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Monday, August 29
Electric Vehicles--It's Not Just About the Car - Liebreich & McCrone, BNEF
Monday, August 15
Trade-Offs in California Wind and Solar Investments - The Energy Journal
Friday, July 22
A Natural Gas Bridge Too Far? - OilChange
Wednesday, July 13
Heat-Related Death Projections Don't Square with Observations - Cato
Tuesday, May 24
International Oil: Death of the Old Business Model - Chatham House
Thursday, May 19
A National Strategy For Energy Security - Securing America's Future Energy
Tuesday, May 10
Climate-Nuclear-Security Nexus: A Collision Course? - Parthemore, CCS
Monday, March 14
Nonlinear Patterns of Long-Term Ocean Warming - M. Rugenstein, GRL
Monday, March 7
New England's Emissions Rise as Vermont Yankee Nuclear Shuts - IER
Monday, February 15
Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels - T. Covert, M. Greenstone, AEA
Friday, January 29
Energy Storage For Solar to be $8 Bln Market in Decade - LuxResearch
Wednesday, December 9
Taxing Carbon & Recycling the Revenue: Who Wins & Loses? - TPC
Wednesday, November 25
Lessons in Cleantech Success from Scandinavia (Pt. 1) - CFR
Tuesday, November 24
What Comes Up? A Look At Oilfield Production - Drillinginfo via Forbes
Monday, November 23
Oil Price Stability Without OPEC - Robert McNally, Rapidan Group
Tuesday, November 10
Impact of Current Climate Proposals - Bjorn Lomborg, Global Policy
Wednesday, November 4
Norway, Natural Gas and Europe's Dire Energy Situation -
Thursday, October 8
Will Lifting Oil Export Ban Hurt Our Energy Security? - Energy Collective
How Falling Gas Prices Fuel the Consumer - Farrell and Greig, JP Morgan
Monday, September 28
The German Coal Conundrum - Jungjohann and Morris, Heinrich Böll
Thursday, September 17
Don't Give Up on Coal Just Yet - Frank Holmes, Business Insider
Thursday, September 3
Oil, Growth and Strategic Petroleum Stocks - Carmine Difiglio, DOE
Monday, August 24
An Energy Sector Transformed Must Be Reformed - Michael Liebreich, BN
Saturday, August 22
Why a Low Carbon Future Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth - Citi GPS
Thursday, August 20
Little Price Upside for Oil - Axel Busch, Energy Intelligence
Tuesday, August 18
Building a European Energy Market: TurkStream - Stratfor
Thursday, August 13
Mike Mason: My Cacti Could Generate Electricity! - New Scientist
Monday, August 10
The Price of 'C' in China - Henry Hewitt,
Friday, August 7
What Is The Real Price of Obama's CO2 Plans? - Euan Mearns, OilPrice
Tuesday, August 4
Modernizing the U.S. Energy Grid - James McBride, CFR
Less Carbon, Higher Prices - Jonathan Lesser, Manhattan Institute
Tuesday, July 28
U.S. Shale Oil: Drilling Productivity and Decline Rates - OilVoice
Monday, July 27
Why Bigger Is No Longer Better In Energy - Henry Hewitt,
Wednesday, July 22
India's Confident Road to Paris Climate Talks - Arvind Subramanian, CEPR
Reform SPR Policy, But Do It Wisely - Matt Piotrowski, The Fuse
Monday, July 20
What is the Congressional Authority to Lift Iran Sanctions? - CRS
Monday, July 13
Understanding Core Issues in an Iran Nuclear Accord - Brookings
Monday, July 6
Review of 2014 Weather Extremes - National Centre for Atmospheric Science
Saturday, July 4
Key Legal Issues at 2015 Paris Climate Talks - Daniel Bodansky, C2ES
Wednesday, July 1
Primer on Refinery Blending and Downstream Chemistry - EPRINC
Tuesday, June 30
Syria's Economy: Picking up the Pieces - David Butters, Chatham House
6 Issues Not Raised by U.S.-Brazil Climate Announcement - Brookings
Wednesday, June 24
The Right Energy Path to American Prosperity - Mark Green, ET
BP Data: We're Reaching Peak Energy Demand - Gail Tverberg, EC
What Gas Prices Really Mean to the American Household - Brookings
Solar Fuels: How Planes & Cars Could Be Powered by Sun - Conversation
Thursday, June 18
The Advanced Nuclear Power Industry - Samuel Brinton, Third Way
Tuesday, June 9
Climate Scientists Helped Create a 'Pause' in Global Warming - SciAm
Friday, June 5
'Pause-Buster' Paper a Laughable Attempt to Create Warming - WUWT
New Climate Finding Less Dramatic Than It Seems - Real Climate
Thursday, May 28
Shale 2.0: Tech & The Coming Big Data Energy Revolution - Manh. Inst.
