquis, AutoBlog
Musk's Model 3: An EV Revolution - Sarah Gray, Salon
Meet Elon's 'Cheap' Car - John Johnston, The 9 Billion
For Clean Energy, Think Nano Small - Andy Tully,
N. Dakota's Oil Boom = A 'Man Rush' - Reid Wilson, Washington Post
Energy: Where This Fund Manager is Investing - Seeking Alpha
The Climate Bonds Market Comes of Age - Mike Scott, Forbes
How to Improve Renewable Storage Efficiency -
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Wednesday, July 16
World's 1st Thorium Reactor Ready to Go in India - Luke Edwards, PocketLint
Let's Flip the Switch on Energy Poverty - Christopher Helman, Forbes
Murdoch's 3 Worst Claims on Climate - Zoe Carpenter, The Nation
Reducing Emissions: Innovation Is the Key - Rep. Scott Peters, HuffPost
Cap-and-Trade's Moment of Truth - James Bushnell, EI at Haas
Solar Is Winning Against Iowa Utilities - Heather Smith, Grist
Warming Worriers Use More Electricity - Greg Pollowitz, NRO
Giving Carbon Capture Another Try - Ben Winkley, Wall Street Journal
Will Oil Exports Hurt Refinery Stocks? - Arjun Sreekunar, Motley Fool
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Tuesday, July 15
An Inconvenient Truth about Fracking - Dominic Basulto, Washington Post
U.S. Oil Boom Keeps Prices From Reaching $200/bbl - Energy Collective
Electricity Sector May Have to Kill Gas to Save Itself - RenewEconomy
Jim Cramer's 2 Oil Stocks to Own Now - Drew Sandholm, CNBC
Cyber Threats Put Energy Sector on Red Alert - Laura Barron-Lopez, Hill
Drill, Baby, Drill: Shell Finds "100 Million" Barrels of Oil in Gulf
Can the Fern That Cooled the Planet Do It Again? - Scientific American
Climate Hysteria Doesn't Help Anyone - Michael Grunwald, Time
Drivers Should Pay for the Roads They Use - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RCM
Falling LNG Prices May Hinder U.S. Export Plans - Nick Cunnigham, OP
Kodiak Got Bought. Who Else May Be a Target? - Brian Sullivan, CNBC
Monday, July 14
California Needs the Carbon Tax - Los Angeles Times
There's Nothing Wrong with Rolling Coal - Grace Wyler, Vice
Wither the Drilling Dodge - Editorial, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Climate Change Is Flooding Out U.S. Coastlines - John Upton, Grist
Bloomberg TV: Oil's Geopolitical Vulnerabilities
How to Convince a Republican: Use a Pie Chart! - Chris Mooney, M-Jones
Cracks Start Showing in Libya's Oil Recovery - Benoit Faucon, WSJ
Oil Giants Gassed Out on Renewable Energy - Chris Dalby,
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