Consensus & Partisan Divide over EPA's Clean Power Plan - Brookings
Tuesday, May 26
New Storage Technologies Open Doors For Wind And Solar - EnerKnol
Wednesday, May 20
Pipeline Billionaire Kelcy Warren Is Having Fun in the Oil Bust - BBG
Monday, May 11
India: "Punching Above Its Weight" on Climate Change - Brookings
A Look at the DOE's Quadrennial Energy Review - Sandy Dechert, CleanT
Thursday, May 7
The Future of Solar Energy - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Friday, April 24
Is Moore's Law Really a Fair Comparison for Solar? - Ramez Naam
Why Moore's Law Doesn't Apply to Clean Tech - Varun Sivaram, CFR
Tuesday, April 21
A New Agenda to Modernize Our Energy Infrastructure - Energy.Gov
Tuesday, April 14
Short-Term Energy and Summer Fuels Outlook - Energy Info Admin
Monday, April 6
Climate Solutions: The Role of Nuclear Power - Vine and Juliani, CCES
Friday, April 3
OPEC (Minus Iran) Looking at $350B Loss in Oil Rev in 2015 - EIA
Friday, March 13
Valuation of Distributed Solar: A Qualitative View - Harvard University
Thursday, March 12
The Future of Energy in the Middle East - National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Wednesday, March 11
Special Report: The Cost of Clean Coal - Sara Bernard, Grist
Thursday, March 5
The Paradox of Oil: The Cheaper It Is, The More It Costs - Simplicity Ins.
Tuesday, February 10
Jeremy Grantham Divines Oil's Future - Jeremy Grantham, Barron's
Friday, February 6
How the Economy Is Tied to Energy, Part 2 - Gail Tverberg,
Wednesday, January 21
Navigating the U.S. Oil Export Debate - , Center on Global Energy Policy
Tuesday, January 20
Advanced Nuclear Energy & The Battle Against Climate Change - EC
Monday, January 5
Keystone XL Pipeline and Beyond - John Cushman, InsideClimate News
Wednesday, December 17
Options for Reforming the Renewable Fuel Standard - Bip. Policy Center
Friday, November 21
The Economic And Strategic Implications of Low Oil Prices - ISN
Wednesday, October 29
5 Odd Things about the EU Energy Cost Study - Simon Evans, Carbon Brief
Thursday, October 23
Oil Shocks and the Global Economy - Roger Andrews,
Tuesday, October 7
Market Forces & Geology, Not EPA Is Killing Coal - Alison Cassady, CAP
Friday, August 29
Louisiana Is Drowning, Quickly - Marshall, Jacobs and Shaw, ProPublica
Wednesday, August 6
5 Ways Oil Markets Are Changing Forever - James Hamilton, UCSD
Tuesday, August 5
The Climate Implications of U.S. LNG Exports - Center for Am. Progress
Charles Frank's Very Fuzzy Energy Math Exposed - Amory Lovins, RMI
Tuesday, July 29
The Cost of Delaying Action to Stem Climate Change - White House
Monday, July 28
Making 14 Billion Smart Devices More Efficient - IEA
Monday, July 21
Deep Decarbonization Pathways - United Nations
Thursday, July 17
Preparing Americans for Climate Change - David Hudson, White House
Tuesday, July 8
Unlocking Economic Potential of North America's Energy - Goldman
Thursday, June 26
Our Climate Action Progress: One-Year Report - White House
Wednesday, June 25
Coal: A 'Million Dollar Mile' Getting Longer in the U.S. - Fuel Fix
Monday, June 23
Climate Change, Heat Waves, & Adaptation - Paul Knappenberger, Cato
Saturday, June 14
Record-Setting Growth in O&G Biz Fuels M&A Activity - V-S Magazine
Thursday, June 12
How Much Cleaner Will New Climate Rules Make Your State? - MJ
Monday, June 9
Tackling the Challenges of an Increasingly Electrified World - IEA
Thursday, June 5
Which Is Scarier? Global Warming or Climate Change? - Yale U.
Tuesday, June 3
The Future Electric Grid - Mark Mills, The American
Monday, June 2
100 Biggest U.S. Power Plants Already Slashing Emissions - Ceres
Friday, May 30
Unlocking Data Power the Key to U.S. Energy Future - White House
Thursday, May 29
EPA Climate Rule Could Top $50B a Year - Chamber of Commerce
Wednesday, May 28
Why Are Some People Still Energy Naysayers? - Josh Shepherd, Heritage
Tuesday, May 27
A Better Strategy to Track Arctic Council Goals - GAO
Monday, May 26
Electricity Markets Aren't Ready for EPA Climate Rules - APPA

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